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Democratic Republic of Kuwiang

ສາທາລະນະລັດປະຊາທິປະໄຕຄູວຽງ (Kuwegian)
สาธารณรัฐประชาธิปไตยคูเวียง (Ayuthayan)
ခူဝမ်ဒီမိုကရက်တစ်သမ္မတနိုင်ငံ' (Bamarese)
Republik Demokratik Kuwiang (Malyiese)
Flag of Kuwiang
"ຕຳແໜ່ງຢູ່ບໍ່ດົນແຕ່ຕຳນານຢູ່ຕະຫຼອດໄປ" (Tamneng you bo don te tamnan you talotpai) (Kuwegian)
(Everish:"Position does not last long, but legend lasts forever")
"ຄູວຽງສາມັກຄີ" (Khouviang Samakkhi) (Kuwegian)
(Everish:"Kuwiang Harmony")
File:Location Map Kuwiang.png
and largest city
Muang Yang
Official languagesKuwegian • Ayuthayan
Recognised national languagesAmelian
Recognised regional languagesBamarese • Eastern Pengerian • Namimorish • Western Pengerian
Ethnic groups
38.9% Kuwegian
30.9% Ayuthayan
9.4% Bamarese
7.3% Kuwianish Amelian
5.4% Namimorish
3.5% Eastern Pengerian
3.2% Western Pengerian
1.4% Hailiniese
71.2% Buddhism
13.1% Irreligious
7.5% Christianity
5.8% Islam
2.4% Others
GovernmentUnitary full-presidential republic
• President
Thidaporn Chaokuwiang
216,054 km2 (83,419 sq mi) (69th)
• 2021 estimate
18,364,553 (48th)
• Density
85/km2 (220.1/sq mi) (38th)
CurrencyKuwiang miji (₥) (KWM)
Time zone+7
Date formatDD-MM-YYYY
Driving sideleft
Calling codeTBA
Internet TLD.kw

Kuwiang (Kuwegian: ຄູວຽງ, Ayuthayan: คูเวียง, Bamarese: ခူဝမ်) officially Democratic Republic of Kuwiang (Kuwegian: ສາທາລະນະລັດປະຊາທິປະໄຕຄູວຽງ, Ayuthayan: สาธารณรัฐประชาธิปไตยคูเวียง, Bamarese: ခူဝမ်ဒီမိုကရက်တစ်သမ္မတနိုင်ငံ', Malyiese: Republik Demokratik Kuwiang) is a sovereign state in the south of Serica. It covers an area of 216,504 square kilometres and is inhabited by approximately 18,364,553 inhabitants. Its capital and largest city is Muang Yang.


Kuwiang is a unitary full-presidential republic. The current President in the office is Thidaphone Xaiyasombut. The Kuwianish legislature is the Congress.

Social Policies and Laws[edit]


  • You become a legal adult at age 18.
  • You can obtain a driver's license at age 16 for motorcycles, and at age 18 for cars.
  • The age of consent is 16.
  • The legal age of marriage is 18.
  • Capital punishment is used but rarely carried out.
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are legal depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Pornography is legal with age restrictions.
  • Gambling is legal with age restrictions.
  • Two categories of gender are recognized by law: biological gender and sociological gender.
  • Five biological genders and four sociological genders are recognized by law.
  • Biological gender is used only in medical documents while sociological gender is used in all official documents.


  • The legal voting age is 18.
  • People of all Genders, Religions, Social Classes, and Education levels have the right to vote.
  • Individuals are required to be citizens to vote.
  • Those with criminal records are permitted to vote.
  • One must be 30 years old to run for public office.

Gun laws[edit]

  • In Kuwiang, any eligible citizen is able to obtain a weapons license. The age depends on the jurisdiction.

Drug laws[edit]

  • Alcohol (<15% by volume) is legal and restricted for those 18 years and older.
  • Alcohol (>15% by volume) is legal and restricted for those 20 years and older.
  • Nicotine and Tobacco products are legal and restricted for those 20 years and older.
  • Cannabis is legal for medicinal use only.

Abortion laws[edit]

  • In Kuwiang, abortion is legal depending on the circumstance. It is accepted, but there is some stigma toward women who choose to have one.
  • Costs are mostly covered by the state.
  • The timeframe depends on the jurisdiction.
  • Abortion is legal in the case of fetal defects.
  • Abortion is legal in the case of rape and where the mother's life may be threatened.
  • Abortion is regulated by the state. Only public hospitals are allowed to perform it and are obliged by law to give extra counseling/therapy to women in order to deal with the abortion.

LGBT rights[edit]

  • Same sex activity is legal in Kuwiang and is widely accepted, but there is some social stigma towards LGBT people.
  • The age of consent for same sex intercourse is the same as heterosexual intercourse.
  • The LGBT community has the freedom of expression.
  • The LGBT community is protected by law from discrimination.
  • LGBT people have the right to serve in the armed forces.
  • The LGBT community has the right to marry and can adopt children with the same rights as heterosexual couples.
  • Changing one's gender is legal.


