Xoculd Yumngokzit 1

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Xoculd Yumngokzit 1
Final22 May 2022
VenueXoculd, Sovarasma
Directed byUhsting
Host broadcasterLRS
Number of entries10
Voting systemInternational juries vote for their top 3 songs
Winning songMałgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński

Xoculd Yumngokzit 1 (Siuzaatan: 第一屆索古特音樂節) was the 1st edition of the Sovarasman national final Xoculd Yumngokzit, which was organised by Longorama of Sovarasma (LRS) and took place over a two-day period between 21 May and 22 May 2022. The winner of the competition was Małgorzata Walewska and Jakub Ciupiński with the song "Oda", who will represent Sovarasma in the Fantasia Contest 28.


10 songs compete in one final where international juries vote their 3 favourite songs. The song that receives the most votes wins the competition.

Competing entries[edit]

LRS opened a public submission window from 31 March to 10 April 2022. 10 final songs were shortlisted with 5 songs in each category.


Artist Song Language Songwriter(s)
Alto Arc "Bordello" Everish Daniel Jack Harle, George Lesage Clarke, Isamaya Ffrench, Trayer Clancy Tryon
Burial "Upstairs Flat" Sovarasmo, Everish W. Bevan
Małgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński "Oda" Levallese Jakub Ciupiński, Quintus Horatius Flaccus
Tangerinecat, Runa de Luna "Anti-Lullaby" Everish Eugene Purpurovsky, Runa de Luna
Tanya Tagaq "Teeth Agape" Everish Saul Williams, Sumach Valentine, Tanya Tagaq


Artist Song Language Songwriter(s)
Bendik "Hymnen" Lanovian Daniel Tranberg Løberg, Silje Halstensen
benzii "Molotov" Everish Elisabeth Renner, Luca Eck
G Flip feat. Lauren Sanderson "GAY 4 ME" Everish Georgia Flipo, Lauren Sanderson, Pink Slip
Mel 4Ever "OOO DADDY" Everish Jackson Hoffman, Mel 4Ever
Von "Tiny Boy" Everish Devon Baran


The final took place on 22 May 2022, where Małgorzata Walewska and Jakub Ciupiński won with their song "Oda".

Sovarasma Sovarasma in the Fantasia Contest
Participation Demacia #28 Flírskmasto #29 Sincuerello #30 Khamatin #31 Kazkya #32 Kingdovania #33
Songs Demacia 28 Oda Flírskmasto 29 Concrete Over Water Sincuerello 30 Eat Men Eat Khamatin 31 Booty Kazkya 32 Jungle Kingdovania 33 Lìhn
Artists Demacia 28 Małgorzata Walewska, Jakub Ciupiński Flírskmasto 29 Jockstrap Sincuerello 30 black midi Khamatin 31 Saucy Santana ft. Latto Kazkya 32 Fred again.. Kingdovania 33 Regen C.
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