Singing Man

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Singing Man
GenreSong contest
Presented byVariant
Country of originNamimori Namimori
Qasentria Qasentria (Namisentria:2020-2022, 2024-)
Original language(s)Jarea Koran
Namimori Namimorish
Qasentria Qasentrian Lakadamian(2020-2022, 2024-)
No. of episodes15 editions
Location(s)Namimori Namimori
Qasentria Qasentria (2020-2022, 2024-)
Production company(s)nmtv°
Original channelnmtv°
Original release17 August 2019 (2019-08-17)
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Singing Man (Namimorish: シンキングマン, Koran: 싱깅맨) is a song competition organised by Namimorish public broadcaster Namimorish Television as a special spinoff of the famous variety show Running Man. It has selected the country's representative for the Fantasia Contest until now. Since October 2019, it has been also used to select the entry for Qasentria.


After the country’s successful attempt to apply for the Fantasia Contest and was accepted in the sixteenth edition, Namimori firstly planned to internally send a Foxtavian-Namimorish composer Sawano Hiroyuki to present the nation for the first time in history. The entry was also planned to be nationally selected by the televiewers via the national selection but due to economical conditions, the plan was cancelled and Kim Jun Seok and Im Yoon Jeong were announced as the representatives instead.
Several months later, Singing Man project was successfully executed with the help of Running Man producers team. The first edition took place on 17 August 2019 at Doyoon Lee Ice Arena in Cyrille-Toman, Obikuni. The show was hosted by the nation’s best master of ceremonies Yoo Jae Suk and the actress Song Ji Hyo, the show was consisted of contestants from seven prefectures and was won by Ailee with her song "Room Shaker".
In October 2020, the producer Iwaizumi Hajime announced the agreement towards the binational cooperation between nmtv and the Qasentrian national broadcaster QBA in selecting entries for Fantasia Contest with the special show Singing Man Namisentria. The music show is expected to celebrate their anniversary around Spring 2022. In January 2023, Qasentrian delegation decided to end the binational cooperation to focus more on their own musical project. On 23 January 2024, it is confirmed that the music festival will be collaborated with the Qasentrian broadcaster again after a one-year pause.

Selection of contestants[edit]

Artists that participated most times in the contest[edit]

This list does not count when artists were chosen to participate in Namisentria All Star with their previous entries.

App. Artist Participation as solo artist Participation in a group/duet
Jessi #4, #7, Namisentria #4 Namisentria #2
LiSA #2, #7, Namisentria #4 #13
Milet #3, #4, Namisentria #2, Namisentria All Star
Sawano Hiroyuki
#2, Namisentria #2, #12, #13
4s4ki Namisentria, Namisentria All Star Namisentria #3
ABAO Namisentria, Namisentria All Star #7
Lilas Ikuta
Namisentria #3, Namisentria #4, #12
Namisentria #3, #12
Bùi Lan Hương #2, #3
CIX Namisentria #2, Namisentria #4
Genesis Owusu Namisentria #4, Namisentria All Star
Lee Hyori Namisentria #4 Namisentria #2
Missy (Abigail Knudson) #3, #11
#2, Namisentria #2
Mỹ Tâm Namisentria #2, Namisentria #3
Nailah Blackman Namisentria, Namisentria All Star
Rei Yasuda #3, #4
RM Namisentria #2, Namisentria #12
Seoho Namisentria #2 #4
Superfly Namisentria All Star, #11
Sheena Ringo
#7, #12
Taeyeon #2 #10
Tiffany Young Namisentria #3 #10
Tomorrow x Together Namisentria #4 #11


Since there are no restrictions regarding the language of the entries, the songs can be performed in any language. As of the twelfth edition, 19 languages have appeared on the Singing Man stage, with Everish being the most popular language with 75 appearances. The national languages Namimorish and Koran tied as the second-most used language with 44 recorded usages.

