Fantasia Contest 27

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Fantasia Contest 27
Heat Hearts Up
Fantasia Contest Logo.png
VenueOsthill Arena, Glacea
Presenter(s)Charli XCX
Vicky Kaya
Directed byLefteris Flop
Executive supervisorKevin Kern
Executive producerDylan Ó Gríofa
Host broadcasterOsthill, Glacea
Number of entries51
Debuting countries Khamatin
Returning countries Alkyria
Voting systemEach country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting

The Fantasia Contest 27 will be the twenty-seventh edition of the Fantasia Contest. It will most likely be taking place in Glacea, the winning country of Fantasia Contest 26.


The competition consisted of three semi-finals and a final. The countries with the highest score in each semi-final qualified to participate in the final, alongside the big five, the countries that were in the top 5 in the previous edition.

Participating countries[edit]

Semi-final 1[edit]

 Dýria also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Jarea GRACEY "What A Waste"

02  The White Havens Thorsteinn Einarsson "Bridges Burn"

03  Lidonia CHVRCHES "Killer"

04  Sincuerello Perfume Genius "On The Floor"

05  Sirenforest BAD OMENS "The Death of Peace of Mind"

06  Alkyria pins.ku "Alien"

07  Neocastria KALIKA "L'été est mort"

08  Achróa Alice Phoebe Lou "Witches"

09  Llort Priya Ragu "Kamali"

10  Pohunskia Cecile Believe "Bitch Bites Dog"

11  Kazkya Donna Missal "(to me) your face is love"

12  Kuwiang Avery Fos "Child"

13  Ximbala Taichu "Tic Tac"

14  Juliana Injury Reserve "Superman That"

15  Zylofonija Shelley FKA DRAM, H.E.R. & WATT "The Lay Down"

16  Torlova lunace "Illusion"

Semi-final 2[edit]

 Flírskmasto and  Glacea also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Demacia Alewya "Play"

02  Glaiola Jarina De Marco feat. Dylan Brady "Ilegales"

03  Scandavia Tusks "Mind"

04  Danskanksova Eivør "Gullspunnin"

05  Moly-Boronia Isak Danielson "Almost Heaven"

06  Aquia Judeline "marisucia · noche"

07  Boninbourg Jane Jang, GIANTPINK, PERC%NT "Dumb Dumb"

08  Suuher Ruusut "<3 <3"

09  Qasentria Nada "Spicy"

10  Alchten Jazmin Bean "B4 the Flight"

11  Ermy JINJ "Cheat Code"

12  Sylvan N-Tone "Wave"

13  United States of Eldance BUZZ "FTN"

14  Lanovina Fishbach "Masque d'or"

15  Khamatin Kitt Philippa "Human"

Semi-final 3[edit]

 Fordia and  Ninelie also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Fyor Sam Austins & Sir Chloe "Joy for Youth"

02  Lakadamia Angèle feat. Damso "Démons"

03  Namimori Shim Gyu-Seon "Pale Blue Dot"

04  Niolskiaj Cautious Clay "Wildfire"

05  Evergreen Death Grips "I've Seen Footage"

06  Katsyria Hatchie "This Enchanted"

07  Loutreniye LiHer "Zulo Bat Gehiago"

08  Shkeera Harvey Causon "Tenfold"

09  Vradiazi Lolo Zouaï "Galipette"

10  Ka'a and Kehbe Boys Noize & Kelsey Lu "Love & Validation"

11  Taslana Madison Rose "Iconic"

12  Ulikana India Shawn "Don't Play With My Heart"

13  Wedse Stefflon Don & Ms Banks "Dip"

14  Ruyjin Republic Halsey "You asked for this"

15  Kingdovania Linn Koch-Emmery "Hologram Love"


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

10  Fordia "Zaklinaniye"

11  Flírskmasto "Kill Me"

12  Glacea "Perra"

15  Ninelie "Ninelie"

25  Dýria "Glad He's Gone"

Other countries[edit]

To be eligible to participate in the Fantasia Contest, a country is required to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA to participate in the contest.

Active FBA members[edit]

Associate FBA members[edit]

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