Singing Man 12

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Singing Man 12
Singing Man 12.png
FinalXX June 2023
VenueAquamarine Public Park, Namimori Aquamarine
Executive supervisorAkira Kiyose
Executive producerGakuto Haruka
Daiki Takao
Host broadcasterNamimori nmtv°
Number of entries10
Voting systemTeleviewers vote for their favorite songs up to seven songs
Winning song"Idol"
"Singing Man 12" (Koran: 싱깅맨 12 회, Namimorish: シングマン 12 挿話) is the twelfth edition of the Namimorish music festival, Singing Man, to select Namimori's entry to the Fantasia Contest 32.

On 19 May 2023, vice head of the Namimorish delegation Gakuto Haruka announced that the show would still kick on and be used to determine Namimori's representative. The winning artist will compete for Namimori at the 32nd Fantasia Contest, confirmed to be held in Kazkya.

The format of the competition consisted of one final show consisting of 10 participants. Initial 10 entries were selected for the competition through one method : an open call for song submissions separately held by each broadcasting company.

After already attempting once back then in Singing Man Namisentria 3, Namimorish pop duo YOASOBI won the selection with 64 points in the super-final round with the song "Idol (アイドル)".


Singing Man 12, organised by Namimorish Television (nmtv°) will be the twelfth edition of the contest in which the competition will take place in Maehara city. The delegation team had received the amount of 789 submissions which 10 of them will compete in the grand final show.

Entry selection[edit]

Entries for the competition were selected through two methods:

  • 5 entries by debutants were chosen by a selection panel from submissions received by nmtv° through an open call for songs.
  • 5 entries by returning artists were chosen by special invitations from nmtv°: Sawano Hiroyuki and Mizuki from Singing Man 3 and Namisentria 2, Sheena Ringo who competed with her band Tokyo Jihen in Singing Man 7, Yoasobi from Namisentria 3 (Lead singer Ikuta Lilas also competed in Namisentria 4 with Tomorrow x Together), RM from Singing Man 3 and Gin Lee who internally selected to represent Namimori in the 28th contest.

Namimorish Television opened the submission line that accepted entries between 1 April and 15 May 2023 for interested artists and songwriters to submit their proposals for the competition. Entries submitted for the competition were required to be released after 2012 and with singer/band that holds Namimorish citizenship or permanent residency. The choice of language is free.

Following the conclusion of the submission periods, nmtv° received 789 entries. The delegation team created a shortlist of entries from the received submissions and formed a selection panel that will be tasked to select 10 entries for the competition.


At a press conference held in Chikara City on 19 May 2023, the producer team will introduce the host presenters who is announced to be the previous runner-up Superfly. It was also revealed that the show will be held at the public park of Aquamarine city, situated near Qasentrian border.


Ten acts were competing in the final event held in Aquamarine. Due to close results and ties, top four entries are advanced to the super-final.

Draw Artist Song Languages Songwriter(s) Percentage Place
1 Namimori YOASOBI "Idol" (アイドル) Namimorish Ayase 12.20% 3
2 Namimori Qasentria Queen Bee "Mephisto" (メフィスト) Namimorish Avu Barazono 2.44% 10
3 Namimori Ninelie Millenium Parade & Namimori Niolskiaj Sheena Ringo "W●RK" Namimorish, Everish Daiki Tsuneta, Sheena Ringo 7.32% 7
4 Namimori Yeukiwan MIJOO "Movie Star" Koran, Everish IRIS, NAHA, Roydo, Park Seulgi, Jo Hyungseo 17.07% 1
5 Namimori Pohunskia Helen Ganya "Little Match Girl" Everish Earth, Helen Ganya Brown, Rob Flynn 17.07% 1
6 Namimori Gam Wichayanee "Flame" Ayuthayan, Everish Auttakorn Deachmak, Boochita Pitakard, Gam Wichayanee, Kate Chinapak 7.32% 7
7 Namimori PLAVE "Kidarilke (Wait For You)" (기다릴게) Koran, Everish EL CAPITXN, PLAVE 4.88% 9
8 Namimori Ninelie Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Qasentria Laco "FAKEit" Namimorish, Everish Benjamin, cAnON., Hiroyuki Sawano 9.76% 5
9 Namimori RM & Namimori Youjeen "Deulkkotnol-i (Wild Flower)" (들꽃놀이) Koran, Everish Docskim, RM 9.76% 5
10 Namimori Sovarasma Gin Lee "Dum Dum" Siuzaatan BOYTOY, ChaTone, OneWay, Wyman Wong 12.20% 3

Super Final[edit]

Four acts with highest percentages of votes will be competing in this special round to determine a final winner.

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 Namimori YOASOBI "Idol" (アイドル) 1 64
4 Namimori Yeukiwan MIJOO "Movie Star" 2 56
5 Namimori Pohunskia Helen Ganya "Little Match Girl" 3 37
10 Namimori Sovarasma Gin Lee "Dum Dum" 4 27


Namimori Namimori in the Fantasia Contest

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