Fantasia Contest 24

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Fantasia Contest 24
Creating Motion
Fantasia Contest Logo.png
VenueKillamier Arena, Killamier, Taslana
Presenter(s)Lyra Winter
Executive supervisorKevin Kern
Executive producerMarika Wolfe
Host broadcaster Taslana (TTB)
Number of entries50
Debuting countries Kuwiang
Returning countries Danskanksova
Withdrawing countries Drevona
 Ka'a and Kehbe
Voting systemEach country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting

The Fantasia Contest 24 is the twenty-fourth edition of the Fantasia Contest. It is taking place in Taslana, after their victory in the twenty-third edition.


The competition consisted of three semi-finals and a final. The countries with the highest score in each semi-final qualified to participate in the final, alongside the big five, the countries that were in the top 5 in the previous edition.

Participating countries


Semi-final 1

 Alkyria will also vote in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Boninbourg Hoody feat. Gray "Adios"

02  Kingdovania A.A. Williams "Melt"

03  Ximbala VALE "Aguaceros"

04  Demacia Kalandra "Borders"

05  Juliana Balming Tiger feat. Omega Sapien & wnjn "Kolo Kolo"

06  Niolskiaj Tamzene "accidentally told you"

07  Vradiazi Delaporte "Las Montañas"

08  Ruyjin Republic Preyah "Pozhar"

09  Kuwiang Will Jay "Lies"

10  Aquia Ivete Sangalo "O Mundo Vai"

11  Qasentria Flower Face "Morphine Dreams"

12  Ninelie Kety Fusco "Ultrasystole"

13  Sincuerello U.S. Girls "Mad as Hell"

14  Jarea KÅRP "Left Handed"

15  Fyor RHEYA "Franchise"

Semi-final 2

 Glaiola and  Taslana will also vote in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Hwaesonna STAYC "So Bad"

02  Sirenforest Enemy Inside "Crystallize"

03  Alchten Dua Saleh "umbrellar"

04  Pohunskia MÏRÄNDÄ "I AM ART"

05  Danskanksova Tanarélle "Mama Saturn"

06  Glacea Promis3 "Simulated Paradise"

07  Neocastria Tkay Maidza "24k"

08  Ulikana SÔNGE "Winer"

09  United States of Eldance Thalía, Farina & Sofía Reyes "TICK TOCK"

10  Achróa Julie Byrne & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma "Love's Refrain"

11  Wedse ABIR "Yallah"

12  Loutreniye MERINA GRIS "Besteek Zer"

13  Fordia LOVE SICK "Fever"

14  Katsyria Palina "Takiye devchonki"

15  Shkeera Julien Baker "Hardline"

Semi-final 3

 Flírskmasto and  Lanovina will also vote in this semi final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Lidonia KennyHoopla "how will i rest in peace if i'm buried by a highway?"

02  Kazkya Mansfield.TYA "Auf Wiedersehen"

03  Dýria Soda Blonde "Swimming Through the Night"

04  Lakadamia La Féline "Où est passée ton âme?"

05  Llort No Wyld "Odyssey"

06  Namimori April Red "Nude Model"

07  Corzazjan Rei Ami "Mac & Cheese"

08  Evergreen Jenevieve "Baby Powder"

09  Decoria Soccer Mommy "Circle the Drain"

10  Scandavia Holy Wars "Welcome to My Hell"

11  Freyhurst Kat Cunning "Supernova (tigers blud)"

12  Zylofonija KAYTRANADA feat. Tinashe "The Worst in Me"

13  Moly-Boronia Sonnet Son "I'm Not a Warrior"

14  Torlova LAFAWNDAH "Ally"

15  Ermy Louise Verneuil "Love Corail"


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Ruyjin Republic "Pozhar"

02  Kingdovania "Melt"

03  Ermy "Love Corail"

04  Decoria "Circle the Drain"

05  Fordia "Fever"

06  Alkyria "Catch Your Breath"

07  Aquia "O Mundo Vai"

08  Vradiazi "Las Montañas"

09  Flírskmasto "Rage"

10  Loutreniye "Besteek Zer"

11  Taslana "dreamsicle"

12  Ninelie "Ultrasystole"

13  Qasentria "Morphine Dreams"

14  Torlova "Ally"

15  Glacea "Simulated Paradise"

16  Neocastria "24k"

17  Achróa "Love's Refrain"

18  Kazkya "Auf Wiedersehen"

19  Shkeera "Hardline"

20  Dýria "Swimming Through the Night"

21  Zylofonija "The Worst in Me"

22  Lanovina "Persephone (The Gathering of Flowers)"

23  Namimori "Nude Model"

24  Alchten "umbrellar"

25  Glaiola "¿Qué más quieres de mí?"

26  Demacia "Borders"

Other countries

To be eligible to participate in the Fantasia Contest, a country is required to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA to participate in the contest.

Active FBA members

  •  Ka'a and Kehbe: On January 15th 2021, Ka'a and Kehbe announced that they would take a break from the contest, citing lack of public interest, poorly received results, the hosting of the World Darts Championship and the redistribution of funds to upcoming music shows as the reasons of their withdrawal. A return in the future has not been ruled out but seems unlikely as of now.
  •  Sylvan: Sylvan failed to submit a valid entry in time and was fined and forced to withdraw from the edition by the FBA.
  • A total of five countries announced their permanent withdrawal from the competition, all citing various reasons for their withdrawals with a general lack of interest for the contest being one of the common reasons. These countries are:

Associate FBA members

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