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Flag of Kyúnttropia
Motto: We'll pick up the crumbs
• Resistence Leader
Rebecca Freitag-Schwarz
• Proclamation of Independence
14th February 2023
• Estimate
ca. 15,000
Mains electricityNone

Kyúnttropia is an unrecognised island area in Lakadasia, south-west of Lakadamia and south of Hwaesonna. Kyúnttropia was first mentioned in Scandavian reports about government members supporting Kyúnttropian rebels in Lakadamia but has since been proven as fake news by the Lakadamian and Scandavian governments. Its actual existence is denied by both countries.

Presumably, a people group had split from its origins and demanding their right for self-determination as a nation. There are several self-proclaimed "freedom fighters" but no elected officials.

Several Fantasian nations have reacted to the emerging nation and some have already recognized it in parts or fully.

Timeline of the Kyúnttropian independence movement[edit]

This is a timeline of the 2023 Kyúnttropian unrest that has erupted.

January 2023[edit]

7 January

  • First reports of several Scandavian government elects funding Kyúnttropian independence supporters emerged in Scandavian news outlets.
    • Scandavian government investigators had found that at least a dozen official Scandavian government members had provided financial support to the "freedom fighters" in the self-proclaimed breakaway state Kyúnttropia which was presumable de facto located in Southwestern Lakadamia.
    • Several million Nordos had been transfered to Kyúnttropia via a private Julianoise bank.
    • 10 Scandavian officials had been put under arrest and special warrants had been granted to search their private files for more clues.
    • Scandavian chancellor Alicia Zender scheduled a meeting with Julianoise representatives to discuss the case.
    • The Lakadamian government denied the existence of a breakaway state on their grounds.
  • Achróa announced its support for the independence movement. There were reports of Achróan people commenting "To HELL with the world order!".
  • Katsyria announced that they would stay neutral on the case.
  • Ruyjinese singer Björk announced her support for the independence movement.

February 2023[edit]

6 February

  • There were false reports of the Dýrian government recognizing the state of Kyúnttropia. This was later followed up with an official by Dýrian officials claiming they would not support the breakaway state until further discussions would have been made.
  • Achróa officially recognised the state of Kyúnttropia as independent, with no further elaboration at the time.
  • Tsikinia officially recognised the state of Kyúnttropia as independent, with no further elaboration at the time.
  • Qasentria sided with Dýria and also announced that they would not support the breakaway state until further discussions would have been made.
  • Kuwiang officially recognised the state of Kyúnttropia as independent, with no further elaboration at the time.
  • Sinéad Kýosdóttir, Taoiseach of Dýria, simply stated: "Where the fuck is it? I can't see it so we can't recognize it."
  • Moly-Boronia officially announced that they would not care but would watch any drama unfolding over the independence of Kyúnttropia.
  • Dorma announced that Dorma.
  • Ninelie sided with Lakadamia and did not recognize the existence of Kyúnttropia.
  • Zylofonija announced that they would not recognize Kyúnttripia "because their name isn't serving cunt". They later took back the second half sentence of their announcement and admitted that Kyúnttropia's name was indeed serving cunt.
  • Niolskiaj officially recognized the concept of Kyúnttropia as independent, even with its location being unknown.
  • Ruyjin Republic officially recognised the breakaway state and confirmed it would be defending the right to self-determination of the people of Kyúnttropia.
  • United States of Eldance announced that it will recognize the state of Kyúnttropia as independent, once a referendum is held.

7 February

  • Katsyria officially recognised the state of Kyúnttropia as independent, with no further elaboration at this time.
  • Achróa announced it would keep supporting the Kyúnttropian movement but maintain its stance that no nation in Fantasia has a right to claim any land north of the Arctic and south of the Antarctic Circles. Fordia reacted appalled.
  • Lanovina recognised the new nation of Kyúnttropia and wished it a warm welcome to the international community

