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Fantasia Contest 1
The World Is in Our Hands
VenueMcAdole's Arena, Crystalfall, Evergreen
Presenter(s)Anu Välba
Executive supervisorMarika Wolfe
Host broadcaster Evergreen Everish Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)
Interval actSemi-final 1: Elle King performing "My Neck, My Back"
Semi-final 2: Milky Whip performing "My Love"
Final: Elina Born & Stig Rästa performing "Goodbye to Yesterday"
Number of entries46
Debuting countriesAll countries
Voting systemEach country awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Winning song Kerwan

The Fantasia Contest 1 was the first edition of the Fantasia Contest. It took place in Crystalfall, the capital of Evergreen. The contest consisted of two semi-finals, and a final. The shows were presented by Anu Välba. Forty-six countries confirmed their participation in the contest, all of them debuting.

After a tense voting process, Kerwan won with Lara Lee and the song "Superman", scoring 175 points. Kerwan was followed by Cercasia in second place, Golden Land in third place, and the top 5 was completed by Alkyria and Achróa. The hosts Evergreen were automatically qualified, but only placed 19th.


For more details on the host country, see Evergreen.

The event took place in Crystalfall, Evergreen, with the venue being the McAdole's Arena. The McAdole's Arnea hosts the many concerts and events throughout the year and has a capacity of approximately 25,000 attendees.

Bidding phase

EBC-IAR announced two arenas in Crystalfall, who are interested in hosting the contest. The host venue was finally decided to be the McAdole's Arena, which was chosen over the Crystalfall Central Arena due to more capacity, better time schedule and better accommodations for the artists and fans.

EBC-IAR and the FBA released some requirements and details about the venue. Both arenas were able to match the required guidelines:

  • The venue must be available for at least 6 to 7 weeks before the contest and one week after the conclusion of the contest.
  • The venue must not be open-air, but an air-conditioned building with a capacity of at least 10,000 and a minimum ceiling height of 15 metres (49 ft), insulated for sound and light.
  • The Green Room should be located in the arena or as near it as possible, with a capacity of 300.
  • An additional room at least 6,000 square metres (65,000 sq ft) in area, to house 2 catering stands, a viewing room, make-up rooms, wardrobe, and booths for approximately 50 commentators.
  • Separate offices to house the press centre, at least 4,000 square metres (43,000 sq ft) in area, with a capacity of at least 1,500 journalists.
City Venue Capacity
Crystalfall Crystalfall Central Arena 19,000
McAdole's Arena 25,000


The competition consisted of two semi-finals and a final. Twelve countries with the highest score in both semi-finals qualified to participate in the final, where they joined the host country, Evergreen, which had automatically qualified to the final.

Each participating country selected their results either through a jury, televoting or a 50/50 process. It was up to the country's broadcaster to decide which system to use to find the country's results.

Semi-final allocation draw

The semi-final allocation draw was decided on 7 September 2015, during a meeting in the EBC-IAR headquarters. The forty-five semi-finalists were spread into pots, based on geographical location. The pots were calculated by the FBA and were as follows:

The six pots were the following:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3
Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6

Running order

The final running order of the competing performances at the semi-finals and the final were drawn at random by the producers of the show and approved by the FBA. The running order of the semi-finals were revealed on 11 September 2015. It was decided that Ermy would open the first semi-final and Fordia the second. The running order for the grand final was announced shortly after the winner's press conference of the second semi-final, with Onduria opening the show and the Golden Land performing last.

Graphic design

On 17 August, the FBA and the EBC-IAR released the graphic design of the contest, it included a slogan "The World Is in Our Hands".

The theme utilises a planet, with smoke-like waves appearing from either side, with the planet representing the "world" and the waves representing the "hands". The slogan and theme were selected to promote unity, but also reflect individuality and diversity of the Fantasia world.


On 11 September 2015, it was announced that Anu Välba would be hosting all 3 of the shows for the first edition. Anu was the sole host of the evening with no co-hosts. She is a well-known Everish TV presenter, originally born in Kerwan, but living in Evergreen, best known for her morning show, Hommik Anuga (Morning with Anu).


It was confirmed that forty-six countries would perform their debut entry in Crystalfall. There were twenty-two participants in the first semi-final and twenty-three participants in the second semi-final, and twenty-five in the final.

