Ulikana Desidé Oinoche 2

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Ulikana Desidé Oinoche 2
Final27 October 2021
VenueAthlete's Solidarity Park, Oustone, United Capital Council
Executive supervisorSuyana Umeh
Host broadcasterUlikana URTV
Number of entries14
Voting system50% International jury, 50% televoting in first round; 100% domestic and international televoting in second round
Winning songUlikana "Elle est partie"
by Sarahmée, Nissa Seych

Ulikana Desidé Oinoche 2 (Ulikan Cyrillic: Уликана Десидё Оиноче 2, Everish: Ulikana Decides Tonight 2), often shorted to U.D.O. 2 is the second edition of the song competition organized by Ulikan public broadcaster Ulyck Radio and Television (URTV) to determine the act representing the union of councils at the twenty-sixth Fantasia Contest.

The format consisted of a two-round final with fourteen entries. The final presentation show was held on 27 October 2021, while the results show of the final as well as the superfinal were held on 4 November 2021. Sarahmée and Nissa Seych won the edition with the song "Elle est partie", defeating drag queen Katya in a tiebreak at the superfinal. They failed to qualify for the final at the Fantasia Contest, placing eighth out of fourteen entries in the first semi-final with 121 points, missing out on qualification by 28 points.


Ulikan broadcaster URTV (Ulyck Radio and Television) had originally planned to hold a two-stage national selection for U.D.O.'s first edition in preparation for FC 25, but the broadcaster decided on a single-round selection due to a lack of viewership of the final entry presentation. Therefore, URTV began planning for U.D.O. to feature two rounds beginning with this edition.

An official announcement was made on 4 September 2021 on all social media platforms calling for submissions to the selection with a deadline of 4 October 2021. Out of hundreds of submissions, it was determined that 233 submissions fell in line with the rules of both U.D.O. and F.C. and were therefore eligible for participation. On 20 October 2021, alongside the press release confirming Ulikana's participation in F.C. 25, URTV announced the fourteen acts participating in the selection. Their songs were then revealed on the night of the final.


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Fourteen songs competed in the final.

Draw Artist Song Total avg. Place
1 Ulikana Torlova Mette "Petrified" 8.45 2
2 Ulikana Cinestra Amaarae ft. Moily "Sad Girlz Luv Money" 4.425 13
3 Ulikana Caroline Rose "Nothing's Impossible" 6.1 10
4 Ulikana Zventa Sventana "Na gore mak" 6.075 11
5 Ulikana Juliana Sally ft. Kanis, Chilla, Alicia., Joanna, & Vicky R "Shoot" 6.7 7
6 Ulikana Kaywht ft. VanJess "11:30" 6.375 9
7 Ulikana Drew Sycamore "Jungle" 8.325 3
8 Ulikana Enny "I Want" 8.625 1
9 Ulikana Sarahmée ft. Nissa Seych "Elle est partie" 6.875 6
10 Ulikana Lakadamia BRÖ "Mauvais Rôle" 6.675 8
11 Ulikana Jai'Len Josey "Can You Do It For Me?" 4.325 14
12 Ulikana ChocQuibTown ft. Mystro "Maria" 6.025 12
13 Ulikana Jake Wesley Rogers "Pluto" 6.925 5
14 Ulikana Moly-Boronia Katya ft. Trixie Mattel "Ding Dong!" 7.7 4


Six songs competed in the superfinal. 26 jurors cast one vote for their preferred song. The Ulikan HoD broke the tie between the two winning entries.

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Total Percentage
1 Ulikana Torlova Mette "Petrified" 5 19.2% 3
2 Ulikana Drew Sycamore "Jungle" 4 15.4% 4
3 Ulikana Enny "I Want" 3 11.5% 5
4 Ulikana Sarahmée ft. Nissa Seych "Elle est partie" 6 23.0% 1
5 Ulikana Jake Wesley Rogers "Pluto" 2 7.7% 6
6 Ulikana Moly-Boronia Katya ft. Trixie Mattel "Ding Dong!" 6 23.0% 2