8 February

  • Several Scandavian newspapers and online reporters confirmed that the reports about Kyúnttropia was indeed fake news.
    • The Scandavian government confirmed that Kyúnttropia indeed would not exist on Lakadamian ground.
    • It was announced that Scandavia would support Lakadamia in their national security and is "deeply ashamed by the happenings" as stated by Alicia Zender, chancellor of Scandavia, in a press conference regarding the issues between the countries. "[...] our house representatives would never support such movement if it existed. We support the Lakadamian nation as a whole and nothing else."
    • It was also announced that tax money was now being used to fight fake news in the Scandavian press and there have been several reports of censorship of news websites in Scandavia.
  • Shortly after the announcement, conspiracy theorist groups emerged online, stating that the Scandavian sources were forced and bribed into admitting that they had reported fake news.
  • Unconfirmed information of Kyúnttropian freedom fighters fleeing to an island 200 kilometers south of Lakadamia appeared.
    • It was also discussed that the freedom fighters were still being supported by the Scandavian government.
  • Achróa announced it would be having strong words with the Lakadamian consular staff in their embassy in Verançel.
  • The Ruyjinese government announced that it would like to organize a round table discussion with Scandavia on the happenings.
    • There were reports of one of the Kyúnttropian leaders taking off with a plane at Breson airport earlier that day. There were media reports that the important Kyúnttropian figure, whose name we could not be disclosed, was set to take temporary refuge in Ruyjin's capital. It was speculated that they, along with other members of the Kyúnttropian diaspora around Fantasia, would continue with their cause, albeit remotely.
  • Humanitarian aid by the Ruyjin Republic, in the likes of food, clothes, books and Agnes CDs, was flown to the island, 200km off the coast of Lakadamia.
  • Glaiola partially recognised the state of Kyúnttropia and that due to the welcoming nature of Glaiola, the government would welcome Kyúnttropian refugees and would provide humanitarian aid to those who are affected.
  • The Glaiolan government proposed a meeting with other Fantasian nations involved to resolve the issue involving Kyúnttropia.
  • As part of the independence movement, Kyúnttropia illegally sent a U-16 football team to Qasentria to play a match against the Qasentrian U-16 team, which they lost 104-0.
    • Achróa announced it would be having semi-strong words with the Qasentrian consular staff in their embassy in Verançel, regarding the illegal football match.
  • Fordia announced that Fordia.
  • Demacia released a statement in which they claimed "Without more information on the specific circumstances of Kyúnttropia and its declaration of independence, it is difficult to determine whether its independence should be supported or not." signifying its neutrality.
    • Novalia followed this up with announcing they would be taking a similar stance to that of Demacia regarding the Kyúnttropia debate.
  • Flírskmasto officially recognised the state of Kyúnttropia as independent, with no further elaboration at the time.

14 February

  • Scandavia accepted the Ruyjinese offer for a round table discussion in a press conference where Scandavian government press speaker Elise Steinfurt stated that "Kyúnttropia is a myth, nothing else.
    Flag of Kyúnttropia as first shown on 14 February 2023
    It has nothing to do with Lakadamia [...]. We have confirmed that this was all fake news, made up by the independent press in our country. We have taken extensive measures on the culprits of this misinformation and have already apologized to the government of Lakadamia."
    • There were early reports of Scandavian representatives arriving in Breson.
  • The round table talks initiated by the Ruyjin Republic officially took place between representatives of the Kyúnttropia, Ruyjin Republic and Scandavia. Lakadamian officials were invited but did not attend the event.
    • The around 15,000 people that fled to the outlying island 200km off of Lakadamia were first mentioned in official discussions.
    • There was a general consensus that Kyúnttropians are a separate ethnic group that can trace its origins to the southern coast of Lakadasia’s two main islands, currently split by Lakadamia and Hwaesonna.
    • Kyúnttropian rebel and independence-movement figure Rebecca Freitag-Schwarz was set to attend the meeting, however, the jet flying her to Breson had to land in Eldance as there was a suspicion for sabotage, since lethal amounts of cyanide had been found on board prior to the flights departure.
    • Scandavian pro-Kyúnttropian-independence activist Nicole Frankfurt stormed into the room mid-discussion and proclaimed the independence of Kyúnttropia with clenched fists on behalf of Rebecca Freitag-Schwarz.
    • In coordinated action, the Kyúnttropian flag was flown on a flag pole on the island and in various pro-Kyúnttropian countries, such as Achróa and Niolskiaj. This was the first ever appearance of the Kyúnttropian flag.
  • Lea Michèle, minister of foreign affairs of Juliana announced that "[...] the Republic of Juliana, will not ever recognize the nation of Kyunttropia, never ever."
    • There were immediate internal reports of the government of Juliana secretly supporting the nation of Kyúnttropia.
  • Werdianan president Fabio Lopez stated that the government had agreed on supporting the Lakadamian cause and not recognizing the breakaway state of Kyúnttropia, further stating that "The Government of Werdiana shows his temporary support for the Federation of Lakadamia on the issue, and invites the Ladakamian government to fix the issue and decide on the faith of the Kyúnttropian people."
  • President of Katsyria, Katerina Graham, granted "all kinds of" support for Kyúnttropia and announced efforts to keep long lasting peace and stability in the nation.
    • It was also announced that there will be talks to initiate trade agreements between Katsyria and Kyúnttropia.

