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Zylofestival, formerly known as Zylomelodija, is the national selection used to determine the Zylo representative for the Fantasia Contest.


Several artists took part in the national selection, some of them participated more than once.

Artist Song
Abi Ocia "LTWYLM"
Alex Porat "Dimension"
Alfie Templeman "3D Feelings"
"Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody"
Alina Baraz "Trust"
Aluna "Summer of Love" with Punctual
Amaal "Not What I Thought"
Amber Mark "Mixer"
"Put You On" with DRAM
"Worth It"
Asakura "Doumesal"
ASTR "In Your Eyes"
Aya Nakamura "Pookie"
Bobby Newberry "Spicy"
Brandy "Starting Now"
Broken Back "She Falls"
Bruno Martini "Bend The Knee" with IZA & Timbaland
Caan "Ghost In My Head"
Cecilia Gault "In Front of My Eyes"
CHAV "Patient Zero" with Brett Castro
CLYPSO "D.Y.S. (Defend Your Situation)"
CLUBZ "Templos"
Crystal Bats "Anyone"
Cub Sport "Hearts in Halves"
Damso "911"
Dana Williams "Holiday"
Dawn Richard "Bombs"
Delfy "Ocean on Fire"
DENNIS. "Trap Door"
Disclosure "Jaded"
Disiz "Casino"
Duckwrth "I'm Dead" with Sabrina Claudio
Elaine "Shine"
Electric Youth "The Life"
Elley Duhé "NATURE"
Eva "Bali"
Evalyn "Angels"
Fatoumata Diawara "Nterini"
FELOWER "Signals"
Fickle Friends "Brooklyn"
H.E.R. "Damage"
Hitchhiker "NADA"
Hunter Moreau "Hazy"
IAMX "Mile Deep Hollow"
ili "changes"
Isaac Dunbar "pharmacy"
Isador "Jungle"
Islandis "Your Lover"
IZA "Dona de mim"
Jesse Markin "Jericho"
John Duff "Do It"
Johnny Neff "Breaking You Off" with Mikayla Jade
Jon Bellion "Stupid Deep"
Josh Levi "NASA"
Judaea "I Wanna Feel"
Kara Marni "Trippin"
KAYTRANADA "The Worst In Me" with Tinashe
"YOU'RE THE ONE" with Syd
Keke Palmer "Dreamcatcher"
Kelechi "Forever Tonight"
KREAM "Go Somewhere" with RANI
Kyan Palmer "Can't Help It"
Låpsley "My Love Was Like the Rain"
Laurel "Scream Drive Faster"
Leon Else "What I Won't Do"
Lepani "Next To Me"
LIE NING "Can I Have This Dance"
Lil Halima "Friends"
Love Bailey "Hollywood Hooker"
LOWES "Late Night Visions"
Madison Rose "Lost My Mind (To The DJ)"
Maejor "Tell Me That You Love Me Again"
Magdalena Bay "Ghost"
Mahalia "Do Not Disturb"
Majid Jordan "Summer Rain"
"Waves of Blue"
MakeYouKnowLove "Don't Need Heaven"
Merlot "Bad For You"
Mike Taveira "Switch"
Milk & Bone "Nevermore"
Moli "On the Weekend"
Mr.K! "No Shame" with Demmy Sober
Mwami "Diego"
NAVVI "Modern Chemistry"
Neev "Calling Out"
NEW ONE "Artificial Love"
Noraa "Lie To Me"
Owl Eyes "Closure"
Paige Cavell "Predators & Monsters"
Petite Meller "Baby Love"
PinkPantheress "Just for Me"
Platon & Joolay "Over"
Pol Granch "No Pegamos"
PONY "Divine"
PRINS "Follow Me"
RABBII "All Men Must Die"
Rachel Chinouriri "What Have I Ever Done"
RKCB "Elevated"
Róisín Murphy "Let Me Know"
Roniit "Fade to Blue"
Roses Gabor "I Could Be Yours"
Ruben "Power"
Samito "Tiku La Hina"
Sevyn Streeter "Before I Do"
SG Lewis "Chemicals"
Shallou "Fading"
Shay "Cabeza"
Shelley FKA DRAM "The Lay Down" with H.E.R. & WATT
SONIKKU "Sweat" with LIZ
Sophia Messa "moneydontfixlonely"
Stevan "The Wave"
Suki Waterhouse "Moves"
Sylvan Esso "Ferris Wheel"
Tata Young "ZOOM"
Tatianna "Hurt My Feelings"
That Kid "Rocket" with Holliday Howe
The Technicolors "Tonight You Are Mine"
Tinashe "Naturally"
"Save Room for Us"
Tishmal "Underneath"
"You're Afraid"
Tom Tripp "TAM"
Tommy Genesis "Peppermint"
Vials "Pillow Talk"
V V Brown "Shift"
YANIS "Hypnotized"
Yelle "Moteur Action"
Zé Taylor "Icecold Lover"
Zoi "Kompromis"