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Singing Man 5
(Singing Man Namisentria)
Semi-final 124 October 2020
Semi-final 26 November 2020
Final11 November 2020
VenueChikara Grand Arena, Chikara City, Namimori
Marianne Centre, Mariane, Qasentria
Presenter(s)Otsuka Ai
Executive supervisorOjiro Mashirao
Miho Honma
Executive producerIwaizumi Hajime
Kassidy Roh Eunbin
Host broadcasterNamimori nmtv°
Qasentria QBA
Number of entries24
Voting systemTeleviewers from both countries vote for their favorite songs up to six songs per show
Winning songNamimori "Passionate Love"
by Kang Xiwon
Qasentria "NO BRA!"
by Yayoi Daimon feat. Akkogorilla

"Singing Man Namisentria" (Koran: 싱깅맨 나미센트리아, Namimorish: シングマン並川鳥杏) is the fifth edition and also the special of the Namimorish music festival, Singing Man, to selected Namimori's and its neighbor Qasentria's entries to the Fantasia Contest 23.

The winning song from each country will compete for their respective nation at the Fantasia Contest 23 to be expectedly held in Evergreen.

The format of the competition will consist of three shows: two semi-final rounds and a final. An initial 24 entries were selected for the competition through one method : an open call for song submissions separately held by each broadcasting company. The 24 competing entries are randomly divided into two semi-finals, with twelve compositions in each. From each semi-final, the songs that place within the top six qualify directly to the final, bringing the total number of competing entries in the final to 12. The show will be hosted by Sunmi in Namimori and by Otsuka Ai in Qasentria.


Singing Man Namisentria, organised by Namimorish Television (nmtv°) together with a cooperation with Qasentrian Broadcasting Agency (QBA), will be 5th edition of the contest in which the competition will take place in capitals across the South Serican region of Namisentria. The final will be held at the temporary open arena located between Takeuchi, Namimori and Marianne, Qasentria. 24 entries will compete in the semi-finals, with twelve entries taking part in each show. The top six entries from each semi-final advance directly to the final, bringing the total number of competing entries in the final to 12.

Competition Schedule
Show Date City Venue
Semi-final 1 24 October 2020 Qasentria Marianne Marianne Centre
Semi-final 2 6 November 2020 Namimori Chikara City Chikara Grand Arena
Final 11 November 2020 Qasentria Marianne
Namimori Takeuchi
Namimori-Qasentria Friendship Water Arena (Temporary)

Entry selection[edit]

Entries for the competition were selected through two methods:

  • 8 Namimorish and 12 Qasentrian entries were chosen by a selection panel from submissions received by nmtv° and QBA correspondingly through an open call for songs.
  • 4 Namimorish entries were chosen by special invitations from nmtv°

Namimorish Television and Qasentrian Broadcasting Agency opened two submission contests that accepted entries between 1 and 23 September 2020 for interested artists and songwriters to submit their proposals for the competition. Entries submitted for the competition were required to be released after 2012 and with singer/band that holds Namimorish/Qasentrian citizenship or permanent residency. The choice of language was free.

Following the conclusion of the submission periods, nmtv° and QBA received 1284 entries. The delegation teams created a shortlist of entries from the received submissions and formed a selection panel that will be tasked to select 24 entries for the competition.


At a press conference held in Chikara City on 12 October 2020, Namimorish representative in Fantasia Contest 20 Sunmi and Qasentrian star Otsuka Ai were announced as the host the shows of Singing Man Namisentria.

Competing entries[edit]

Information regarding the selected songs will be published shortly before the semi-finals will start.

