Fantasia Contest 33

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Fantasia Contest 33
Unlock Your True Potential
VenueSunrise Arena, Lykillin, Kingdovania
Presenter(s)Petra Marklund & Tilde de Paula
Directed byAnes
Executive supervisorKevin K.
Executive producerAgni
Host broadcasterKingdovania KRTV
Interval actFinal:
Ewa Roos & Eva Rydberg with "A Ding Dong Worldwide Remix"
Petra Marklund with "Ocean of Love"
Number of entries54
Debuting countries Opalonia
Returning countries Glacea
Withdrawing countries Dorma
Voting systemEach country awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Winning song Trivania
"King of the Slugs"

The Fantasia Contest 32 was the thirty-third edition of the Fantasia Contest. It took place in Lykillin, Kingdovania, the winning country of Fantasia Contest 32.

Fifty-four countries participated in the 33rd edition, with Opalonia, Viraywa and Zakaslovia debuting; Glacea, Shkeera, Sylvan and Trivania returning, while Dorma, Ermy, Flírskmasto, Frootania, Gasandae, Ninelie and Tremenoria withdrew for various reasons.

The winner of the 33rd edition, with 196 Points is Trivania, which was represented by Fat Dog and their song "King of the Slugs". Trivania was followed by host country Kingdovania, who placed second, with 191 Points, being the highest placed host nation at the moment in the history of Fantasia Contest, and by Ka'a and Kehbe who got 3rd, their first top 3 placement since the 25th edition. The top 5 was completed by Ulikana and Tsikinía, and the top 10 was filled by Werdiana, Glacea, Lanovina, Danskanksova and Niolskiaj. Other than the winning country Kingdovania; Cinestra, Jondelsia, Opalonia, Ulikana, Viraywa and Zakaslovia have reached their best placement in the contest to date.

As for the "Big 6 members", the highest placement is the host country Kingdovania, which reached the 2nd place in the Final. There was 1 automatic qualifiers in the bottom 5 being Juliana placing last, for the rest Tsikinía placed 5th, Niolskiaj placed 10th, Demacia placed 16th and Fordia placed 19th.

This edition saw the first qualification of Jondelsia and Werdiana in the Final, since their debut in the 32nd edition and 30th edition respectively, but also the qualification Opalonia who was debuting in this edition.

Kingdovania and Shkeera reached the final after their absence of 2 editions being the 30th edition their last final, same case of Trivania after an absence of 9 editions being the 21st edition their last final. Meanwhile, Tsytria and Dýria broke an important qualification streak of 4 editions this edition.

Returning artists[edit]

  • Sigur Rós represented  Danskanksova in the seventh edition and twentieth edition.
  • Gabrielė Vilkickytė represented  Drevona in the nineteenth edition.
  • Glacea Madison Beer represented  Sirenforest in the first edition of Junior Fantasia Contest.
  • Cyan Kicks represented  Sylvan in the nineteenth edition.
  • Milica Pavlović represented  Tsytria in the twenty-eighth edition.
  • Ulikana Leigh-Anne represented  Sirenforest in the fifteenth edition as part of Little Mix.
  • Vikyirie ionnalee represented  Achróa in the seventh edition as iamamiwhoami.
  • TAICHU represented  Ximbala in the twenty-seventh edition.
  • Jondelsia DEBBY FRIDAY represented  Levalle in the eighteenth edition.

Participating countries[edit]

Semi-final 1[edit]

 Demacia and  Juliana also voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Katsyria Miusa "Bonbon" 9 73

02  Achróa Naiwen Yang feat. Wu Bai "Ineffable" 5 80

03  Trivania Fat Dog "King of the Slugs" 1 100

04  Vikyirie ionnalee "Remember The Future" 13 55


06  Saint Vittoria Paul Pablo "Gulo" 12 59

07  Fyor Wunderhorse "Purple" 10 66

08  Lanovina Bambie Thug "Tsunami" 6 78

09  The White Havens Iniko "Jericho" 15 33

10  Kuwiang Fazerdaze "Break!" 16 31

11  Alkyria Sedric Perry "It Girl" 2 96

12  Novalia Theodore "Voyage" 4 84

13  Aquia paopao "algo así" 11 61

14  Shkeera De Staat "Look At Me" 3 88

15  Ximbala TAICHU & rusowsky "PAYDAY" 8 75

16  Sovarasma Regen C. "Lìhn" 14 45

Semi-final 2[edit]

 Niolskiaj and  Tsikinia also voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Glaiola MounQup "A Cinza" 16 39

02  Ydiwealth ANYMA "ALL MY RELATIONS" 14 48

03  Sirenforest Dark Divine "Drown" 11 62

04  Namimori Thérèse "No Rules" 2 90

05  Jarea Ahn Ye Eun "HONGRYEON" 7 75

06  Khamatin Juçara Marçal "Sem Cais" 9 64

07  Viraywa Paper Citizen "Over The Moon" 12 58

08  Werdiana Electric Youth "Arawa" 1 114

09  Drevona Gabrielė Vilkickytė "Patalai" 6 77

10  Sylvan Cyan Kicks "Addicted" 13 55

11  Sincuerello George Clanton "Livin' Loose" 10 63

12  Opalonia Renata Flores "María Parado de Bellido" 5 58

13  Pohunskia Dorian Electra "Sodom & Gomorrah" 3 87

14  Glacea Madison Beer "Home To Another One" 4 80

15  Danskanksova Sigur Rós "Blóðdberg" 8 70

16  Breavania Smash Into Pieces "Flow" 15 42

Semi-final 3[edit]

