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GenreSong contest
Presented byVaries
Country of originQasentria Qasentria
Original language(s)Evergreen Everish
Jarea Koran
Qasentria Yukonominan
Lakadamia Lakadamian
No. of episodes2 editions
Production company(s)QBA
Original channelQBA
Original release17 August 2020 (2020-08-17)
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1QS4 (Yukonominan: 一キューエス四, Koran: 하나큐에스네) is a song competition organised by Qasentrian public broadcaster Qasentrian Broadcasting Agency. It has selected the country's representative for the Fantasia Contest until now.


After the country’s successful attempt to apply for the Fantasia Contest and was accepted in the twentieth edition, Qasentria sent Paradise to present the nation for the first time in history.
Several months later, 1QS4 project was successfully executed. The first edition took place on 30 April 2020 at the Goldenleaf Concert Hall in Goldenleaf, Eclia. The show showcased artists from all over Qasentria and was won by Clara Ysé with her song "Le monde s'est dédoublé".

Selection of contestants[edit]


Since there are no restrictions regarding the language of the entries, the songs can be performed in any language. As of the sexond edition, six languages have appeared on the stage of 1QS4, with one of the national languages Everish being the most popular one with 7 appearances.

Occurrences Language
align="center" | 8 Everish
5 Yukonominan
4 Koran
1 Amelian


Several artists took part in the national selection, some of them participated more than once. Bold indicates winners.

Artist Song
210 "Gin tonic" with Young B and Kid Milli
4s4ki "Omae no Dreamland"
Ace of Hearts "Fool For You"
Akiyama Kiiro "Caffeine"
Akkogorilla "NO BRA!" with Yayoi Daimon
Barbara Pravi "Chair"
Bibi "Kazino"
Black Saint "Day Drinking" feat. BRÍET
BRÍET "Day Drinking" with Black Saint
Burning Peacocks "Ondulation"
Clara Ysé "Le monde s'est dédoublé"
Corbyn "Odsee"
e_so "All The Lonely People"
eaJ "50 proof"
Elle Winter "Yeah, No."
Flower Face "Angela"
Isnel "Essentiel"
Jamie "Waves" with Kang Daniel & Simon Dominic
Kang Daniel "Waves" feat. Simon Dominic & Jamie
Kid Mili "Gin tonic" with 210 & Young B
KT Gorique "Çi Ça"
Lexie Liu "Manta"
Lili-Ann De Francesco "Au travers des ombres"
Maëlle "L'effect de masse"
Majiko "Ichiō watashi mo naita"
Mickaël Pouvin "Dans les nuages"
Nailah Blackman "Boujee"
PKCH "Wraiths"
SIRÉN "Hold Me"
Shishido Kavka "Love Corridor"
Yayoi Daimon "NO BRA!" feat. Akkogorilla
Young B "Gin tonic" feat. Kid Milli & 210


Edition Song Artist Songwriter(s) Language Final Points Semi Points
1 "Le monde s'est dédoublé" Clara Ysé Clara Ysé Lakadamian
Did not qualify
9 112
Singing Man Namisentria Namimori "Passionate Love" Kang Xiwon PURAVIDA, CODE9 Everish, Koran 8 254 6 138
Qasentria "NO BRA!" Yayoi Daimon & Akkogorilla Akkogorilla, XLII, Yayoi Daimon Everish, Yukonominan 11 230 5 162

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