Ulikana Desidé Oinoche

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Ulikana Desidé Oinoche
GenreSong contest
Presented byVarious
Country of originUlikana Ulikana
Original language(s)Evergreen Ulikana Everish
Ulikana Ulikya
No. of episodes5 editions
Location(s)Multiple cities, Ulikana Ulikana
Original channelURTV
Original release22 June 2021 (2021-06-22)
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Ulikana Desidé Oinoche (Ulikan Cyrillic: Уликана Десидё Оиноче, Everish: Ulikana Decides Tonight), often shorted to U.D.O. is a song competition organised by Ulikan public broadcaster Ulyck Radio and Television (URTV), heavily inspired by the famous Namimorish singing competition Singing Man. It has selected the nation's representative for the Fantasia Contest from its twenty-fifth edition. The national selection's first edition consisted solely of one show, where the winner was chosen from thirteen acts in a standard F.C.-style voting pattern. Starting from the twenty-sixth edition, however, the selection expanded to two stages of competition, consisting of a "final" and "superfinal" stage. During its fourth edition, the contest received a major overhaul and shrunk back into a single stage consisting of only four songs. The fifth edition was called "All Stars".

The competition is broadcasted both on the URTV main and music channels, as well as streamed online via urtv.uk/udo. Online streaming has been made available across all nations of southern Wulfor including the U.S. Eldance. As of October 2021, The show is one of the top ten most-watched programs in Ulikana, as well as the most-watched competition program and live event in the nation, garnering 3.8 million viewers for its most recent final.

Although the contest is incredibly popular in the Ulikan union, Ulikana has yet to qualify for the final of the Fantasia Contest. It has come closest to qualification in the contest's twenty-eighth edition with the winners of the fourth edition of U.D.O., Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul, who were just eleven points shy of qualification. The winners of fifth and final edition "All Stars", Angel Maxine feat. Wanlov the Kubolor & Sister Deborah with song "Wo Fie" also failed to qualify, placing 11th, with twenty-two points away from qualification.


Ulikan broadcaster URTV had been approved to join the Fantasia Broadcaster Association as a full active member in February of 2021, only a few days before the closing of the confirmation period for the twenty-fourth edition. URTV had always planned to use a national selection as a means of determining both their act and song for the song contest, but since the confirmation period for the next edition was close to closing, the broadcaster had not time to set up a selection. A few artists had already been in talks to submit songs for consideration, and URTV ended up selecting SÔNGE with the song Winer to compete in the nation's inaugural edition. Before the live airing of the twenty-fourth edition, URTV announced they had developed a national selection to determine acts for future editions. They eventually opened the submission form for the first edition of U.D.O. prior to the grand final of that edition. The format is taken mostly from Singing Man, Namimori's multi-edition selection for the same contest. The "superfinal" format, used from the second edition of the selection, is said to be based on Zylofestival, Zylofonija's selection for the FC.


Participants in Ulikana's national selection for the Fantasia Contest have come from around the globe, singing in multiple languages and submitting songs in multiple genres. Artists looking to enter U.D.O. must follow a rigorous submission period where their songs are tested against the FBA's rules for song eligibility as well as URTV's internal rules for song and artist eligibility. Participants in U.D.O. are encouraged to sing in one of URTV's approved languages for submission: Everish or it's Ulyck pidgins, Ulikya, Latinican, Lakadamian, Flirsk, or native Nijatsa. Any song submitted completely in a language that isn't one of these is considered against its minority-language counterparts, of which only one can become a finalist in the selection. Foreign submissions are acceptable as long as the artist and/or writers submitting have some sort of connection to Ulikana, such as heritage or past residence.

URTV usually releases a list of artists competing in the selection prior to the release of their submitted songs. URTV is contractually in control of the release of submitted songs upon acceptance of the entry into the selection.

List of notable contestants[edit]

Artist Edition(s) Notes
Megan Thee Stallion #1 Multi-platinum selling artist in southern Wulfor.
Tiwa Savage #1, #3 Pioneer of Wulfrobeats genre, first artist to participate in more than one edition.


Multiple cities in Ulikana have welcomed U.D.O. into a suitable host arena. It is tradition for the show to move to the council where the winning artist from the previous edition is from, although this has been broken in previous editions. An indoor arena of more than 5,000 seats is needed to host the selection, as per the regulations of URTV.

The selection has previously gone without hosts, instead inviting various local celebrities to present separate parts of the show. The appearance from these celebrities in editions without presenters has been minimal, with URTV relying instead on on-screen diagrams and narrations to explain parts of the show that don't need a host as much. Official presenters, however, have been used for editions with a larger production value or needing more than one phase of competition.

List of host cities, venues, and presenters[edit]

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Edn. Format Dates Locations Hosts Voting
#1 Twelve songs, one final with one round of voting 22 June 2021 - 27 June 2021 Johnny Rapid Memorial Arena in Arcasia, Unita none 50% International jury, 50% televoting (televote section split between domestic and international)
#2 Fourteen songs, one final with two rounds of voting ("final" and "superfinal") 18 October 2021 - 7 November 2021 Athletes' Solidarity Park in Oustone, U.C.C. 50% International jury, 50% televoting in first round; 100% domestic and international televoting in second round
#3 Eleven songs, one final with two rounds of voting ("final" and "superfinal") TBA December 2021 - January 2022 Palais des Sports in Ville-Du-Pays, D'Oessy
#4 Four songs, one final with one round of voting May 2022 Musicians' Union Hall in Oceanport, Wyatt-On-Ocean 100% International online poll, with one set of votes for non-participants
#5 Twelve songs, one final with two rounds of voting ("final" and "superfinal") July 2022 Musicians' Union Hall in Oceanport, Wyatt-On-Ocean 100% International jury; 100% domestic and international televoting in second round