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Flírskmastoan Federation

Флирскмастоан Федерация (Flírsk)
Flag of Flírskmasto
"Национальное призвание Флирскмастоан Федерации"(Flírsk)
(Everish:"National Calling of the Flírskmastoan Federation")
File:Location Map Flírskmasto.png
and largest city
Official languagesFlírsk • Foutina
53.1% Christianity
7.5% Islam
2.3% Paganism
1.2% Judaism
0.5% Buddhism
0.2% Hinduism
6.8% Spiritual
26.9% Atheism
1.2% Other
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential republic
• President
Wladimir Cetenívk
• Prime Minister
• Upper house
Council Group
• Lower house
CurrencyElipa (₽) (FLE)
Time zone+5 to +9
Date formatDD-MM-(YY)YY or (D)D-MMM-YYYY
Driving sideright
Calling code+6
Internet TLD.fl

Flírskmasto (Flírsk: Флирскмасто) officially Flírskmastoan Federation (Flírsk: Флирскмастоан Федерация) is a sovereign state in the north of Serica. Its capital and largest city is Yuriakut.


Flírskmasto is a federal semi-presidential republic. The current President in office is Wladimir Cetenívk. The current head of government is TBA. The Flírskmastoan legislature is the Assembly divided into the Council Group and Gosduman.


The Flírskmastoan census provides a full breakdown of the religious beliefs in the country divided by faith.

  • Christianity 53.1%

- Flírskmastoan Orthodox Church 46.1% - Unaffiliated Orthodox 3.2% - Unaffiliated/Other Christianity 3.2% - Catholicism 0.5% - Protestantism 0.1%

  • Islam 7.5%

- Sunni Islam 4.2% - Shia Islam 2.2% - Ibadi Islam 0.8% - Ahmadiyya Islam 0.3%

  • Paganism 2.3%

- Rodnovery 1.3% - Shamanism and other Paganisms 1.0%

  • Judaism 1.2%

- Secular (Hiloni) Jew 0.7% - Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Jew 0.3% - Traditional (Masorti) Jew 0.1% - Religious (Dati) Jew 0.1%

  • Buddhism 0.5%

- Vajrayāna Buddhism 0.3% - Mahāyāna Buddhism 0.1% - Other 0.1%

  • Hinduism 0.2%

- Vaishnavite 0.2%

  • Spiritual but unaffiliated 6.8%
  • Atheism 26.9%
  • Other 1.2%

- Confucianism 0.9% - Not stated 0.3% - Zoroastrianism 0.1% - Sikhism 0.1% - Jainism 0.1%

Flírskmasto is a de-jure secular state, but the de-facto state religious institution is the Flírskmastoan Orthodox Church.

Social Policies and Laws[edit]


  • You become a legal adult at age 18.
  • You can obtain a driver's license at an age depending on the jurisdiction.
  • The age of consent varies; 14 (Limited by age); 15 (Limited by relationship); 16 (Unlimited).
  • The legal age of marriage varies; With(out) parental consent 17; Judicial consent 16.
  • Capital punishment is used but effectively not carried out, with the last execution being over 10 years ago.
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are illegal.
  • Pornography is legal with heavy regulation and/or censorship.
  • Gambling is legal depending on the jurisdiction; Aside from a small region in the south which attracts tourism, land-based gambling (casinos) is illegal. Online gambling (casino/poker) is legal, and betting is legal (sports).


  • The legal voting age is 18.
  • People of all Genders, Religions, Social Classes, and Education level have the right to vote.
  • Individuals are required to be citizens to vote.
  • Those with criminal records are not permitted to vote.
  • One must be 21 years old to run for public office.

Gun laws[edit]

  • In Flírskmasto, any eligible citizen can obtain a weapons license and must be 18 years and older.

Drug laws[edit]

  • Alcohol (<15% by volume) is legal and restricted for those 16 years and older, however with parental permission in a private place there is no legal limit.
  • Alcohol (>15% by volume) is legal and there is no legal age limit.
  • Nicotine and Tobacco products are legal and restricted for those 18 years and older (purchasing age only)
  • Cannabis is illegal.

Abortion laws[edit]

  • In Flírskmasto, abortion is legal and accepted, but there is some stigma towards women who choose to have it.
  • Costs are covered by the state.
  • Abortion is legal up to 12 weeks from conception.
  • Abortion is legal in the case of fetal defects.
  • Abortion is legal in the case of rape up to 22 weeks from conception and where the mother's life may be threatened up until birth.
  • Abortion is regulated by the state. Only public hospitals are allowed to perform it.
  • Flírskmasto has one of the highest abortion rates in Fantasia, of 30.9 per 1000 women 15-44. In addition, there is a mandatory waiting period of 7 days.

LGBT rights[edit]

  • Same sex activity is legal in Flírskmasto. LGBT people face wide prejudice, but some movements still exist.
  • The age of consent for same sex intercourse is the same as heterosexual intercourse.
  • The LGBT community has minimal freedom of expression - some activities are marked as "propaganda" and banned.
  • LGBT people are not permitted to serve in the armed forces.
  • The LGBT community is not protected by law from discrimination and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is legal.
  • There is no legal recognition of same-sex relations - same-sex marriage is constitutionally banned. Only heterosexual couples are allowed to adopt.
  • Changing one's gender is legal but only if the person goes through HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and sex reassignment surgery. Two genders are recognized by law.


  • Approximately 4%+ of Flírskmasto's GDP is spent on the military annually.
  • Women are permitted to serve in the armed forces, but not in combat.
  • Conscription is enforced, with no alternative service available. Only men are conscripted, women can serve voluntarily.

Freedom of Speech[edit]

  • Freedom of speech is granted to all citizens constitutionally.
  • It is legal to criticize the government.
  • Online speech does not fall under Freedom of Speech.
  • Laws concerning hate speech do not exist.
  • Laws concerning the incitement of violence do exist.
  • The press is considered controlled.
  • There is minimal censorship online by the government.
  • In addition:

- Government ignores constitutional mandate on free speech - Journalists exercise self-censorship - Lack of whistle-blower protection