Fantasia Contest 34

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Fantasia Contest 34
Slug It Out
VenueDKLA Stadium, Rush City, Trivania
Presenter(s)Bruno Alcantara, Havana Brown & Renaida Braun
Directed byJan
Executive supervisorMatt
Executive producerAgni
Host broadcasterTrivania TTV
Interval act"Los Ageless" by St. Vincent
Number of entries54
Debuting countries Ruria
Returning countries Dorma
Withdrawing countries Drevona
 Saint Vittoria
Voting systemEach country awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Winning song Torlova

The Fantasia Contest 34 was be the thirty-fourth edition of the Fantasia Contest. It took place in Rush City, Trivania, the winning country of Fantasia Contest 33.

Fifty-four countries participated in the 34th edition, with Ruria and Vihorlat debuting; Dorma, Freyhurst, Torlova and Tremenoria returning, while Drevona, Khamatin, Opalonia, Saint Vittoria, Tsytria and Viraywa withdrew for various reasons.

The winner of the 34th edition, with 204 Points is Torlova, which was represented by Elyanna and her song "AL SHAM", this being the third victory from the nation, and it made Torlova, at the moment of the contest, the country with the highest amount of victories. Torlova was followed by The White Havens, who placed second, with 183 Points, and by Ximbala who got 3rd, their first top 3 placement since the 21st edition when they won. The top 5 was completed by Breavania and Jarea, and the top 10 was filled by Sincuerello, Dýria, Alchten, Vikyirie and Niolskiaj. Other than the winning country who tied their best placement; The White Havens, Breavania, Freyhurst and Zakaslovia have reached their best placement in the contest to date.

As for the "Big 6 members", the highest placement is the host country Trivania, which reached the 23rd place in the Final. There was3 automatic qualifiers in the bottom 5 being Ulikana placing 27th,Werdiana placing 29th and Ka'a and Kehbe placing last, for the rest Tsikinía placed 24th.

This edition saw the first qualification of Sylvan, since their debut in the 17th edition which makes the longest wait for a qualification at the time of this edition as Sylvan had to wait for 13 editions to qualify for the final.

This edition saw an incredible number of returness to the final, The White Havens last qualified in the 6th edition (9 editions without qualifying); Vikyirie last qualified in the 23rd edition (6 editions without qualifying); Breavania, Sincuerello and Sovarasma last qualified in the 30th edition (3 editions without qualifying); Freyhurst last qualified in the 25th edition (3 editions without qualifying) and Alchten last qualified in the 31st edition (2 editions without qualifying).

Meanwhile, Zylofonija, Danskanksova and Namimori broke an important qualification streak of 6 editions, 7 editions and 5 editions respectively.

Returning artists[edit]

  • Björk represented  Ruyjin Republic in the tenth edition.
  • Ruyjin Republic Rosalía represented  Aquia in the thirteen edition and nineteenth edition.
  • Vesna represented  Sylvan in the twentieth and twenty-second edition.
  • Dorian Electra represented  Pohunskia in the thirty-third edition.
  • Aquia Marshmello represented  Kazkya in the twenty-eighth edition.
  • Aquia Luísa Sonza represented  Kazkya in the thirty-third edition.
  • Vikyirie Die Arkitekt represented  Ninelie in the twenty-fifth and the twenty-ninth editions.
  • Cinestra Rakky Ripper represented  Vradiazi in the twenty-sixth edition.
  • The White Havens Biig Piig represented  Loutreniye in the twenty-third edition.
  • Demacia Sofi Tukker represented  Fordia in the seventh edition and thirteenth edition.
  • Mon Laferte represented  Ximbala in the eighteenth edition and twenty-ninth edition.
  • Ydiwealth Tanxugueiras represented  Aquia in the twenty-fifth edition.
  • Freyhurst Maggie Lindemann represented  Decoria in the twenty-fifth edition.

Participating countries[edit]

Semi-final 1[edit]

 Trivania and  Tsikinia also voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Breavania BESS "Riivattu" 7 79

02  Ximbala Mon Laferte "Tenochtitlán" 2 94

03  Fyor Sirens of Lesbos "Run Run Run" 16 24

04  Niolskiaj Talia Mar "Bored" 1 101

05  United States of Eldance C. Tangana "Demasiadas Mujeres" 10 63

06  Alkyria Model/Actriz "Mosquito" 14 35

07  Ruria Greta Svabo Bech "Shut Up & Sing" 15 34

08  Achróa Glasser "Clipt" 12 60

09  Namimori Enno Cheng "Lán" 9 71

10  Novalia Lava La Rue "Renegade" 13 58

11  Demacia The Knocks & Sofi Tukker "One On One" 11 67

12  Aquia Marshmello & Luísa Sonza "Sou Musa do Verão" 6 83

13  Suuher Leah Kate "Super Over" 5 86

14  Vikyirie Die Arkitekt "Aenaa" 3 91

15  Freyhurst Maggie Lindemann "Hostage" 8 76

16  Jarea The Last Dinner Party "Nothing Matters" 4 86

Semi-final 2[edit]

 Kingdovania and  Ulikana also voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Kazkya Juana Rozas "POSE!" 2 117

02  Torlova Elyanna "AL SHAM" 1 146

03  Pohunskia Dorian Electra "Idolize" 8 68

04  The White Havens Biig Piig "Watch Me" 3 110

05  Ydiwealth Tanxugueiras "Aire" 9 68

06  Katsyria NINEONE "Battery" 7 72

07  Zakaslovia Anjimile "The King" 12 50

08  Juliana færy "blýth" 10 53

09  Ruyjin Republic Björk ft. Rosalía "Oral" 11 52

10  Dýria CMAT "Stay For Something" 4 90

11  Jondelsia METRIC "Artificial Nocturne" 15 31

12  Glaiola Hydn "Augurio" 5 82

13  Dorma Crystal Kay "Candy" 13 40

14  Yeukiwan Mỹ Anh "Chẳng Thể Né Tránh" 14 37

15  Tremenoria Yoly Saa "De seis a seis" 16 5

16  Sincuerello Snow Strippers "In My Head" 6 81

Semi-final 3[edit]