  • Approximately 2-2.9% of Kuwiang's GDP is spent on the military annually.
  • Women are permitted to serve in the armed forces.
  • Conscription is not enforced.

Freedom of Speech[edit]

  • Freedom of speech is granted to all citizens constitutionally.
  • It is legal to criticize the government.
  • Online speech falls under Freedom of Speech.
  • Laws concerning hate speech do exist.
  • Laws concerning the incitement of violence do exist but are not well enforced.
  • The press is considered as almost completely free.
  • There is minimal censorship online by the government.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Kuwiang is divided into 22 provinces and 369 districts.

Flag Province Language(s) Population (Oct 2023) Area (km2) Density Districts Codes
Everish Kuwegian Ayuthayan HS ISO
Atsaphangthong ອາດສະພັງທອງ อาดสระพังทอง Kuwegian
Namimorish, Hailiniese
997,442 13,421.29 74.32 16 ATH KW-AT
Bang Kra Chao ບາງກະເຈົ້າ บางกระเจ้า Ayuthayan, Amelian 598,810 3,236.59 185.01 7 BKC KW-BK
Bueng Nam Rak ບຶງນໍ້າລັກ บึงน้ำรักษ์ Ayuthayan
Kuwegian, Amelian
808,537 9,017.89 89.66 14 BNR KW-BN
Chana Songkhram ຊະນະສົງຄາມ ชนะสงคราม Ayuthayan
Amelian, Namimorish
472,641 5,535.03 85.39 9 CSK KW-CS
Chanayethazan ຊ່ານເອ້ຕາຊານ ช่านเอ้ตาซาน Bamarese
Amelian, Hailiniese
317,375 11,410.15 27.82 10 CTZ KW-CT
Lan Dokmai ລານດອກໄມ້ ลานดอกไม้ Ayuthayan 775,384 13,667.55 56.73 22 LDM KW-LD
Mawlamyinegyun ມໍລະມະໄຍຈູ້ນ มอละมไยง์จู้น Bamarese
Hailiniese, Amelian, Kuwegian
791,750 14,652.60 54.03 15 MAW KW-MA
Monywa ໂມນຍະວາ โมนยวา Hailiniese, Bamarese
306,706 6,748.76 45.45 7 MON KW-MO
Muang Yang ເມືອງຍາງ เมืองยาง Kuwegian
Ayuthayan, Amelian
5,162,485 3,934.34 1,312.16 48 MYA KW-MY
Nakhamhay ນາຄຳໄຮ นาคำไฮ Kuwegian
Namimorish, Hailiniese
1,909,141 17,900.91 106.65 25 NKH KW-NK
Nyaunglebin ຍອງເລ່ບີນ ญองเล่บีน Bamarese
Amelian, Namimorish, Hailiniese
1,738,345 11,990.62 144.98 16 NLB KW-NL
Outhoumphone ອຸທຸມພອນ อุทุมพร Kuwegian 590,332 14,482.55 40.76 20 OTP KW-OT
Pengerang ເປງເງລັງ เปงเงรัง Eastern Pengerian, Western Pengerian
Amelian, Namimorish
1,326,530 4,720.02 281.04 10 PEN KW-PE
Phalanxay ພະລານໄຊ พลาญไชย Kuwegian
Hailiniese, Namimorish
684,411 10,823.80 63.23 12 PLX KW-PL
Phlu Ta Luang ພລູຕາຫຼວງ พลูตาหลวง Ayuthayan, Amelian, Western Pengerian
1,652,116 7,487.54 220.65 15 PTL KW-PT
Pho Prathap Chang ໂພປະທັບຊ້າງ โพธิ์ประทับช้าง Ayuthayan
521,343 19,489.89 26.75 14 PPC KW-PP
Sai Buri ໄຊບຸລີ ไทรบุรี Ayuthayan 819,038 5,628.85 145.51 13 SAI KW-SB
Tha Ngam ທ່າງາມ ท่างาม Ayuthayan
723,086 6,009.97 120.31 15 TNG KW-TN
Tha Sida ທ່າສີດາ ท่าสีดา Ayuthayan, Amelian
Western Pengerian
4,078,701 2,767.52 1,473.77 29 TSD KW-TS
Thap Sadet ທັບສະເດົດ ทัพเสด็จ Namimorish
Ayuthayan, Eastern Pengerian
1,667,951 8,296.69 201.04 15 TPS KW-TP
Viengphoukha ວຽງພູຄາ เวียงภูคา Kuwegian
Bamarese, Hailiniese, Namimorish
1,406,050 16,915.87 83.12 19 VPK KW-VP
Xaibouathong ໄຊບັວທອງ ไชยบัวทอง Kuwegian
Ayuthayan, Amelian
1,386,951 7,915.57 175.22 24 XBT KW-XB