Fantasia Contest 30

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Fantasia Contest 30
File:FC30 Logo.png
VenueTBD, Sincuerello
Directed byJakub
Executive supervisorKevin K.
Executive producerLuiri S.
Host broadcasterSincuerello SiNTVR
Number of entries54
Debuting countries Novalia
Returning countries Alkyria
 The White Havens
Withdrawing countries Danskanksova
Voting systemEach country awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs

The Fantasia Contest 30 will be the thirtieth edition of the Fantasia Contest. It will take place in TBA, Sincuerello, the winning country of Fantasia Contest 29.

Fifty-four countries will participate in 30th edition. Novalia, Tremenoria and Werdiana will debut, while Alkyria, Freyhurst, Hwaesonna and The White Havens will return, and Danskanksova, Demacia, Flírskmasto, Fyor, Katsyria, Sirenforest, Sylvan and Taslana withdrew.

Returning artists[edit]

Jessie Ware represented Onduria in the third edition and Ka'a and Kehbe in the twentieth edition.

Participating countries[edit]

Semi-final 1[edit]

 Dorma and  Niolskiaj also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Werdiana Michelle O Faith "Black Lolita"

02  Freyhurst Cute Whore "White Icing"

03  Yeukiwan TAEYEON "INVU"

04  Lakadamia Adé "Tout savoir"

05  Kingdovania Daya "See You In My Dreams"

06  Evergreen Alvvays "Belinda Says"

07  Pohunskia Sophie Ellis-Bextor and @Wuh Oh "Hypnotised"

08  Ydiwealth Belén Aguilera "Antagonista"

09  Novalia Ginger Root "Holy Hell"

10  Dýria BeBe Zahara Benet "Money 2 Much"

11  United States of Eldance vtss "Make You Scream"

12  Zylofonija Spice "Tape Measure"

13  Ruyjin Republic Julia Jacklin "End of a Friendship"

14  Qasentria Shamir "Cisgender"

15  Torlova Naaz "Azadi"

16  Suuher zarya "Sila"

Semi-final 2[edit]

 Lanovina and  Sincuerello also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  The White Havens Margaret Island "Senki Nem Felel"

02  Gasandae Hana Vu "Keeper"

03  Tremenoria Ioana Gika "Out of Focus"

04  Lidonia Lucy Dacus "Triple Dog Dare"

05  Fordia Joesef "It's Been A Little Heavy Lately"

06  Khamatin Jessie Ware "Free Yourself"

07  Shkeera Krane feat. Panama "Who Loved You Better"

08  Tsikinia Residente feat. Ibeyi "This Is Not America"

09  Alchten Xiu Xiu feat. Liz Harris "A Bottle of Rum"

10  Ulikana FLO "Immature"

11  Achróa Mexican Institute of Sound feat. Gaby Moreno "Yemayá"

12  Saint Vittoria MarsMango "Nasa'n Ka, Oh Luna?"

13  Ka'a and Kehbe INJI "Madeline"

14  Kuwiang Jayli Wolf "Bleed Like Us"

15  Kazkya Ethel Cain "Strangers"

16  Scandavia Bade "Fragile"

Semi-final 3[edit]

 Namimori and  Ximbala also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Frootania Sampa the Great feat. Chef 187, tio Nason and Mwanjé "Never Forget"

02  Llort Nikitaa "Goddess"

03  Tsytria Sanja Vučić "Omadjijan"

04  Panguil Oston "Whatshisface"

05  Ermy Nikolija "Dodole"

06  Glacea Gracie Abrams "Difficult"

07  Breavania Tears For Fears "My Demons"

08  Vradiazi Lola Indigo & Maria Becerra "Discoteka"

09  Juliana Jamelia "Beware of the Dog"

10  Sovarasma black midi "Eat Men Eat"

11  Jarea macaroom "mugen"

12  Alkyria Postcards "Fossilized"

13  Glaiola Stereossauro feat. Selma Uamusse "Sekeleka"

14  Hwaesonna Youha "Last Dance"

15  Ninelie Katy Perry "Did Somebody Say"

16  Vikyirie Gåte "Rideboll og Gullborg"


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Khamatin "Free Yourself"

02  Ka'a and Kehbe "Madeline"

03  Hwaesonna "Last Dance"

04  Qasentria "Cisgender"

05  Dýria "Money 2 Much"

06  Ximbala "Los Zanqueros"

07  Dorma "Yash Men"

08  Ermy "Dodole"

09  Evergreen "Belinda Says"

10  Tsikinia "This Is Not America"

11  Gasandae "Keeper"

12  Sovarasma "Eat Men Eat"

13  Namimori "Ocean"

14  Torlova "Azadi"

15  Ruyjin Republic "End of a Friendship"

16  Pohunskia "Hypnotised"

17  Fordia "It's Been A Little Heavy Lately"

18  Zylofonija "Tape Measure"

19  Lakadamia "Tout savoir"

20  Lidonia "Triple Dog Dare"

21  Glaiola "Sekeleka"

22  Kazkya "Strangers"

23  Shkeera "Who Loved You Better"

24  Tsytria "Omadjijan"

25  Breavania "My Demons"

26  Frootania "Never Forget"

27  Sincuerello "Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?"

28  Niolskiaj "Sugar Water"

29  Vradiazi "Discoteka"

30  Lanovina "Rumors"

Other countries[edit]

To be eligible to participate in the Fantasia Contest, a country is required to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA to participate in the contest.

Active FBA members[edit]

  •  Katsyria: KRT, the Katsyrian broadcaster, confirmed that the country would be withdrawing, citing a lack of support within the broadcaster for the contest.
  •  Sylvan: ST, the Sylvanese broadcaster was forced to withdraw from the contest after sanctions were imposed on them by the Fantasia Broadcasting Association.
  •  Danskanksova,  Fyor,  Sirenforest: These countries took part in the 29th edition, however they failed to confirm for the 30th edition.
  •  Flírskmasto: Despite originally confirming, FMSTV, failed to send an entry to the FBA by the deadline, and was therefore forced to withdraw of the contest.
  •  Demacia,  Taslana: These countries originally confirmed their participation, however, they were forced to withdraw from the contest, due to not sending their entries to the FBA by the deadline.

Associate FBA members[edit]

  •  Viraywa: This country was on the standby list.

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