Ksë dör Tsikinía

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Ksë dör Tsikinía
GenreSong Contest
Presented byVarious
Country of originTsikinia Tsikinia
Original language(s)Tsikinia Kabeká
Ulikana Eniyanrish
Tsikinia Latinican
Location(s)Diká, Tsikinia Tsikinia
Running time1 edition
Original channelTSÍPB
Original release25 January 2023 (2023-01-25)
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Ksë dör Tsikinía

Ksë dör Tsikinía (Everish: Song for Tsikinia, Eniyanrish: Orin fun Tsíkínía), often shorted to KDT is a song competition organised by Tsikinían public broadcaster Tsikinía Public Broadcaster (TSÍPB). The show works as a National Selection for the nation in the Fantasia Contest for the first time in Khamatin 31. It consists in one show where 2 songs brought by different acts compete against each other to be the next Tsikinían representative in the next Fantasia Contest and where several countries state their vote choosing between the 2 songs.

The competition is broadcasted both on the TSÍPB main and music channels, as well as streamed online although it has been broadcasted in some Latinican nations such as Aquia,Ka'a and Kehbe,Kazkya,Glaiola and Ximbala in some languages including Everish, Lakadamian and Jiyian. Their first edition gained a total of 1,2m viewers making it the best debut of a show in the history of Tsikinia.


Tsikinía Public Broadcaster (TSÍPB) didn't get full Fantasia Broadcaster Association membership until November 5th, 2021, which gave them finally access to debut in the Fantasia Contest 27 but, as the spots were filled, the Latinican nation had to wait one edition later to finally make their debut. The interest for a National Final of the broadcaster didn't appear until the Edition 31, as they decided to select their representatives internally in the previous editions: Aïsha Devi in #28, SPIDER in #29 and Residente with Ibeyi in #31. But after seeing the big interest of the general public in the contest and the success of the country in the 30th Edition, the broadcaster decided to invest in a National Final for the first time, which was well received by the general public. For the first edition they decided to contact 2 artists that showed interest in the past but TSÍPB revealed they are going to make open submissions for the next editions.


For an artist to be able to compete in the contest they should have the Tsikinían nationality or residency and not having competed in the contest for at least one edition, this is mostly to give an opportunity to other Tsikinían artists. There's no length, language or age limitant,


The first edition was hosted in the TSÍPB studios, although the broadcaster wants to move the contest to other cities in Tsikinía because of the big demand of tickets for the show.

List of host cities, venues, and contestants[edit]

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Edn. Format Dates Location Voting Contestants Winner
#1 Battle between 2 songs 25 January 2023 - 2 February 2023 TSÍPB Studios, Diká Every country votes for their favorite option. TsikiniaKazkya Leena Bae & Pictura
Tsikinia Daniela Lalita
Tsikinia Daniela Lalita - "Atrás"'