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Logo of the national selection
GenreNational selection
Directed byUhsting
Country of originSovarasma Sovarasma
Original language(s)Evergreen Everish
Sovarasma Qasentria Siuzaatan
Sovarasma Sovarasmo
No. of seasons2
Production company(s)LRS
Original channelLRS
Original release26 January 2024 (2024-01-26)
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celerargos. (Siuzaatan: 快慢拍) is a Sovarasman song contest organised by the broadcaster Longorama of Sovarasma (LRS) to determine Sovarasma's entry for the Fantasia Contest, beginning in the 34th edition.

The contest decides the winner through an international jury. The inaugural edition was won by Carminho with "O quarto (fado Pagem)".


Due to dwindling viewership in Xoculd Yumngokzit, Uhsting announced a revamp in the national selection format, which removes the bounds of two main categories to allow a more diverse song selection. "celerargos." is derived from two words: "celerem" which means "fast" in Latin; and "argós" which means "slow" in Greek. The national selection aims to find a good balance between quick and slow songs, showcasing different genres and corners of music.


The first edition used the Fantasia Contest points system to give points to 10 songs. However, since the rule change which limits the number of entries in each national selection to 6, the points system was changed to 12-10-8-6-5-4.


Season Edition Song Artist(s) Songwriter(s) Language Final Points Semi Points
1 34 "O quarto (fado Pagem)" Carminho Alfredo Marceneiro, Carminho Aquian 13 109 5 92
2 35 "Remember When" Wasia Project Olivia Hardy, William Hardy, St Francis Hotel Everish TBA
Sovarasma Sovarasma in the Fantasia Contest
Participation Demacia #28 Flírskmasto #29 Sincuerello #30 Khamatin #31 Kazkya #32 Kingdovania #33 Trivania #34 Torlova #35
Songs Demacia 28 Oda Flírskmasto 29 Concrete Over Water Sincuerello 30 Eat Men Eat Khamatin 31 Booty Kazkya 32 Jungle Kingdovania 33 Lìhn Trivania 34 O quarto (fado Pagem) Torlova 35 Remember When
Artists Demacia 28 Małgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński Flírskmasto 29 Jockstrap Sincuerello 30 black midi Khamatin 31 Saucy Santana ft. Latto Kazkya 32 Fred again.. Kingdovania 33 Regen C. Trivania 34 Carminho Torlova 35 Wasia Project
Xoculd Yumngokzit 1 2 3 4 5 6
celerargos. 12