Association of Southern Serica

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Association of Southern Serica
Official names
南亚协会 (Amelian)
สมาคมแห่งภูมิภาคเซริกาใต้ (Ayuthayan)
Ассоциация Южной Азии (Flirsk)
南セリカ連合 (Jaranese)
Asociație din Asia de Sud (Katsyrian)
남세리카 연합 (Koran)
ສະມາຄົມພາກພື້ນເຊລິກາໃຕ້ (Kuwegian)
L'Association de Serica du Sud (Lakadamian)
Noitaicossa fo Nrehtuos Acires (Llortish)
南亜州連合 (Namimorish)
Associazione della Serica Meridionale (Nineliese)
Өмнөд Азийн холбоо (Wedsen)


Member states shown in dark green.

CapitalLlort Nitram (Llort) (de facto)
No capital (de jure)

Official languages
14 languages
Membership11 states
Juliana Juliana
Katsyria Katsyria
Kuwiang Kuwiang
Llort Llort
Namimori Namimori
Qasentria Qasentria
Saint Vittoria Saint Vittoria
Shinkoyu Shinkoyu
Suuher Suuher
Wedse Wedse
Werdiana Werdiana
Secretary GeneralKuwiang Jennie Phanan
ChairmanshipKuwiang Kuwiang
EstablishedSpring/Summer 2021
DemonymSouth Serican

Association of Southern Serica, abbreviated as ASS, is an economic union comprising 13 member states in Southern region of Serica, which promotes intergovernmental cooperation and facilitates economic, political, security, military, educational, and sociocultural integration among its members and other countries in Serica. ASS' primary objective was to accelerate economic growth and through that social progress and cultural development. A secondary objective was to promote regional peace and stability based on the rule of law and the principle of United Nations charter. In 2020, ASS moved along the path of the Northern Union and Sakodan Lacoal Union by agreeing to establish an ASS community comprising three pillars: the ASS security community, the ASS economic community, and the ASS socio-cultural community. The ten hyperbolic curves and twelve languages in the ASS flag and insignia represent the ten founding members bound together and twelves cultural aspects in solidarity

ASS also regularly engages other countries in the Serican-Pacifican region and beyond. ASS maintains a global network of alliances and dialogue partners and will develop as the next global powerhouse in the future, the central union for cooperation in Serican-Pacific, and a prominent and influential organization. It is involved in numerous international affairs, and hosts diplomatic missions throughout the world.

Member states of the Association of Southern Serica[edit]

Flag Country Capital Currency National Anthem Type of Government Official languages Admission period
Juliana Basquiat Julianoise Kronoj
(JKR; ₭)
"mompox" (onwards) Unitary semi-presidential republic Lakadamian, Everish Summer 2022
Katsyria Palmyra Katsyrian Kompra
(QAK; ₭)
"Pride of a Nation" Unitary presidential republic Amelian, Everlish, Latinican Founding member state
Kuwiang Muang Yang Kuwegian Miji
(KWM; ₥)
"ຄູວຽງສາມັກຄີ"("Kuwiang Harmony") Unitary presidential constitutional republic Ayuthayan, Kuwegian
Llort Nitram Llortish Eepur
(LLE; ₹)
"Drawno Llort"
("Onward Llort")
Federal full-presidential republic Llortish
Namimori Chikara City Namimorish Yen
(NMY; ¥)
"Tanshin Ariakeyama / Hollo Arirang"
("Arirang Alone")
Federal constitutional monarchy Everish, Koran, Namimorish
Qasentria Marianne Qasentrian Kiqani
(KQN; ?)
"Tsubane no Ūta / Jebi-e norae"
("Till the End of the World")
Unitary parliamentary republic Everish, Lakadamian, Jarean, Koran, Eisan
Saint Vittoria ??? ???
(???; ?)
??? ???
Shinkoyu Krungthep Shinkuánese Wong
(SHW; ₩)
"Plehngchat Bpratejd Shinkohyu"
("Song of the nation of heart and language")
Federal constitutional monarchy Ayuthayan
Suuher Neviar Suuherian Mekän
"Ğeblï y Øske" (A Flowery Bed) Unitary semi-presidential republic Evämaan, Flírsk, Suuherish Summer 2022
Wedse Wedse Capital Wedsen Valyuta
(WVL; Ṿ)
"Shyedsye duudlaga"
("The Wedse Call")
Unitary parliamentary republic Flírsk, Mashgal, Wedsen Founding member state
Werdiana Kleopatra Werdianan Palm (WDP; ℳ) "Ode to Freedom" Full Presidential Republic Everish, Nineliese Winter 2022

List of secretaries-general[edit]

# Term Portrait Name Country
1 Spring 2021 - Summer 2022 Choi Siwon (최시원) Namimori Namimori
2 Summer 2022 - Jennie Phanan (เจนนี่ ปาหนัน) Kuwiang Kuwiang


There are currently several states seeking accession or expressing a reaction to ASS: Flírskmasto and Golden Land. Dorma, Ulikana and the United States of Eldance are accepted as observer states on July 25, 2022. Takimorujin had expressed their intention to participate in the association but the application was rejected and replaced by the Wedsen one due to the internal political and humanitarian crisis.

However, there are still a number of Southern Serican nations with no membership but could join the association in the later future such as: