Fantasia Contest 29

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Fantasia Contest 29
Мать-Природа празднует сегодня
en: Mother Earth Celebrates Today
VenueYuriakut Stadium of Excellence, Yuriakut, Flírskmasto
Presenter(s)Addison Rae and Ika Wong (SF1)
Aya Nakamura and Ana Kohler (SF2)
Elena Velevska and Chase Icon (SF3)
Alesia Michelle and Ana Mena (GF)
Directed byWilliam Cahill
Executive supervisorKevin Kern
Executive producerMatt Harrod
Host broadcasterFlírskmasto FMST
Number of entries54
Debuting countries Breavania
 Saint Vittoria
Returning countries Glacea
Withdrawing countries Aquia
 The White Havens
Voting systemEach country awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Winning song Sincuerello
"Spitting off the Edge of the World"

The Fantasia Contest 29 was the twenty-ninth edition of the Fantasia Contest. It took place in Yuriakut, Flírskmasto, the winning country of Fantasia Contest 28.

Fifty-four countries have participated in 29th edition. This was changed following a vote between the FBA members agreeing on allocating one automatic qualification spot to the sixth place of the previous edition. Thirty countries will be participating in the final, making it the largest final, to date.

Breavania, Gasandae, Panguil and Saint Vittoria debuted, Glacea and Sirenforest returned after a one-edition break, Aquia, Moly-Boronia, The White Havens, Vradiazi and Wedse withdrew.

The winner of the 29th edition are indie rock group Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Perfume Genius, and their song "Spitting off the Edge of the World", from Sincuerello, with the total of 189 Points. This is Sincuerello's first win and also first automatic qualification in the contest since their debut in the 15th edition. Lanovina placed second, with 176 Points, achieving their first top 3 since the 23rd edition and tieing their best result. Placing 3rd is Dorma, also achieving their best result, while Namimori and Niolskiaj completing the top 5, with the latter barely qualifying for the final. The rest of the top 10 is completed by Ximbala, host country Flírskmasto, the Ruyjin Republic, Alchten and Ydiwealth, which the latter also reached their best result as of this edition.

As for the "Big 6" members, as previously mentionned, Flírskmasto and Alchten reached the top 10, while Torlova placed 12th, Lakadamia barely missed the top half of the scoreboard, ending 16th, Danskanksova placed 20th and Fordia finished 25th. This is the first time that no "Big 5" or "Big 6" members placed in the bottom 5 of the final.

On their debuts, Gasandae and Panguil both qualified for the grand final, while Breavania and Saint Vittoria failed to qualify. Kuwiang, Sovarasma, Tsytria and Ydiwealth qualified for the grand final, while Yeukiwan failed to qualify. For the first time since Fantasia Contest 25, Demacia, Katsyria, Taslana failed to qualify. Frootania failed to qualify for the first time since Fantasia Contest 20, while Kazkya failed to qualify for the first time since Fantasia Contest 18.

Returning artists[edit]

The contest will feature nine representatives who previously performed as lead artists.

MUNA represented Ruyjin Republic in the nineteenth edition. Elinborg represented Dýria in the fourteenth edition. Kalandra represented Demacia in the twenty-fourth edition. Die Arkitekt represented Ninelie in the twenty-fifth edition along with Dan Kjellberg. Cathedrals represented Golden Land in the twelfth edition. Kelela represented Pashlanahuy in the sixteenth edition. Sofia Reyes represented US Eldance in the twenty-fourth edition. kennyhoopla represent Lidonia in the twenty-fourth edition. Mon Laferte represented Ximbala in the eighteenth edition.

Participating countries[edit]

Semi-final 1[edit]

 Danskanksova and  Lakadamia also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Shkeera gglum "Weak Teeth" 4 90

02  Suuher spilltab "Pistolwhip" 6 85

03  Namimori Ayumi Hamasaki "Summer Again" 5 87

04  Juliana GGGOLDDD "Spring" 9 70

05  Breavania Arabella "Baby I Got Fire" 16 17

06  Khamatin Mid-Air Thief "Swamp" 8 76

07  Sylvan Kalandra "The Waiting Game" 10 61

08  Ka'a and Kehbe Sunflower Bean "Who Put You Up to This?" 3 91

09  Ninelie Die Arkitekt feat. Kid Moxie "Kaval" 1 120

10  Saint Vittoria Nadine Lustre "Wildest Dreams" 14 39

11  Achróa Lost Horizons feat. The Hempolics "I Woke Up with an Open Heart" 12 47

12  Ulikana Angel Maxine feat. Wanlov the Kubolor & Sister Deborah "Wo Fie" 11 54

13  Sovarasma Jockstrap "Concrete Over Water" 2 102

14  Lidonia Kennyhoopla "hollywood sucks" 15 39

15  Ermy tam "pogana" 7 79

16  Taslana Circe "Going Down" 13 45

Semi-final 2[edit]

 Flírskmasto and  Fordia also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Evergreen Cryalot "Hell Is Here" 10 62

