Tsikinia in the Fantasia Contest

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Tsikinia Heart.svg
Member stationTSÍPB
National selection eventsKsë dör Tsikinía
Participation summary
Appearances6 (4 finals)
First appearance#28
Best result2nd: #32
Worst resultLast SF: #28

Tsikinia has participated in the Fantasia Contest since making its debut in the twenty-eighth edition. Its best result to date is 2nd place in the thirty-second edition. Tsikinía has qualified in three occasions. Tsikinia failed to qualify on two occasions and automatically qualified on one ocassion.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points

Flag of Demacia.svg #28 Aïsha Devi "Light Luxury 光华" 16 26

Flag of Flírskmasto.svg #29 SPIDER "Water Sign" 14 58

Flag of Sincuerello.svg #30 Residente feat. Ibeyi "This Is Not America" 7 138 6 73

Flag of Khamatin.svg #31 Daniela Lalita "Atrás" 12 114 8 74

Flag of Kazkya.svg #32 HYRA "REM (No Sleep)" 2 176 1 105

Flag of Kingdovania.svg #33 Emilia, Ludmilla & Zecca "No_se_ve.mp3"

12 points[edit]

Tsikinía has given their 12 points in each edition to...

Record of 12 points
Ed Show Country Artist Song Result
#26 Final (RoF)  Jarea Maisie Peters "Psycho" 16th
#28 Semi-final 1  Sylvan Koven "Everything" 12th
Semi-final 2 (RoF)  Tsytria Milica Pavlović feat. Albino "Šećeru" 8th
Semi-final 3 (RoF)  Kuwiang HIWWHEE "Get Me Cum" 12th
Final  Llort Meesha Shafi "Rajkumari" 12th
#29 Semi-final 1 (RoF)  Namimori Ayumi Hamasaki "Summer Again" 5th
Semi-final 2 (RoF)  Zylofonija SG Lewis feat. AlunaGeorge "Hurting" 3rd
Semi-final 3  Pohunskia tiLLie "hell yeah!" 15th
Final  Namimori Ayumi Hamasaki "Summer Again" 4th
#30 Semi-final 2  Khamatin Jessie Ware "Free Yourself" 1st
Final  Tsytria Sanja Vučić "Omadjijan" 10th
#31 Semi-final 1 (RoF)  Ximbala Lali "2 Son 3" 1st
Semi-final 2 (ROF)  Lanovina Venus in Aries "My Dear Parasite" 11th
Semi-final 3  Namimori CHANKA "Hypocrite" 1st
Final  Ximbala Lali "2 Son 3" 5th
#32 Semi-final 1  Katsyria Dana Al Fardan "Solstice" 7th
Semi-final 2 (RoF)  Juliana Shay Lia "TAKUTÁ" 1st
Semi-final 3 (RoF)  Demacia Latto feat. LU KALA "Lottery" 8th
Final 3rd

Tsikinía has received 12 points in each edition from...

Record of 12 points
Ed Show Countries RoF
#28 Semi-final 1 None  Fordia
Final Didn't qualify
#29 Semi-final 3 None
Final Didn't qualify
#30 Semi-final 2  Ulikana None
Final  Tremenoria
#31 Semi-final 3  Namimori  Lakadamia,  Ninelie
Final  Tremenoria,  Fordia
#32 Semi-final 1  Katsyria,  Ninelie, Rest of Fantasia  Novalia
Final  Lakadamia,  Saint Vittoria,  Ninelie,  Katsyria
Tsikinia Tsikinia in the Fantasia Contest

Flag of Tsikinia.svg

Participation Demacia #28Flírskmasto #29Sincuerello #30Khamatin #31Kazkya #32Kingdovania #33
Song Demacia #28 Light Luxury 光华Flírskmasto #29 Water SignSincuerello #30 This Is Not AmericaKhamatin #31 AtrásKazkya #32 REM (No Sleep)Kingdovania #33 No_se_ve.mp3
Artist Demacia #28 Aïsha DeviFlírskmasto #29 SPIDERSincuerello #30 Residente feat. IbeyiKhamatin #31 Daniela LalitaKazkya #32 HYRAKingdovania #33 Emilia, Ludmilla & Zecca
National Finals Ksë dör Tsikinía