15 February

  • Dýria announced officially that they would not be recognizing the newly claimed nation of Kyúnttropia for the time being while also recognizing the self-determination of the people living there. Dýria would not be able to offer recognition of the territory, and that no diplomatic missions/relations would be set up.
    • The country's government also announced their wish for the case to be discussed in the United Nations of Fantasia council.
      Resistence leader Freitag-Schwarz with her weapon of choice: The rhine-stoned chainsaw

16 February

  • With the help of several Fantasian officials, an official settlement was placed on unclaimed land.
  • Rebecca Freitag-Schwarz, Kyúnttropia’s resistance leader, announced gratitude to all nations supporting and recognizing Kyúnttropia.
  • A helicopter pad was placed near the unnamed settlement in hopes of a future international airport.
  • Achróa announced that it would accept entry of Kyúnttropican citizens under their own nationality in a bid to validate and strengthen the nation's sovereignty.

18 February

  • Sirenforest announced that it would accept entry of Kyúnttropican citizens under their own nationality in a bid to validate and strengthen the nation's sovereignty.
  • Large amounts of Achróans rallyed in Trangueli in support of Kyúnttropian independence
  • Achróa's government stated that it would provide humanitarian aid to Kyúnttropia in the form of food, shelter and raw materials to assist the creation of self-sustaining infrastructure.
  • Achróa suspended its funding and hike up rents for the living quarters reserved to anti-Kyúnttropian foreign military and intelligence employees in the UN's camp in Fort Gila on the island of Verançel.
    • This affected the Julianoise, Lakadamians, the Nineliese, Qasentrians, Scandavians, Werdianans, Zylofonijans and Dýrians based in Fort Gila although the Dýrian government had officially informed the Achróan government in an aide-mémoire that they have no staff in Fort Gila and are therefore not affected.
    • Achróa's government announced that the actions have no effect on embassies across Achróa as of that point in time and that Dýrian diplomats and those of other aforementioned nationalities faced no action at the time provided they do not reside in Fort Gila.

19 February

  • Famous Vradiw singer Ellie Goulding posted a Rawr saying "I can't believe there are more than 800 people missing in Kyúnttropia. Where the fuck are they all?", causing widespread awareness and controversy on this topic.

22 February

  • The United States of Eldance hold special elections in the Senate and House of Representatives, both of which result in a majority voting in favour of the recognition of Kyúnttropia.
    • Prime Minister of Eldridge announced humanitarian support and urged other UN members to follow suit in recognition of the nation.
  • Real Federación Eldanca de Fútbol the Eldancan football (soccer) league announced the campain "L.A.C.E.S. (Life and Change Experienced thru Sports)" in support of Kyúnttropia.
  • Eldancan singer Miki Núñez wrote and released a support anthem for Kyúnttropia called "Celébrate".
  • Eldanca Airlines Stadium in Mississauga announced it would be hosting a peace concert and that all of its revenue would be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee's Kyúnttropia Humanitarian Appeal.

International recognition[edit]

Kyúnttropia's existence is controversial and disputed in Fantasia. Several nations deny its existence, some officially recognized the nation and others officially stated they would not recognize it.

Country Position Date Notes
 Lakadamia Existence denied 7 January 2023
 Achróa Officially recognized 6 February 2023 Offered humanitarian aid
 Tsikinia Officially recognized 6 February 2023
 Qasentria Unrecognized 6 February 2023 U-16 national team played the Kyúnttropian team, won 104-0
 Kuwiang Officially recognized 6 February 2023
 Moly-Boronia Neutral 6 February 2023
 Ninelie Existence denied 6 February 2023
 Zylofonija Unrecognized 6 February 2023
 Niolskiaj Officially recognized 6 February 2023
 Ruyjin Republic Officially recognized 6 February 2023 Offered peace talks and humanitarian aid
 Katsyria Officially recognized 7 February 2023 Offered peace and stability efforts, trade agreements
 Lanovina Officially recognized 7 February 2023
 Scandavia Existence denied 8 February 2023
 Glaiola Partially recognized 8 February 2023 Offered humanitarian aid
 Demacia Neutral 8 February 2023
 Novalia Neutral 8 February 2023
 Flírskmasto Officially recognized 8 February 2023
 Juliana Recognition disputed 14 February 2023
 Werdiana Unrecognized 14 February 2023 Offered peace talks
 Sirenforest Officially recognized 18 February 2023
 United States of Eldance Officially recognized 22 February 2023