Lakadamia in the Junior Fantasia Contest

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Member stationTRLK (#1, #4-#8)
TL5 (#2)
National selection eventsInternal selection
Participation summary
Appearances7 (6 finals)
First appearance#1
Best result2nd: #5
Worst result11th SF: #2

Lakadamia has participated in the Junior Fantasia Contest since making its debut in the first edition. Its best result to date is 2nd place in the fifth edition. Lakadamia has failed to qualify on one occasions and has automatically qualified in two.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
Fordia #1 Kids United "On écrit sur les murs" 21 26 No semi-final
Trivania #2 Julia Kedhammar "We Can Make It Right" NQ NQ 11 67
Golden Land #3 Did not participate
Pashlanahuy #4 Coline "Seul" 18 38 No semi-final
Fordia #5 Jane Constance "À travers tes yeux" 2 109 No semi-final
Evergreen #6 Angie Robba "Freaking Day" 15 58 AQ AQ
Dýria #7 Angélina "Maman me dit" 17 69 AQ AQ
Flírskmasto #8 Erza Muqoli "Les hologrammes" 8 100 5 90