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Singing Man 14
Singing Man Namisentria 6
Semi-final 1XX January 2024
Semi-final 2XX January 2024
FinalXX February 2024
VenueNamimori Kaminari Aquatic Center
Qasentria Willowbrook Concert Hall
Executive supervisorAkira Kiyose
Homma Miho
Executive producerChoi Seunguhn
Jin Jaeyu
Kwak Chaeyeon
Moon Taeyang
Nzabava Fatoumata Asifiwe
Rose N'Diaye
Host broadcasterNamimori nmtv°
Qasentria QBA
Number of entries20
Voting systemInternational juries rank entries with usual Fantasia Contest system.
Winning songQasentria "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔzhòu"
by ChihSiou
Namimori "Lán"
by Enno Cheng

"Singing Man Namisentria 6" (Koran: 싱깅맨 싱깅맨 나미센트리아 6 회, Namimorish: シングマン 並川鳥杏 6 挿話) is the fourteenth edition of the Namimorish music festival, Singing Man, as well as the first Namisentria edtion after the collaboration pause since Fantasia Contest 31. It will be used to select Namimori's and its neighbor Qasentria's entry to the Fantasia Contest 34.

On 30 December 2023, the head of production Choi Seunguhn announced that the show would still kick on and be used to solely determine Namimori's representative. However, a few days later, several members of the QBA were spotted leaving nmtv°'s headquarters. These included members including Head of Delegation to the Fantasia Contest Homma Miho, Director of Programming Rose N'Diaye, Director of Live Events Kwak Chaeyeon, and Director of Program Coordination Nzabava Fatoumata Asifiwe amongst others. The images, which were shared by a local Namimorish blogger who lives near the nmtv headquarters, then got picked up by a number of Qasentrian tabloids. When N'Diaye was asked about the photo, she declined to comment. It is The winning artist would compete for Namimori at the 34th Fantasia Contest, expected to be held in Trivania.

The format of the competition consisted of one final show consisting of 10 participants. Initial 10 entries were selected for the competition through one method : an open call for song submissions separately held by each broadcasting company.

Qasentrian-Amelian singer ChihSiou won the tiebreak against his teammate AiNA the End with the song "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔzhòu", while Hokke singer Enno Cheng won the quota for Namimori in the competition with the song "Lán".


Singing Man Namisentria, organised by Namimorish Television (nmtv°) together with a cooperation with Qasentrian Broadcasting Agency (QBA), will be 6th edition of the contest in which the competition will take place in capitals across the South Serican region of Namisentria. The semi final will be held at Maehwa, Namimori and TBA, Qasentria. 20 entries will compete in the semi-finals, with twelve entries taking part in each show. The top five entries from each semi-final advance directly to the final, bringing the total number of competing entries in the final to 10.

Competition Schedule
Show Date City Venue
Semi-final 1 XX January 2024 Qasentria Willowbrook TBA
Semi-final 2 XX January 2024 Namimori Kaminari
Final XX February 2024 Namimori Kaminari

Entry selection[edit]

Entries for the competition were selected through two methods:

  • 8 Namimorish and 12 Qasentrian entries were chosen by a selection panel from submissions received by nmtv° and QBA correspondingly through an open call for songs.
  • 4 Namimorish entries were chosen by special invitations from nmtv°

Namimorish Television and Qasentrian Broadcasting Agency opened two submission contests that accepted entries between 1 September and 16 Octobrr 2021 for interested artists and songwriters to submit their proposals for the competition. Entries submitted for the competition were required to be released after 2012 and with singer/band that holds Namimorish/Qasentrian citizenship or permanent residency. The choice of language was free.

Following the conclusion of the submission periods, nmtv° and QBA received 879 entries. The delegation teams created a shortlist of entries from the received submissions and formed a selection panel that will be tasked to select 24 entries for the competition.


At a press conference held in Isogai on 23 January 2024, the producer team introduced the host presenters which are winner of the previous edition Thérèse from Namimori and TBA from Qasentria.

Competing entries[edit]

Information regarding the selected songs will be published shortly before the semi-finals will start.

