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Singing Man 6
(Singing Man Namisentria ACT 2)
Singing Man Namisentria 2.png
Semi-final 121 January 2021
Semi-final 29 February 2021
Final17 February 2021
Park Shin-hye
Executive supervisorSumeragi Tenma
Miho Honma
Executive producerMinagi Tsuzuru
Kassidy Roh Eunbin
Host broadcasterNamimori nmtv°
Qasentria QBA
Number of entries24
Voting systemTeleviewers from both countries vote for their favorite songs up to six songs per show
Winning songNamimori Nude Model
Qasentria Morphine Dreams
"Singing Man Namisentria ACT 2" (Koran: 싱깅맨 나미센트리아 ACT 2, Namimorish: シングマン 並川鳥杏 ACT 2) is the sixth edition and also the second special of the Namimorish music festival, Singing Man, to select Namimori's and its neighbor Qasentria's entries to the Fantasia Contest 24.

On 20 January 2021, the continuation of the special binational collaboration was announced by the new head of Namimorish delegation Minagi Tzusuru following the successful eighth and eleventh place achieved by last edition’s winners Kang Xiwon and the duet Yayoi Daimon and Akkogorilla correspondingly. The winning song from each country will compete for their respective nation at the Fantasia Contest 24 which will be expectedly held in Taslana.

The format of the competition will consist of three shows: two semi-final rounds and a final. An initial 24 entries were selected for the competition through one method : an open call for song submissions separately held by each broadcasting company. The 24 competing entries are randomly divided into two semi-finals, with twelve compositions in each. From each semi-final, the songs that place within the top six qualify directly to the final, bringing the total number of competing entries in the final to 12.


Singing Man Namisentria, organised by Namimorish Television (nmtv°) together with a cooperation with Qasentrian Broadcasting Agency (QBA), will be 6th edition of the contest in which the competition will take place in capitals across the South Serican region of Namisentria. The final will be held at TBA, Namimori and TBA, Qasentria. 24 entries will compete in the semi-finals, with twelve entries taking part in each show. The top six entries from each semi-final advance directly to the final, bringing the total number of competing entries in the final to 12.

Competition Schedule
Show Date City Venue
Semi-final 1 20 January 2021 Qasentria Marianne TBA
Semi-final 2 10 February 2021 Namimori Sugiyama
Final TBA February 2021 TBA

Entry selection[edit]

Entries for the competition were selected through two methods:

  • 8 Namimorish and 12 Qasentrian entries were chosen by a selection panel from submissions received by nmtv° and QBA correspondingly through an open call for songs.
  • 4 Namimorish entries were chosen by special invitations from nmtv°

Namimorish Television and Qasentrian Broadcasting Agency opened two submission contests that accepted entries between 1 and 23 September 2020 for interested artists and songwriters to submit their proposals for the competition. Entries submitted for the competition were required to be released after 2012 and with singer/band that holds Namimorish/Qasentrian citizenship or permanent residency. The choice of language was free.

Following the conclusion of the submission periods, nmtv° and QBA received XXXX entries. The delegation teams created a shortlist of entries from the received submissions and formed a selection panel that will be tasked to select 24 entries for the competition.


At a press conference held in Cyrille-Toman on XX January 2020, the producer team will introduce the host presenters which expected to be one Namimorish and one Qasentrian.

Competing entries[edit]

Information regarding the selected songs will be published shortly before the semi-finals will start.