 Kingdovania and  Fordia also voted in this semi-final.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Zakaslovia Saint Slumber "Doomy" 14 41

02  United States of Eldance UCHE YARA "www she hot" 10 58

03  Alchten Fiona Apple "Get Gone" 11 57

04  Ka'a and Kehbe safesp8ce "quiet, i can't think" 1 135

05  Ulikana Leigh-Anne feat. Ayra Starr "My Love" 2 104

06  Ruyjin Republic Mzia Getsadze "Mimk'itkhave Bosha Kalo" 16 16

07  Yeukiwan MỸ MỸ feat. OSAD "KHÔNG AI KHÁC NGOÀI EM" 15 38

08  Cinestra Amaarae "Wasted Eyes" 4 82

09  Tsytria Jelena Karleuša & Milica Pavlović "MASHALLAH" 9 71

10  Jondelsia DEBBY FRIDAY feat. UÑAS "I GOT IT" 6 75

11  Kazkya Luísa Sonza "Campo de Morango" 12 56

12  Dýria Madelyn Ann "Roz" 13 47

13  Moly-Boronia Steiner & Madlaina "Prost mein Schatz" 5 79

14  Lakadamia BRÖ "Mauvais rôle" 3 97

15  Zylofonija OG MarlynMonROLLUP "Bill$" 7 74

16  Qasentria Lova Lova "Mambu" 8 72


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points

01  Werdiana "Arawa" 6 139

02  Niolskiaj "Bewitched" 10 118

03  Qasentria "Mambu" 11 117

04  Alkyria "It Girl" 21 75

05  Jondelsia "I GOT IT" 13 110

06  Ulikana "My Love" 4 163

07  Drevona "Patalai" 20 77

08  Tsikinia "No_se_ve.mp3" 5 153

09  Kingdovania "Trespassing" 2 191

10  Lakadamia "Mauvais rôle" 18 98

11  Novalia "Voyage" 28 58

12  Opalonia "María Parado de Bellido" 27 58

13  Juliana "Harvest Heartbreak" 30 48

14  Glacea "Home To Another One" 7 124

15  Jarea "HONGRYEON" 12 117

16  Trivania "King of the Slugs" 1 196

17  Namimori "No Rules" 14 107

18  Demacia "Dedans" 16 101

19  Moly-Boronia "Prost mein Schatz" 29 54

20  Zylofonija "Bill$" 15 102

21  Pohunskia "Sodom & Gomorrah" 23 70

22  Danskanksova "Blóðdberg" 9 121

23  Suuher "SEX IN THE ROOM" 25 69

24  Lanovina "Tsunami" 8 122

25  Shkeera "Look At Me" 24 69

26  Ka'a and Kehbe "quiet, i can't think" 3 174

27  Ximbala "PAYDAY" 22 73

28  Cinestra "Wasted Eyes" 17 100

29  Fordia "SOS" 19 79

30  Achróa "Ineffable" 26 64

12 points[edit]

Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points awarded by each country's vote in the final:

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
9  Trivania Demacia, Drevona, Glaiola, Novalia, Shkeera, Sincuerello, Sovarasma
4  Tsikinia Aquia, Dýria, The White Havens, Ydiwealth
3  Alkyria Fyor, Saint Vittoria, Viraywa
 Demacia Achróa, Juliana, Lakadamia
 Cinestra Alkyria, Ulikana, Yeukiwan
 Kingdovania Sylvan, Tsikinia, Zakaslovia
 Jarea Moly-Boronia, Namimori, Tsytria
 Ulikana Opalonia, Trivania, Zylofonija
 Ximbala Katsyria, Kazkya, Suuher
2  Danskanksova Glacea, Khamatin
 Glacea Niolskiaj, Vikyirie
 Ka'a and Kehbe Alchten, Ruyjin Republic
 Lanovina Fordia, Sirenforest
 Moly-Boronia Ka'a and Kehbe, United States of Eldance
 Niolskiaj Jarea, Kuwiang
 Opalonia Werdiana, Ximbala
1  Fordia Lanovina
 Jondelsia Cinestra
 Novalia Danskanksova
 Pohunskia Breavania
 Qasentria Pohunskia
 Shkeera Jondelsia


The spokespersons announced the 12-point score from their respective country in the following order:

Other countries[edit]

To be eligible to participate in the Fantasia Contest, a country is required to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA to participate in the contest.

Active FBA members[edit]

  •  Dorma,  Ermy,  Flírskmasto: These countries failed to send an entry for approval.
  •  Frootania: TL:FR, the Frootania broadcaster, confirmed that the country would be withdrawing,
  •  Freyhurst: FTV, the Freyhurstian broadcaster failed to post their entry on time.
  •  Gasandae: The Gasani broadcaster failed to confirm their participation for the 33rd edition.
  •  Ninelie: Noi, the Nineliese broadcaster was banned permanently from participating from the contest after sanctions were imposed on them by the Fantasia Broadcasting Association.
  •  Tremenoria: TeleMundial, the Tremenorian broadcaster was forced to withdraw from the contest after sanctions were imposed on them by the Fantasia Broadcasting Association.

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