Language in Singing Man until the seven episode

  Everish (32.33%)
  Namimorish (18.97%)
  Koran (18.97%)
  Amelian (9.48%)
  Jarean (6.47%)
  Lakadamian (2.59%)
  Hailiniese (1.72%)
  Malyiese (1.72%)
  Other (7.75%)
Occurrences Language
75 Evergreen Everish
44 Jarea Koran
Namimori Namimorish
22 Katsyria Amelian
15 QasentriaJarea Qasentrian Jarean
6 Lakadamia Lakadamian
4 Namimori Hailiniese
Kuwiang Malyiese
3 Namimori Ayuthayan
Namimori Taehwan (Paiwan)
2 Sylvan Cerkan
Qasentria Siuzaatan
1 Moly-BoroniaDrevona Boronic Drevonan
Kuwiang Kuwegian
Scandavia Scandavian


Episode Song Artist Songwriter(s) Language Results in Fantasia Contest
Final Points Semi Points
1 "Room Shaker" Ailee Jonatan Gusmark & Ludvig Evers, Myrtoula Røe, Per Christian Ottestad, Bull$EyE, KREAM Everish, Koran 5 341 4 201
2 "Où est ton amour?" Parade of Planets Aleksey Goroveshko, Kanash Mihail, Yulia Bogoslavskaya Lakadamian 3 380 1 253
3 "Religion" Abigail Knudson Abigail Knudson Everish
Did not qualify
12 96
4 "Gucci" Jessi Jessi, Swings, Antonia Macklin Jr. Everish, Koran 22 143 4 182
Namisentria Namimori "Passionate Love" Kang Xiwon CODE9, PURAVIDA Everish, Koran 8 254 6 138
Qasentria "NO BRA!" Yayoi Daimon & Akkogorilla Akkogorilla, XLII, Yayoi Daimon Everish, Jaranese 11 230 5 162
Namisentria ACT 2 Namimori "Nude Model" April Red Chiu Pi, Shao Shih Taewonese (Amelian) 4 331 7 143
Qasentria "Morphine Dreams" Flower Face Ruby McKinnon, Joshua Kaiser Everish 20 168 4 161
7 "Nainai" ReoNa Hayashi Kei, Kasamura Tota, Namikawa Sotaro (kegani) Namimorish 24 153 AQ
Namisentria 3! Namimori "0 (Zero)" LMYK Jimmy Jam, LMYK, Terry Lewis Everish
and 2 lines in Namimorish
12 209 1 208
Qasentria "Gwāijiu (歸醮)" S.LAO Lao Gin Mihng Amelian
Did not qualify
10 114
Namisentria Act 4 Qasentria "Spicy (신)" NADA Avedon, Daniel Lee, Jenn Morel, Joelli, Yoon Yejin Koran, Everish
Did not qualify
12 104
Namimori "Pale Blue Dot (창백한 푸른 점)" Shim Gyu-Seon (Lucia) Shim Gyu-Seon Koran 10 107
Namisentria All Star! Qasentria "Cisgender" Shamir Shamir Bailey Everish 12 112 8 69
Namimori "Ocean" My Life As Ali Thomas My Life As Ali Thomas Everish 25 71 AQ
11 "Hypocrite" CHANKA CHANKA Everish 25 68 1 123
12 "Idol" (アイドル) YOASOBI Ayase Namimorish 24 78 8 64
13 "No Rules" Thérèse Adam Carpels, Thérèse Sayarath Everish 14 107 2 90
Namisentria 6 Qasentria "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔzhòu" (沒有我的那個宇宙) ChihSiou Everydaze, Liao Chih-siou, Zhōng Wéiyǔ Amelian 18 97 8 72
Namimori "Lán" (咱) Enno Cheng Chunho, Enno Cheng Hokke
Did not qualify
9 71
Namisentria 7 Qasentria "Lugar certo" Iolanda iolanda, LEFT Aquian
Namimori "Đại minh tinh" Văn Mai Hương Hứa Kim Tuyền Hailiniese

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