Artist Representing Song (Everish Translation) Language(s) Composer(s)
NamimoriYster April Red Namimori Namimori "Nude Model (裸模)" Amelian Chiu Pi, Shao Shih
QasentriaUlikanaMoowausEa Wave & Wanya Wohoro Qasentria Qasentria "Honey Bee" Everish Brendern Denousse, Hiribae Wanyoike, Jacob Solomon, Kelvin Hansen, Samuel Namasaka, Wanja Wohoro
QasentriaFlower Face "Morphine Dreams" Everish Ruby McKinnon, Joshua Kaiser
NamimoriQasentriaHirate Yurina Namimori Namimori "Dance no Riyuu" (Reason to dance) Everish, Namimorish Ken Itou, Yasushi Akimoto, Yuki Tsujimura
NamimoriAmeliaHua Chenyu "Dou niu (斗牛)" (Bullfight) Amelian Hua Chenyu, Pei Yu
QasentriaJang Heewon Qasentria Qasentria "Let's Dance For Me (모르겠고요, 춤을 춰요)" Koran Jang Heewon
QasentriaKim Areum "Midnight (새벽)" Everish, Koran Jade, Kim Areum, Miyao, Spacecowboy
QasentriaLelle "Hibana" (Spark) Jaranese Kentaro Sakurai
QasentriaLXX "Black" Everish LXX
NamimoriLakadamiaMilet Namimori Namimori "Who I Am" Everish, Namimorish milet, Toru (Toru Yamashita)
NamimoriShinkoyuMỹ Tâm "Anh Chưa Từng Biết" (You Never Know) Hailinese Phan Mạnh Quỳnh
QasentriaNogizaka46 Qasentria Qasentria "Wilderness World" Jaranese Yasushi Akimoto
NamimoriNonoc Namimori Namimori "Memento" Namimorish Hotaru, Tom-H@ck (Tomohiro Ooshima)
NamimoriHwaesonnaRefund Sisters "Don't Touch Me" Everish, Koran Black Eyed Pilseung, Illson, Jae Ro, Eunbi (Jessi), John John, John Kun
NamimoriPashlanahuyRO-MiNA & Christiano Jordano "Queen of The Night" Everish Christiano Jordano, RO-MiNA
NamimoriSawano Hiroyuki feat. Mizuki "Cry" Everish, Namimori Benjamin, Hiroyuki Sawano, mpi
NamimoriShinkoyuSeoho "Butterfly" Koran Seoho, Squind Man (Kim Joonki)
QasentriaSeventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall Qasentria Qasentria "Prism" Jaranese Yusei Tsuruta
QasentriaShimizu Shōta "416" Everish, Jaranese Shota Shimizu
NamimoriKuwiangTanayu Namimori Namimori "Touch" Everish Bagusikalisasi Bagusikalisasi, Intan Ayu
NamimoriKatsyriaTanya Chua "Halfway (半途)" Amelian Tanya Chua, Chen Xuesheng
QasentriaTrafton Qasentria Qasentria "Scarborough Fair" Everish Evan Gordon
QasentriaTunde Olaniran "Jean Gray" Alexander Collins Johnson, Babatunde Olaniran, Nigel Van Hemmye, Seth Anderson
QasentriaKingdovaniaVoice & Styles and Complete "Potential" Aaron St Louis


Singing Man will commence with two semi-finals, which will determine the twelve entries that will advance directly to the final.

Semi-Final 1[edit]

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 LXX "Black" 9.68% 3
2 Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall "Prism" 6.45% 7
3 Flower Face "Morphine Dreams" 9.68% 3
4 Voice & Styles and Complete "Potential" 6.45% 7
5 Ea Wave & Wanya Wohoro "Honey Bee" 3.23% 12
6 Kim Areum "Midnight (새벽)" 9.68% 3
7 Trafton "Scarborough Fair" 6.45% 7
8 Shimizu Shōta "416" 6.45% 7
9 Jang Heewon "Let's Dance For Me (모르겠고요, 춤을 춰요)" 6.45% 7
10 Tunde Olaniran "Jean Gray" 9.68% 3
11 Lelle "Hibana" 12.9% 1
12 Nogizaka46 "Wilderness World" 12.9% 1

Semi-Final 2[edit]

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 April Red "Nude Model (裸模)" 19.57% 1
2 Mỹ Tâm "Anh Chưa Từng Biết" 4.35% 9
3 RO-MiNA & Christiano Jordano "Queen Of The Night" 10.87% 3
4 Refund Sisters "Don't Touch Me" 8.70% 4
5 TANAYU "Touch" 4.35% 9
6 Hua Chenyu "Dou niu (斗牛)" 8.70% 4
7 Seoho "Butterfly" 4.35% 9
8 Nonoc "Momento" 2.17% 12
9 Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Mizuki "Cry" 6.52% 8
10 Tanya Chua "Halfway (半途)" 8.70% 4
11 Milet "Who I Am" 8.70% 4
12 Hirate Yurina "Dance no Riyuu" 13.04% 2


Six Qasentrian and six Namimorish qualifiers from the semifinals are competing in the final event held in TBA.

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 Namimori Hirate Yurina "Dance no Riyuu (ダンスの理由)" 13.56% 2
2 Namimori RO-MiNA & Christiano Jordano "Queen Of The Night" 8.47% 5
3 Qasentria Kim Areum "Midnight (새벽)" 8.47% 5
4 Qasentria Lelle "Hibana (火花)" 5.08% 10
5 Namimori April Red "Nude Model (裸模)" 15.25% 1
6 Qasentria Flower Face "Morphine Dreams" 10.17% 3
7 Qasentria LXX "Black" 1.69% 12
8 Namimori Milet "Who I Am" 10.17% 3
9 Namimori Hua Chenyu "Dou niu (斗牛)" 8.47% 5
10 Qasentria Tunde Olaniran "Jean Grey" 5.08% 10
11 Namimori Refund Sisters "Don't Touch Me" 6.78% 8
12 Qasentria Nogizaka46 "Wilderness World" 6.78% 8


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