Artist Representing Song (Everish Translation) Language(s) Composer(s)
Qasentria4s4ki Qasentria Qasentria "Omae no Dreamland" (Your dreamland) Everish, Jaranese 4s4ki, KOTONOHOUSE
NamimoriABAO feat. ShinkoyuLin Yijin, ShinkoyuDing Life Namimori Namimori "Kinakaian" (Mother tongue) Taehwan (Indigenous South Serican language) ABAO, Sinacealjan - Sihyun Ancient Ballads, Wang Quilan (Ai Jing)
QasentriaAkiyama Kiiro Qasentria Qasentria "Caffeine" Jaranese Akiyama Kiiro
QasentriaHwaesonnaBIBI Qasentria Qasentria "Kazino (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다)" Everish, Koran Bibi
NamimoriJareaCIX Namimori Namimori "Win" Everish Noday, Varsachoi
NamimoriLlortDoci & NamimoriLlortDevinta Namimori Namimori "Say La Vie" (That’s life) Everish, Lakadamian (word) Kaleena Zanders, VanessaMichaels
Qasentriae_so Qasentria Qasentria "All The Lonely People (우린 모두 위로운 사람P)" Koran e_so
NamimoriLakadamiaGia Martinelli Namimori Namimori "Coup de Feu" (Gunshot) Everish, Lakadamian Gia Martinelli
NamimoriGasandaeJenyer feat. NamimoriDormaKimmuseum Namimori Namimori "Bad" Everish, Koran Jeon Jiyoon, Kimmuseum
QasentriaKang Daniel feat. QasentriaHwaesonnaSimon Dominic & QasentriaJareaJamie Qasentria Qasentria "Waves" Everish, Koran ae patricia, Anthony R., BIYA, Julien M. M., Kaelyn B., Daniel Kang, MZMC, Simon Dominic
NamimoriKang Xiwon Namimori Namimori "Passionate Love (열-A야)" Everish, Koran PURAVIDA, Codenine
NamimoriLeo Ieiri Namimori Namimori "Answer" Namimorish Kanata Okajima, Kubota Shingo, Leo Ieiri
QasentriaLexie Liu Qasentria Qasentria "Manta" Amelian, Everish Bijan Amir, CH Wheeler, Kenn Wu, Lexie Liu, Femke Weidema
NamimoriKatsyriaMa Hiping feat. ShinkoyuMAYALI Namimori Namimori "Make Love Not War" Everish Ma Hiping
Qasentriamajiko Qasentria Qasentria "Ichiō Watashi mo Naita" (I cried for a time being too) Jaranese majiko
NamimoriUnited States of EldanceMakayla Phillips Namimori Namimori "Might+U" Everish cAnoN, Yuki Hayashi
QasentriaNailah Blackman Qasentria Qasentria "Boujee" Everish Anson Soverall, Nailah Blackman
QasentriaPKCH Qasentria Qasentria "Wraiths" Instrumental (with one Everish word) Andrew Mor
NamimoriKatsyriaSandy Lam Namimori Namimori "Core" Amelian Curtis Richardson, Jun Kung, Kelvin Avon, Wu Qingfing
QasentriaShishido Kavka Qasentria Qasentria "Love Corridor" Jaranese Kavka Shishido, SILVA, Hiraide Satoru
NamimoriQasentriaTaichi Mukai Namimori Namimori "Reset" Namimorish CELSIOR COUPE, Taichi Mukai
NamimoriYsterValen Hsu Namimori Namimori "Freyja" Amelian Kelly Pan, Timo Oiva, Zhang Nianda, Ge Dawei, Chen Junwei
QasentriaYayoi Daimon & QasentriaAkkogorilla Qasentria Qasentria "NO BRA!" Everish, Jaranese Akkogorilla, XLII, Yayoi Daimon
QasentriaYoung B feat. QasentriaHwaesonnaKid Milli & Qasentria210 Qasentria Qasentria "Gin Tonic" Everish, Koran Yang Hongwon


Singing Man will commence with two semi-finals, which will determine the twelve entries that will advance directly to the final.

Semi-Final 1[edit]

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 Namimori Kang Xiwon "Passionate Love" 380350 15.09% 1
2 Qasentria Nailah Blackman "Boujee" 380350 15.09% 1
3 Namimori Ma Hiping feat. MAYALI "Make Love Not War" 142663 5.66% 7
4 Namimori Gia Martinelli "Coup de Feu" 142663 5.66% 7
5 Qasentria Kang Daniel feat. Simon Dominic & Jamie "Waves" 95025 3.77% 10
6 Qasentria e_so "All The Lonely People" 95025 3.77% 10
7 Namimori Doci & Devinta "Say La Vie" 237687 9.43% 5
8 Qasentria majiko "Ichiō Watashi mo Naita" 142663 5.66% 7
9 Namimori Taichi Mukai "Reset" 95025 3.77% 10
10 Namimori Jenyer feat. Kimmuseum "Bad" 332964 13.21% 3
11 Qasentria 4s4ki "Omae no Dreamland" 190301 7.55% 6
12 Namimori Valen Hsu "Freyja" 285326 11.32% 4

Semi-Final 2[edit]

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 Qasentria Young B feat. Kid Milli & 210 "Gin Tonic" 5 9.09% 4
2 Namimori Makayla Phillips "Might+U" 4 7.27% 6
3 Qasentria Lexie Liu "Manta" 6 10.91% 3
4 Qasentria Shishido Kavka "Love Corridor" 4 7.27% 6
5 Namimori ABAO feat. Lin Yijin & Ding Lifen "Kinakaian" 8 14.55% 1
6 Qasentria Akiyama Kiiro "Caffeine" 4 7.27% 6
7 Qasentria PKCH "Wraiths" 5 9.09% 5
8 Namimori Sandy Lam "Core" 4 7.27% 6
9 Qasentria BIBI "Kazino" 4 7.27% 6[1]
10 Qasentria Yayoi Daimon & Akkogorilla "NO BRA!" 8 14.55% 1
11 Namimori Leo Ieiri "Answer" 2 3.64% 11
12 Namimori CIX "Win" 1 1.82% 12


Seven Qasentrian and five Namimorish qualifiers from the semifinals are competing in the final event held in the Namimori-Qasentria Friendship Water Arena.

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 Qasentria 4s4ki "Omae no Dreamland" 3 5.77% 9
2 Qasentria BIBI "Kazino" 5 9.62% 5
3 Namimori Doci & Devinta "Say La Vie" 2 3.85% 11
4 Qasentria Yayoi Daimon & Akkogorilla "NO BRA!" 6 11.54% 2
5 Namimori Valen Hsu "Freyja" 4 7.69% 7
6 Qasentria Young B feat. Kid Milli & 210 "Gin Tonic" 3 5.77% 9
7 Namimori Kang Xiwon "Passionate Love" 7 13.46% 1
8 Namimori Jenyer feat. Kimmuseum "Bad" 6 11.54% 2
9 Qasentria Nailah Blackman "Boujee" 4 7.69% 7
10 Qasentria PKCH "Wraiths" 5 9.62% 5
11 Qasentria Lexie Liu "Manta" 1 1.92% 12
12 Namimori ABAO feat. Lin Yijin & Ding Lifen "Kinakaian" 6 11.54% 2


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  1. After stimulating the geographic voting system, BIBI won the tie and qualified to the final as a sixth placer.