Junior Fantasia Contest 2

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Junior Fantasia Contest 2
Junior Fantasia Contest 2 Logo.png
VenueBluehood, Trivania
Presenter(s)Fearne Cotton
Joe Sugg
Executive supervisorKevin Kern
Executive producerJan Sivan
Host broadcaster23x15px Trivania TTV
Number of entries29
Debuting countries23x15px Golden Land
Template:Country data Jamah
Template:Country data Orangina
Template:Country data Te Ao
Withdrawing countries Achróa
23x15px Baesnia
Template:Country data Pacifica
Voting systemEach country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting
Winning song23x15px Trivania Trivania
"Calling All the Monsters"

The 'Junior Fantasia Contest 2 was the second edition of the Junior Fantasia Contest. It took place in Trivania, following Trivania's victory at the first edition in Krono with the song "Calling All the Monsters" by China Anne McClain. The contest was won by Golden Land with the singer Sophie and her song "Children of War".

Participating countries[edit]


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01  United States of Eldance Sody "Sorry" 2 163
02 23x15px Fordia Jackie Evancho "Safe & Sound" 3 140
03  Onduria Abraham Mateo "Lanzalo" 15 52
04 23x15px Lakadamia Julia Kedhammar "We Can Make It Right" 11 67
05 23x15px Lanovina Kaya Stewart "Feel Good" 16 48
06 Template:Country data Te Ao Nanul "Mankapartez, mnas barov" 4 134
07 Template:Country data De Vremdspongeln Victoriya Svyatogor "Sylna.Vilna" 9 103
08 23x15px Harish Islands Sabrina Carpenter & Rowan Blanchard "Take on the World" 19 24
09 Template:Country data Jamah Josenid "Amor de Colegio" 17 39
10  Glaray Jai Waetford "Get to Know You" 10 73
11  Evergreen Heather Russell "Words to Say" 1 173
12 23x15px Golden Land SOPHIE "Children of War" 6 117
13  Atlandia Billie Eilish "Ocean Eyes" 7 113
14 23x15px Ermy Kamilla Ismailova "Dyshat" 8 108
15  Pashlanahuy Sofia Tarasova "Letet' vysoko" 5 129
16 23x15px Aquia Give Me 5 "Late mi Corazón" 18 28
17 Template:Country data Amelia Patrick Brasca "My Time" 14 56
18 Template:Country data The White Havens Jasmine Elcock "True Colours" 12 62
19 Template:Country data Orangina Mathea Mari "One Of Them" 13 58


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01  Pohunskia Honey Boo Boo "Movin' Up" 19 21
02 23x15px Ruyjin Republic JoJo Siwa "Boomerang" 18 24
03  Glaray Jai Waetford "Get to Know You" 15 57
04 23x15px Sirenforest Sawyer Fredericks "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow" 20 9
05  Pashlanahuy Sofia Tarasova "Letet' vysoko" 2 132
06  Evergreen Heather Russell "Words to Say" 10 101
07  Jarea BABYMETAL "Gimme Chocolate!!" 12 86
08  Atlandia Billie Eilish "Ocean Eyes" 9 107
9 23x15px Trivania Dasha Pyshnaya "Namalyuy" 3 127
10 23x15px Ermy Kamilla Ismailova "Dyshat" 13 73
11 23x15px Flírskmasto Bitter's Kiss "The Rope" 17 30
12  Frootania Toke Lars Bjarke "Bingo Bango" 16 35
13 23x15px Golden Land SOPHIE "Children of War" 1 137
14  Alkyria Jory Zechner "Up to Us" 4 121
15  United States of Eldance Sody "Sorry" 6 119
16  Scandavia Alison Gold "Chinese Food" 11 100
17 23x15px Fordia Jackie Evancho "Safe & Sound" 5 121
18 Template:Country data De Vremdspongeln Victoriya Svyatogor "Sylna.Vilna" 14 57
19 Template:Country data Te Ao Nanul "Mankapartez, mnas barov" 8 109
20 Template:Country data Foxtavia LOREN "Echo" 7 116

Other countries[edit]

To be eligible to participate in the Junior Fantasia Contest, a country is required to be an active member of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association (FBA). The FBA issued an invitation to all active members of the FBA to participate in the contest.

Active FBA members[edit]

  • 23x15px Baesnia - BTV has stated they will withdraw because of "bad results" & "sudden rule change". The Head of Delegation didn't state anything about a possible return.
  •  Decoria - DRT has announced that the country will not be competing in the upcoming edition of the Junior Fantasia Contest. The broadcaster cited low interest in the contest as well as budget cuts as the reasons for their withdrawal.
  •  Dýria - DRTV has stated that the country would withdraw this edition "due to mainly low ratings and a lack of interest from child singers". Sjutvárp Sjøland (SVS), the regional broadcaster of the Sjóland Autonomous Region, has shown interest in taking over participation for Dýria at the contest.
  •  Freyhurst - Despite initial indications that Freyhurstian broadcaster Freyhurst Television (FTV) had planned to participate in the 2nd Junior contest & already announce it's singer Noa Kirel, on 20 June 2016, FTV failed to submit a song in time for the contest and was forced to withdraw.
  • Template:Country data Ice Crest - The country originally confirmed it's participation but due to ongoing conflicts in the country and economy problems the country withdrew on the 15th June 2016.
  • Template:Country data Pacifica - The broadcaster didn´t confirm anything.
  • 23x15px Vradiazi – On 29 May 2016, it was announced that Vradiazi is considering a participation. In the end they didn´t confirm a participation.

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