Semi-final 1

In addition to the 22 participants in this semi-final, the host country, Evergreen also cast their votes in this semi-final. The twelve songs in places 1 to 12 qualified for the final and are marked in orange.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Ermy Alina Eremia "Played You" 18 26

02  Lendy Arsenie "Erase It" 20 20

03  Dýria La Roux "In for the Kill" 8 70

04  Seneraya JoJo "Too Little Too Late" 4 103

05  Kerwan Lara Lee "Superman" 1 158

06  Harish Islands Wolkenfrei "Wolke 7" 16 31

07  Prunia MakSim "Ya Veter" 11 54

08  Scandavia filous feat. Jordan Léser "Shaded In" 9 70

09  Demacia Aliki Chrysochou "She Wolf" 19 26

10  Glaray Chiara "Straordinario" 5 77

11  Golden Land Bebe Rexha "Cry Wolf" 2 123

12  Ninelie Emma Hewitt "Colours" 12 51

13  Evämaa Chisu "Sabotage" 17 28

14  Delinia Maria Mena "Fuck You" 13 50

15  Onduria Baby K feat. Giusy Ferreri "Roma-Bangkok" 3 115

16  Danskanksova Florence + the Machine "Queen of Peace" 6 73

17  Whenua Wai Allison Iraheta "Scars" 22 12

18  Equaland Scarlett Rabe "Battle Cry" 10 63

19  Deep Valley Aste "Yhdet sille" 21 16

20  Baesnia Halsey "Ghost" 7 72

21  Aquia Purity Ring "Bodyache" 14 50

22  Freyhurst Il Volo "L'amore si mouve" 15 40

Semi-final 2

The twelve songs in places 1 to 12 qualified for the final and are marked in orange.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Fordia Tooji "Packin' Guns" 15 45

02  Beklium Aurélie "Meisje Met De Parel" 18 39

03  Angostura Emrah Karaduman feat. İrem Derici "Nerden Bilecekmiş" 16 39

04  Vradiazi Electric Nana "Won't Stop" 8 67

05  Gallifrey Christina Aguilera "Express" 23 13

06  Achróa Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà "Experience" 2 115

07  Demonica Nothgard "Age of Pandora" 21 19

08  Alkyria RuPaul "Sissy That Walk" 1 118

09  Patriae Starling Glow "Caution Tape" 6 81

10  The White Havens The Sam Willows "Take Heart" 12 51

11  Decoria Roya "Lie" 13 51

12  Pohunskia Shanna Malcolm "Brush That Tongue" 14 48

13  Foxtavia No Frills Twins "God Bless the Internet" 10 62

14  Cercasia Delta Goodrem "Wings" 4 97

15  Lanovina Sumera "Wolf" 3 108

16  Jarea Perfume "Spending All My Time" 7 69

17  Áredival Zeromancer "Doctor Online" 22 17

18  Lakadamia Zaz "Si" 5 89

19  Pashlanahuy Altyn Girls "Shinayi Sezim" 19 29

20  Maronesia Siru "Kaksi Naista" 20 23

21  Flírskmasto Dotter "Dive" 9 64

22  Atlandia Troye Sivan "Wild" 11 51

23  Pacifica Diego Boneta "The Warrior" 17 39


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Onduria "Roma-Bangkok" 6 151

02  Flírskmasto "Dive" 8 133

03  Ninelie "Colours" 25 49

04  Kerwan "Superman" 1 175

05  Danskanksova "Queen of Peace" 12 106

06  Vradiazi "Won't Stop" 21 71

07  Scandavia "Shaded In" 10 114

08  Lakadamia "Si" 7 145

09  Prunia "Ya Veter" 23 57

10  Seneraya "Too Little Too Late" 22 65

11  Atlandia "Wild" 18 82

12  Dýria "In for the Kill" 24 50

13  Lanovina "Wolf" 14 95

14  Equaland "Battle Cry" 13 97

15  Glaray "Straordinario" 16 85

16  Patriae "Caution Tape" 11 108

17  Achróa "Experience" 5 151

18  Baesnia "Ghost" 9 130

19  Jarea "Spending All My Time" 15 88

20  Evergreen "Ex's & Oh's" 19 75

21  Foxtavia "God Bless the Internet" 20 73

22  Cercasia "Wings" 2 172

23  Alkyria "Sissy That Walk" 4 152

24  The White Havens "Take Heart" 17 83

25  Golden Land "Cry Wolf" 3 161

Other countries

To be eligible to participate in the Fantasia Contest, a country needs to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA, to participate in the contest. Forty-six out of forty-seven active nations confirmed their participation, whilst those who didn't are noted below.

Active FBA members

  •  Orangina – Originally, Orangina's national broadcaster, Orangina Television (OTV), confirmed their participation, however an entrant was not selected before the deadline, and thus Orangina was forced to withdraw their debut in the first edition.

Require active FBA membership

  •  United States of Eldance - The United States of Eldance issued no interest in participating in the first edition, however, nothing has prohibited a national broadcaster to apply for membership in order to participate in the second edition.


Delinian broadcast

The Delinian broadcast had interferences during both the first semi-final and final, in which both Delinia both voted. No interferences happened during the second semi-final. These interferences caused Delinia's televoting result to be incomplete, and thus only juries were used to determine the Delinian votes. Delinia was also placed to vote last in the final voting order due to this. These interferences have put Delinia's participation in the future under question.

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