Artist Representing Song (Everish Translation) Language(s) Composer(s)
Adekunle Gold & Zinoleesky Qasentria Qasentria "Party No Dey Stop" Everlish Adekunle Kosoko, Monro, Oladayo Olatunji, Azeez Shina Oniyide, Ross James, Udoma Peter Kelvin Amba
AiNA the End "Red:birthmark" Jaranese TK
Ailee feat. Lil Cherry Namimori Namimori "Ra Ta Ta" Koran, Everish[1] Maria Marcus, AILEE, Clark Knight, Lil Cherry, Paulina Cerrilla, Yoo Jiyoung
Arrival "Jeonjin" (전진) Koran, Everish XI:ON
Astro Bunny Qasentria Qasentria "Shēnyè qínggē" (深夜情歌) Amelian Astro Bunny
ChihSiou "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔzhòu" (沒有我的那個宇宙) Amelian ChihSiou, Zhōng Wéiyǔ, Everydaze
Enno Cheng Namimori Namimori "Lán" (咱) Hokke[2] Enno Cheng, He Junwei
Epik High feat. Hoshi of Seventeen Qasentria Qasentria "Screen Time" Koran, Everish Mithra Jin, Tablo
Gwennili Namimori Namimori "Dépendence affective" Lakadamian Alex Limon, Alexandre Braconnier, Liza Le Gal, Quentin Rouanet
Hwasa "Chili" Koran, Everish[3] DeVita, HWASA, Jambino, Park Woo Sang, PSY
Knights "Or the Beautiful Golden Drop" Namimorish, Everish Saori Kodama, Ryousuke Tachibana, Ayato Shinozaki
Krage "Request" Namimorish, Everish TK
Li Haoyu Qasentria Qasentria "Jiē zi" (街子) Amelian Cristian
Maddy Soma "Hit Ittt" Everish J Perry, Maddy Soma
Milgram Fuuta Namimori Namimori "Backdraft" Namimorish[4] DECO*27, Rockwell
Mora Michelle Qasentria Qasentria "Let Go" Everish Callan Searcy, Morgan Michelle Thomas, Calio
Mortimer "Slowly" Everish Mortimer McPherson, Phillip James
Nailah Blackman "Jam of the Year" Everish Anson Soverall, Nailah Blackman
Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Tomorrow x Together Namimori Namimori "Level" Everish, Namimorish Benjamin, Hiroyuki Sawano
Vini "Nocturnal" Everish Thitaya Pipobpronchai, Thuwanon Tantiwattanaworakul, Chalermpol Soongsak


Singing Man will commence with two semi-finals, which will determine the ten entries that will advance directly to the final.

Semi-Final 1[edit]

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 ChihSiou "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔjhòu" (沒有我的那個宇宙) 1 98
2 Nailah Blackman "Jam of the Year" 6 62
3 AiNA THE END "Red:birthmark" 3 77
4 Adekunle Gold & Zinoleesky "Party No Dey Stop" 8 48
5 Astro Bunny "Shēnyè qínggē" (深夜情歌) 7 56
6 Mora Michelle "Let Go" 2 88
7 Epik High feat. Hoshi of Seventeen "Screen Time" 10 19
8 Mortimer "Slowly" 5 68
9 Maddy Soma "Hit ittt" 9 46
10 Lǐ Hàoyǔ "Jiē zi" (街子) 4 76

Semi-Final 2[edit]

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 Gwennili "Dépendence affective" 5 80
2 Vini "Nocturnal" 6 74
3 Sawano Hiroyuki feat. Tomorrow x Together "Level" 7 66
4 Hwasa "Chili" 3 83
5 Knights "Or the Beautiful Golden Drop" 10 34
6 Ailee feat. Lil Cherry "Ra Ta Ta" 4 81
7 Milgram Fuuta "Backdraft" 8 52
8 Enno Cheng "Lán" (咱) 1 101
9 Arrival "Jeonjin" (전진) 9 41
10 Krage "Request" 2 84


Ten acts were competing in the final event held in Kaminari prefecture.

Draw Artist Song Place Points
1 Qasentria Mora Michelle "Let Go" 5 78
2 Qasentria Mortimer "Slowly" 8 56
3 Qasentria Lǐ Hàoyǔ "Jiē zi" (街子) 3 85
4 Namimori Krage "Request" 6 67
5 Namimori Gwennili "Dépendence affective" 7 64
6 Namimori Enno Cheng "Lán" (咱) 4 80
7 Qasentria ChihSiou "Méiyǒu wǒ dì nàgè yǔjhòu" (沒有我的那個宇宙) 1 86
8 Qasentria AiNA THE END "Red:birthmark" 2 86
9 Namimori Hwasa "Chili" 10 45
10 Namimori Ailee feat. Lil Cherry "Ra Ta Ta" 9 49


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  1. Contains one repeating phrase in Latinican
  2. Equivalent to Hokkien language in real life.
  3. Contains two phrases in Latinican
  4. Contains repeating words in Everish