02  Panguil LVL1 "CO1N" 4 99

03  Kingdovania Softcult "Uzumaki" 12 55

04  Katsyria MOTHERMARY "Give It Up" 15 25

05  Qasentria Awich "Queendom" 5 78

06  Fyor Ouu "Caramel Park" 14 32

07  Demacia Nalyssa Green "Pali kala" 9 67

08  Llort Abdullah Siddiqui "The Afterglow" 7 72

09  Zylofonija SG Lewis feat. AlunaGeorge "Hurting" 3 100

10  Dorma STARMAXX feat. Brett Castro "Patient Zero" 1 123

11  Ruyjin Republic MUNA "What I Want" 2 116

12  Niolskiaj Lisa B. "Stardust" 8 71

13  Yeukiwan Cheronna "Bǎchí" 13 54

14  Scandavia Madeline The Person "Haunted" 11 55

15  Sirenforest Secret Rule "The Showdown" 16 21

16  Kuwiang Cathedrals "Just a Game" 6 72

Semi-final 3[edit]

 Alchten and  Torlova also voted in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Tsikinia SPIDER "Water Sign" 14 58

02  Ximbala Mon Laferte "Aunque Te Mueras Por Volver" 5 75

03  Sincuerello Yeah Yeah Yeahs feat. Perfume Genius "Spitting off the Edge of the World" 1 107

04  Lanovina THALA "bad blood" 4 76

05  Kazkya Isabella Lovestory "Cherry Bomb" 12 61

06  Ydiwealth Aitana "En El Coche" 2 89

07  Pohunskia tiLLie "hell yeah!" 15 45

08  Tsytria Ayla D'Lyla and Miss Madeline "Life Could Be Sweet" 6 72

09  Glaiola Esty "Dejenme" 11 63

10  Frootania Gyakie "Something" 13 59

11  Dýria Elinborg "Sjórok" 3 84

12  Vikyirie Alexandrina "Dupa Pod" 16 35

13  Gasandae Audrey Nuna "damn Right" 8 71

14  Jarea XG "Mascara" 10 66

15  United States of Eldance Sofia Reyes x Darell x Lalo Ebratt "Échalo Pa' Ca" 9 70

16  Glacea Maggie Rogers "Want Want" 7 71


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Ninelie "Kaval" 14 108

02  Sincuerello "Spitting off the Edge of the World" 1 189

03  Suuher "Pistolwhip" 22 79

04  Khamatin "Swamp" 26 71

05  Ermy "pogana" 21 84

06  Dorma "Patient Zero" 3 166

07  Danskanksova "Blue Light" 20 85

08  Gasandae "damn Right" 27 65

09  Glacea "Want Want" 24 74

10  Ydiwealth "En El Coche" 10 113

11  Zylofonija "Hurting" 19 91

12  Ka'a and Kehbe "Who Put You Up to This?" 30 39

13  Kuwiang "Just a Game" 23 79

14  Tsytria "Life Could Be Sweet" 11 112

15  Namimori "Summer Again" 4 145

16  Lanovina "bad blood" 2 176

17  Torlova "bal gibi" 12 109

18  Ruyjin Republic "What I Want" 8 129

19  Llort "The Afterglow" 28 62

20  Flírskmasto "Euphoria" 7 131

21  Dýria "Sjórok" 18 96

22  Qasentria "Queendom" 15 108

23  Sovarasma "Concrete Over Water" 13 109

24  Fordia "Desperate Times, Mediocre Measures" 25 74

25  Ximbala "Aunque Te Mueras Por Volver" 6 132

26  Niolskiaj "Stardust" 5 134

27  Panguil "CO1N" 17 99

28  Lakadamia "Mon Cœur" 16 105

29  Alchten "Hertz" 9 125

30  Shkeera "Weak Teeth" 29 43

Other countries[edit]

To be eligible to participate in the Fantasia Contest, a country is required to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA to participate in the contest.

Active FBA members[edit]

  •  Moly-Boronia: ARFA, the Boronian broadcaster, confirmed that on the 3rd of July, that Moly-Boronia would not be participating in the Fantasia Contest, however, no official reason were provided by the broadcaster.
  •  Wedse: WTV, the Wedsen broadcaster, announced Wedse's withdrawal on the 4th of July, citing "busy schedule" as a reason of a withdrawal.
  •  Aquia,  Vradiazi,  The White Havens: These countries have taken part in the 28th edition, however, no confirmations were provided by each broadcasters, and will therefore most likely not take part in the edition. Aquia and Vradiazi were latter added on the standby list.

Associate FBA members[edit]

  •  Freyhurst
  •  Hikyoto
  •  Novalia
  •  Tremenoria: the Tremenorian broadcaster has tried to confirm on the 3rd of July, however, due to the rules stipulating that the Associate members of the FBA were not allowed to confirm before the 4th of July, their first confirmation were rendered null.
  •  Werdiana

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