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Member stationKuntTV
Participation summary

Kyúnttropia has tried to participate in the Fantasia Contest in the thirty first edition. Its best result to date is last place in the semifinal in the thirtieth and the thirty-first edition.


In February 16th, 2023, the same date when the nation unveiled their new capital, Kyúnttropia's national broadcaster, KuntTV, announced their plans to debut in the next edition of Fantasia. At a press conference, Nikoleta Minažová, the founder of KuntTV and a TV host, expressed her dedication to showcasing Kyúnttropian talent and ensuring that they confirmed on time for the event. The news brought excitement and anticipation among the public for what promised to be a thrilling debut for the country's talented performers on the world stage, this coinciding for the confirmations of the thirty first edition of the Fantasia Contest. As of the date of the established, no update has been notified, but the country could not debut in the 31st edition, but it is suspected that the nation was denied its participation in the contest.


Since the Kyúnttropian independence happened, there has been some events regarding this in the contest.

  • It was revealed that Ruyjin Republic's entry for the Fantasia Contest 31, "Welcome To My Island" by Caroline Polachek was written about Kyúnttropia, which ended up in the 7th place in the Grand Final.
  • In February 22nd, 2023, Kazkyan-Scandavian-Kyúnttropian singer and Kyúnttropia’s resistance leader, Rebecca Freitag-Schwarz known as Rebecca Black, was announced as the Kazkya's representative in the Fantasia Contest 31 with the song "Crumbs" which later ended up as the winner of the edition, making a big step for the Lakadasian nation.
  • Ruyjin Republic revealed that Jadu Heart with "Cocoon" will be their entry for the Fantasia Contest 32 in June 2nd, 2023, along with the statement "RYUJIN STANDS WITH KYÚNTTROPIA", as Ryujin Republic has been one of the nation that have helped Kyúnttropia the most.
Kyúnttropia Kyúnttropia in the Fantasia Contest

Participation Attempts Khamatin #31
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