Singing Man 1

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Singing Man 1
Final17 August 2019
VenueDoyoon Lee Ice Arena, Namimori Cyrille-Toman
Presenter(s)Song Jihyo
Yoo Jaesuk
Executive supervisorKinoshita Hisashi
Executive producerKinoshita Hisashi
Host broadcasterNamimori nmtv°
Number of entries6
Voting systemTeleviewers vote for their favorite songs up to seven songs
Winning song"Room Shaker"
by Ailee

"Singing Man 1" (Koran: 싱깅맨 1 회, Namimorish: シングマン 1 挿話) is the seventh edition of the Namimorish music festival, Singing Man, to select Namimori's entry to the Fantasia Contest 17.

On 7 August 2019, 2021, the Namimorish delegation under the lead of Kinoshita Hisashi has confirmed that the broadcaster would introduce a special spinoff of a nationwide favorite variety show Running Man for selecting an entry for Fantasia Contest. The aforementioned show was later named Singing Man. The winning artist was given a right to compete for Namimori at the Fantasia Contest 17 which was held in Decoria.

The format of the competition consisted of one final show consisting of 14 participants. Initial 14 entries were selected for the competition through one method : an open call for song submissions separately held by each broadcasting company.

Amelian-Eldancian singer from Maeiso prefecture Ailee won the selection with the percentage of 24.14 from all votes with her song "Room Shaker".


Singing Man 1, organised by Namimorish Television (nmtv°) was the first edition of the contest in which the competition was take place in Cyrille-Toman city. The delegation team had received the amount of 234 submissions which 6 of them competed in a one final show.

Entry selection[edit]

Entries for the competition were solely selected through the invitations directly to each prefecture government.

Namimorish Television opened the submission line that accepted entries between 8 and 14 August 2019 for interested artists and songwriters to submit their proposals for the competition. Entries submitted for the competition were required to be released after 2012 and with singer/band that holds Namimorish citizenship or permanent residency. The choice of language is free.

Following the conclusion of the submission periods, nmtv° received 234 entries. The delegation team created a shortlist of entries from the received submissions and formed a selection panel that will be tasked to select 7 entries for the competition.


At a press conference held in Cyrille-Toman on 16 January 2020, the producer team introduced the host presenters, Song Jihyo and Yoo Jaesuk from the main show Running Man.


Seven acts were competing in the final event held in Cyrille-Toman.

Draw Prefecture Artist Song Languages Songwriter(s) Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 Template:Country data Mahishiro Mahishiro KuwiangNamimori 3YE "DMT (Do Ma Thing)" Koran, Everish Myo, SIREN, Wooziq 3.70% 7
2 Template:Country data Shimamura Shimamura Namimori Ah Moon "Kiss" Araganese, Everish Ah Moon 11.11% 4
3 Template:Country data Obikuni Obikuni NamimoriUnited States of Eldance Erika "Swan Story (天鹅說)" Amelian Erika, Qiu Yazi 12.96% 3
4 Template:Country data Maeiso Maeiso NamimoriAmeliaUnited States of Eldance Ailee "Room Shaker" Koran, Everish Jonatan Gusmark & Ludvig Evers, Myrtoula Røe, Per Christian Ottestad, Bull$EyE, KREAM 25.93% 1
5 Template:Country data Ryuugamine Ryuugamine NamimoriShinkoyu Raisa & Namimori Isyana Sarasvati "Anganku Angkamu" (My dream, your dream) Indonesti Isyana Sarasvati, Raisa 11.11% 4
6 Template:Country data Namimori Prefecture Namimori Prefecture LakadamiaTorlova Tallisker "Blind" Everish Eleonore Chômant, Robin Ngi 25.93% 1
7 Template:Country data Kazamiya Kazamiya Namimori Hani & Zue "Aku Dan Lagunku" (Me and my song) Malyiese Hani & Zue 9.26% 6


Namimori Namimori in the Fantasia Contest

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