Xoculd Yumngokzit

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Xoculd Yumngokzit
Logo of the national selection
GenreNational selection
Directed byUhsting
Country of originSovarasma Sovarasma
Original language(s)Evergreen Everish
Sovarasma Sovarasmo
Sovarasma Qasentria Siuzaatan
No. of seasons6
Location(s)Sovarasma Xoculd, Sovarasma
Production company(s)LRS
Original channelLRS
Original release21 May 2022 (2022-05-21)
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Xoculd Yumngokzit (Siuzaatan: 索古特音樂節) is a Sovarasman song contest organised by the broadcaster Longorama of Sovarasma (LRS) to determine Sovarasma's entry for the Fantasia Contest, beginning in the 28th edition. It is held in Xoculd.

The contest consists of a final and a gold final, with the winner determined through international jury. The inaugural edition was won by Małgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński with "Oda".


Xoculd has a rich history of producing internationally renowned artists. It is home to one of the most esteemed music universities in Sovarasma, the Royal Conservatoire of Xoculd. After a successful bid to participate in Fantasia Contest in the 28th edition, Uhsting announced the commencement of the inaugural edition of Xoculd Yumngokzit and the 10 songs that were competing to represent Sovarasma.

Entry categories[edit]

There are 2 main categories for the classification of entries: Topio and Hamus. In the running order, entries are aligned in a way such that there are alternating entries of different category as the show progresses.


Logo of Topio category

"Topio" means landscape in Demacian. In this category, entries focus strongly on the sound design and the picturesque soundscape. The tracks differ in length and use different variations and techniques to create tension. The entries often showcase a variety of arrangements and buildups over similar melodies and harmonies or created awe-inspiring soundscape with clever use of different instruments and sounds.


Logo of Hamus category

"Hamus" means hook in Latin. In this category, entries focus on some particular seconds of the track that leaves a lasting impression. The tracks are presented in the form of special lines of the lyrics or special use of instrumentation that makes the entry memorable. The entries often build up as they progress while retaining the relevance of the motif and the coherence, either using a few words to summarise the main theme of the song or showcasing a special arrangement of the instrumentation and melody in the chorus.


The first edition was a reduced version due to time constraints, where international juries voted for their 3 favourite songs out of 10 songs in one final, with the winner being the most voted song.

Future editions adopt a final that includes a gold final. In the final, 10 songs perform in the given running order. International juries then rate these entries from 1 to 10 at their own discretion. The top 2 entries with the highest average score qualify to the gold final. If these 2 entries are from the same category, the 3rd entry for the gold final is selected from the other category that has the highest average score. However, if these 2 entries are from different categories, the 3rd entry is then the entry with the 3rd highest average score in the final. In the gold final, 3 songs perform in the given running order. International juries then vote on their most favourite entry from the batch. The entry with the highest number of votes then go on to represent Sovarasma in the Fantasia Contest.

The sixth edition saw a simplification in the voting form as the international juries give points to all 10 entries using the Fantasia Contest points system.


Season Edition Category Song Artist(s) Songwriter(s) Language Final Points Semi Points
1 28 Topio "Oda" Małgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński Jakub Ciupiński, Quintus Horatius Flaccus Levallese Did not qualify 16 31
2 29 Topio "Concrete Over Water" Jockstrap Georgia Ellery, Taylor Skye Burton Everish 13 109 2 102
3 30 Hamus "Eat Men Eat" black midi Cameron Picton, Geordie Greep, Morgan Simpson, Marta Salogni, Max Goulding Everish 18 87 6 82
4 31 Hamus "Booty" Saucy Santana ft. Latto Alyssa Stephens, Eugene Record, Jeffrey Thompkins, Jim Lavigne, John Mitchell, Johnny Goldstein, Rashad Spain Everish Did not qualify 11 51
5 32 Topio "Jungle" Fred again.. Elley Duhe, Fred Gibson, Joseph Hill, Kieran Hebden, Taji Jones, Alex Gibson Sovarasmo, Everish 11 63
6 33 Hamus "Lìhn" (蓮) Regen C. (張惠雅) Oscar, Regen C., Jimmy Siuzaatan 14 45
Sovarasma Sovarasma in the Fantasia Contest
Participation Demacia #28 Flírskmasto #29 Sincuerello #30 Khamatin #31 Kazkya #32 Kingdovania #33
Songs Demacia 28 Oda Flírskmasto 29 Concrete Over Water Sincuerello 30 Eat Men Eat Khamatin 31 Booty Kazkya 32 Jungle Kingdovania 33 Lìhn
Artists Demacia 28 Małgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński Flírskmasto 29 Jockstrap Sincuerello 30 black midi Khamatin 31 Saucy Santana ft. Latto Kazkya 32 Fred again.. Kingdovania 33 Regen C.
Xoculd Yumngokzit 1 2 3 4 5 6
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