Xoculd Yumngokzit 5

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Xoculd Yumngokzit 5
Xoculd Yumngokzit background5.png
FinalMay 2023
VenueXoculd, Sovarasma
Directed byUhsting
Host broadcasterLRS
Number of entries10
Voting systemFinal: International juries vote rate each song from 1 to 10
Gold final: International juries votes for the best song
Winning songTBA

Xoculd Yumngokzit 5 (Siuzaatan: 第五屆索古特音樂節) was the 5th edition of the Sovarasman national final Xoculd Yumngokzit, which was organised by Longorama of Sovarasma (LRS) and is taking place in May 2023.


10 songs compete in a final where international juries rate each song from 1 to 10. The song that receives the highest average score from each category (Xoculd Yumngokzit tau.png Topio and Xoculd Yumngokzit hamus.png Hamus) qualify to the gold final, together with a song that is either the third highest average score or the second highest average score of the entire final should one of the category winners not receive the second highest average score.

Competing entries[edit]

LRS opened a public submission window from 20 April to 19 May 2023. 10 final songs were shortlisted with 5 songs in each category.


Artist Song Language Songwriter(s)
Frode Fjellheim, Eldbjørg Hemsing, Arctic Philharmonic "Under the Arctic Moon" Sovarasmo Frode Fjellheim, Jonathan Allen
George FitzGerald "Setting Sun" Sovarasmo, Everish Anne Patricia Briggs, George FitzGerald, Lawrence Hart, Padraic Colum
Fred again.. "Jungle" Sovarasmo, Everish Elley Duhe, Fred Gibson, Joseph Hill, Kieran Hebden, Taji Jones, Alex Gibson
Ginevra Nevri "An Interior of Strange Beauty" Everish, Sovarasmo Ginevra Nervi
Kebu ft. saymory "Plyne kacha" (Плине Кача) Turlandish Vasyl Grendzha Donskyi


Artist Song Language Songwriter(s)
LaiYing (麗英) "FreeRider" Siuzaatan[1] LaiYing, Daniel Chu
Kaine Francesco "Young Poets" Everish Abbie James, Finn Thomas Sally, Kaine Francesco Pieri, Polly Virr
Lady Londyn "Freak" Everish Londyn Williams, James Gold, PapaPedro Beats
Boychik "Soft" Everish Boychik, Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker
LG (TEAM GENIUS) "I Mean Business" Everish Gregory Hansen, Mia Waring


The final and the gold final will take place on 27 May and 4 June 2023 respectively. Kaine Francesco was invited as a wildcard act to the gold final after there were irregularities with final votes.

Sovarasma Sovarasma in the Fantasia Contest
Participation Demacia #28 Flírskmasto #29 Sincuerello #30 Khamatin #31 Kazkya #32
Songs Demacia 28 Oda Flírskmasto 29 Concrete Over Water Sincuerello 30 Eat Men Eat Khamatin 31 Booty
Artists Demacia 28 Małgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński Flírskmasto 29 Jockstrap Sincuerello 30 black midi Khamatin 31 Saucy Santana ft. Latto
Xoculd Yumngokzit Xoculd Yumngokzit tau.png 1Xoculd Yumngokzit tau.png 2Xoculd Yumngokzit hamus.png 3Xoculd Yumngokzit hamus.png 45
  1. Includes phrases in Everish and Jarean