 Ka'a and Kehbe and  Werdiana also voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Fordia SHOKI "Schweinegeld" 7 72

02  Qasentria ChihSiou "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔjhòu" 8 72

03  Vihorlat VOJTIK "KRV" 14 47

04  Glacea Griff "Vertigo" 11 54

05  Sirenforest VRSTY "Glad You Came" 16 17

06  Sovarasma Carminho "O quarto (fado Pagem)" 5 92

07  Zylofonija Dimension "DJ Turn It Up" 9 64

08  Lanovina PVA "Untethered" 3 97

09  Alchten pehmoaino "Hulda" 1 130

10  Shkeera Alex Anwandter "Qué piensas hacer sin mi amor?" 6 72

11  Sylvan Vesna "Płakały" 2 99

12  Kuwiang Valen Hsu "Freyja" 4 94


14  Lakadamia Talisco "Reign" 12 47

15  Moly-Boronia Nuit Incolore "Sors de ma tête" 15 41

16  Cinestra Rakky Ripper, Rizha and detunedfreq "RUIDO" 13 47


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points}

01  Aquia "Sou Musa do Verão" 14 106

02  Sincuerello "In My Head" 6 149

03  Qasentria "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔjhòu" 18 97

04  Werdiana "Tienaté" 29 40

05  Lanovina "Untethered" 12 114

06  Freyhurst "Hostage" 11 131

07  Ulikana "Rojo Rubí (Rompiendo La Cadera)" 27 58

08  The White Havens "Watch Me" 2 183

09  Sovarasma "O quarto (fado Pagem)" 15 104

10  Vikyirie "Aenaa" 9 132

11  Tsikinia "Deseo Oculto" 24 71

12  Niolskiaj "Bored" 10 132

13  Pohunskia "Idolize" 21 80

14  Breavania "Riivattu" 4 154

15  Shkeera "Qué piensas hacer sin mi amor?" 16 103

16  Ka'a and Kehbe "Truth☆Truth" 30 35

17  Ximbala "Tenochtitlán" 3 159

18  Fordia "Schweinegeld" 28 48

19  Kingdovania "Burn Your Village" 25 65

20  Dýria "Stay For Something" 7 137

21  Katsyria "Battery" 26 64

22  Glaiola "Augurio" 19 93

23  Suuher "Super Over" 13 111

24  Trivania "El Que" 23 74

25  Torlova "AL SHAM" 1 204

26  Sylvan "Płakały" 17 100

27  Kuwiang "Freyja" 20 82

28  Jarea "Nothing Matters" 5 153

29  Alchten "Hulda" 8 135

30  Kazkya "POSE!" 22 76

12 points[edit]

Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points awarded by each country's vote in the final:

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
6  Jarea Alkyria, Glaiola, Lanovina, Novalia, Ruyjin Republic, Shkeera
5  Freyhurst Breavania, Fyor, Jarea, Sirenforest, Rest of Fantasia
 Torlova Danskanksova, Dýria, Katsyria, Niolskiaj, Ulikana
3  Sincuerello Dorma, Fordia, Sylvan
 Ximbala Ruria, Torlova, Werdiana
2  Aquia Juliana, Vikyirie
 Breavania Kazkya, Pohunskia
 Dýria Demacia, Ka'a and Kehbe
 Katsyria Ydiwealth, Yeukiwan
 Kuwiang Namimori, Qasentria
 Niolskiaj Tsikinia, United States of Eldance
 Pohunskia Sincuerello, The White Havens
 Shkeera Achróa, Vihorlat
 Suuher Cinestra, Zylofonija
 Vikyirie Glacea, Trivania
1  Alchten Lakadamia
 Fordia Aquia
 Glaiola Kingdovania
 Kazkya Jondelsia
 Kingdovania Zakaslovia
 Lanovina Suuher
 Qasentria Kuwiang
 Sovarasma Alchten
 Sylvan Moly-Boronia
 The White Havens Freyhurst
 Trivania Sovarasma
 Tsikinia Tremenoria
 Ulikana Ximbala


The spokespersons announced the 12-point score from their respective country in the following order:

Other countries[edit]

To be eligible to participate in the Fantasia Contest, a country is required to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA to participate in the contest.

Active FBA members[edit]

  •  Drevona: Their broadcaster failed to confirm their participation for the 33rd edition.
  •  Khamatin: Despite announcing their participation in this edition of Fantasia Contest, XNTV has confirmed that Khamatin is withdrawing from the contest effective immediately, and is unlikely to return because of a combination of poor recent results and low public interest in the contest.
  •  Opalonia: The broadcaster confirmed their participation in the current edition, however they failed to submit an entry on time.
  •  Saint Vittoria: Despite the announcent of the Vittorian participation in the Fantasia Contest 34, it was announced later on that a Vittorian act will not be heading to Trivania due to scheduling conflicts within the broadcaster.However, the head of delegation has stated that a return for the next edition is very likely depending on if they manage to sign up in time.
  •  Tsytria: The broadcaster announced an indefinite withdrawal from the Fantasia Contest due to president Karleuša describing the contest as "too faggy".
  •  Viraywa: Despite confirming their participation in the current edition, their broadcaster stated their withdrawal afterwards with no given explanation.

Associate FBA members[edit]

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