2022 FANA World Cup

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2022 FANA World Cup
File:Eldance 2022 logo.jpg
Tournament details
Host countryUS Eldance
DatesDecember 2022
Teams48 (from 7 confederations)
Venue(s)16 (in ? host cities)
Tournament statistics
Matches played104

The 2022 FANA World Cup will be the eighth FANA World Cup, the annual international men's football championship contested by the national football teams of the member associations of FANA. The tournament will be hosted by 16 host cities in the United States of Eldance. This will also the first world cup hosted by an UWFA member state.

Host selection[edit]

Contrary to previous years, FANA decided to select the host among the qualified nations from the regional qualification rounds, which concluded in April. The host was selected among the interested nations that qualified to the World Cup.

The bidding for the 2022 FANA World Cup was held in March 2022 with the national associations having until 17 April 2022 to register their interest in hosting the event. However, zero bids were received for the men's world cup and the confederation cup.

It was therefore decided by the FANA team that the competition will be hosted in the United States of Eldance, following an unanimous vote, marking the first time the country will be hosting the FANA World Cup.


The allocation of slots for each confederation was discussed by the FANA Executive Committee in September 2020 after the FANA Congress. The committee decided that the allocation used in 2021 would be slightly modified for this year's tournament. The slot allocation was the following:

  • UWFA (South and Central Wulfor): 9.5
  • FCS (South and Central Sakoda): 8.5
  • NFC (North Sakoda and Wulfor): 7.5
  • KFASS (North Serica): 6.5
  • COSSAF (South Serica): 6
  • CLF (Latinica): 6
  • LTFC (Lakadasia and Tritonia): 4


For the second time in the history of the FANA World Cup, all eligible nations — the 126 FANA member associations applied to enter the qualifying process. Places in the tournament were allocated to continental confederations. Several confederations saw either a reduction or increase in their number of allocated places in the tournament. The first qualification game, between Ximbala and Vradiazi, began in Ximbala City on 29 November 2021 as part of the CLF's qualification,

Of the 48 nations qualified to play at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, 37 countries competed at the previous tournament in 2021. Panguil and Sovarasma qualified for the first time. Other teams returning after absences of at least three tournaments included: Alkyria, Shikoyu and Demacia, which last participated in 2018, and Pashalanhuy, which last participated in 2017.

Originally, Yster and Angostura had qualified for the World Cup, but due to a doping scandal involving 16 countries, they were disqualified and permanently banned of the FANA. These two countries were replaced by the best non-qualified nation in both confederations: Glaiola for CLF and Juliana for COSSAF.


The draw took place on November 2022, in US Eldance. All 48 participating teams were drawn into the 12 groups for the group stage based on the 4 pots that they were divided into. The host country ( United States of Eldance) were placed in Group A, and position A1.