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Junior Fantasia Contest
GenreSong contest
Created byKevin Kern
Presented byList of presenters
Country of originList of countries
Original language(s)Everish
Location(s)List of host cities
Production company(s)Fantasia Broadcasting Association
First shown inNovember 2015 – present
Related showsFantasia Contest

The Junior Fantasia Contest, abbreviated as JFC, is a song contest held between the members of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA) since November 2015. The competition is derived from the Fantasia Contest, with the difference being that only artists aged 16 and below are allowed to enter for each country. The current and official executive supervisor of the contest is Kevin Kern.

Each participating country submits an eligible original song to be performed on live television and radio and a jury made up of both professionals and children from each country then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition.

So far, eight countries have won the contest: Trivania, Golden Land, Pashlanahuy, Fordia, Evergreen, Temilosk, Gasandae and Hwaesonna. The latest winner of the Junior Fantasia Contest is Isaac Dunbar of Hwaesonna, who won the eighth edition in Yuriakut, Flírskmasto, with their song "Isaac's Insects".


The contest was introduced by the Fantasia Broadcasting Association in order to bring the Fantasia Contest format to more viewers, and to make a more child-friendly version of the contest. In November 2015, Fordia's head of delegation, Kevin Kern, was contracted by the FBA as the executive supervisor of the contest, with the very first contest in turn being held in Fordia. The contest attracted attention immediately, though that attention has decreased as time went on and less countries participate nowadays.

Almost all aspects of the contest were ported over from the adult version, but the general atmosphere of the show caters a lot more towards younger viewers.

Logo and theme[edit]

The logo and branding of the contest have followed the adult counterpart's standards, thus, after the Fantasia Contest logo was changed from the 8th edition onwards, so was the Junior Fantasia Contest's.


Main article: List of countries at the Junior Fantasia Contest

Any full member or associate member of the FBA is able to participate in the contest.

Each member is responsible for the selection of artists and songs sent by the country that edition.

Listed are all the countries that have ever taken part in the competition alongside the edition in which they made their debut:

Edn. Country making its debut
#01  Achróa,  Alkyria,  Amelia,  Aquia,  Atlandia,  Baesnia,  De Vremdspongeln,  Decoria,  Dýria,  Ermy,  Evergreen,  Flírskmasto,  Fordia,  Foxtavia,  Frootania,  Glaray,  Harish Islands,  Jarea,  Lakadamia,  Lanovina,  Onduria,  Pacifica,  Pashlanahuy,  Pohunskia,  Ruyjin Republic,  Scandavia,  Sirenforest,  The White Havens,  Trivania,  United States of Eldance
#02  Golden Land,  Jamah,  Orangina,  Te Ao
#03  Demacia,  Freyhurst,  Glacea
#04  Angostura,  Equaland
#05  Katsyria,  Maronesia,  Shinkoyu
#06  Corzazjan,  Drevona,  Namimori,  New Union,  Ninelie,  Niolskiaj,  Sylvan,  Taslana,  Temilosk,  Torlova,  Vikyirie,  Wedse,  Ydiwealth
#07  Gasandae,  Hwaesonna,  Ka'a and Kehbe,  Kazkya,  Kergle,  Moly-Boronia,  Qasentria,  Ximbala,  Zylofonija
#08  Fyor,  Glaiola,  Juliana,  Llort,  Muccania,  Suuher,  Vacansa,  Whenua Wai
#09  Akhtora,  Hansaaria,  Kuwiang,  Tsytria,  Ulikana


Main article: List of Junior Fantasia Contest winners

So far, there have been eight winners from eight different countries: Trivania, Golden Land, Pashlanahuy, Fordia, Evergreen, Temilosk, Gasandae and Hwaesonna. The highest scored winner is "RumDiDum", the winner of the third edition which scored a total of 227 points.

Edn. Host City Winner Song Performer Points Margin Runner-up
#01 Fordia Krono  Trivania "Calling All the Monsters" China Anne McClain 150 27  Foxtavia
#02 Trivania Bluehood  Golden Land "Children of War" Sophie 137 5  Pashlanahuy
#03 Golden Land Golden Land  Pashlanahuy "RumDiDum" Alexandra Abrameyzeva 227 119  Glacea
#04 Pashlanahuy Enjiri Qalasy  Fordia "What R U Doing 2 Me?" Michaelah Weekes 159 28  Golden Land
#05 Fordia Krono  Evergreen "Shadows" Heather Russell 112 3  Lakadamia
#06 Evergreen Crystalfall  Temilosk "Chameleon Girl" Felizia K 151 0  Foxtavia
#07 Dýria Sjóborg  Gasandae "Anthem" Ririri 178 25  Flírskmasto
#08 Flírskmasto Yuriakut  Hwaesonna "Isaac's Insects" Isaac Dunbar 192 51  Torlova

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