Zylomelodija 23

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Zylomelodija 23 was the 7th edition of the Zylo music competition Zylofestival and was held between 7 October 2020 and 14 November 2020. Presenters were Tinashe and Syrus Shahidi. The winner of the contest is Roses Gabor with the song "I Could Be Yours". She represented Zylofonija in the Fantasia Contest 23 in Evergreen.

Competing entries[edit]

Artist Language Song Songwriter(s)
Cub Sport Everish "Hearts in Halves" Max Byrne, Tim Nelson
Delfy Everish "Ocean on Fire" Diana Miro, Louis La Roche
Elley Duhé Everish "NATURE" Elley Duhé, Jon Bellion, Mark Williams, Raul Cubina, Ojivolta
Jesse Markin Everish "Jericho" Jesse Markin, Totte Rautiainen
Laurel Everish "Scream Drive Faster" Jeremy Fromm Malvin, Laurel Mae Arnell-Cullen
Lil Halima Everish "Friends" Daniel Gidlund, Lilian Halima Anderssen, Rasmus Cantoreggi
MAKEYOUKNOWLOVE Everish "Don't Need Heaven" Anthony Hannides, Michael Hannides
RABBII Everish "All Men Must Die" Felix Persson, Johanna Berglund, Mats Jönsson
Roses Gabor Everish "I Could Be Yours" Roses Gabor, Stereotypes
Sally Lakadamian "QUAND JE VEUX JE PEUX" Adam FirstMan, Sally, Shawondasee, Skuna
Sylvan Esso Everish "Ferris Wheel" Amelia Meath, John Hill, Nick Sanborn
Tata Young Everish "ZOOM" Adam Anders, Nikki Hassman, Rasmus Bille Bähncke, Rene Tromborg, Supa'Flyas


Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Lil Halima "Friends" 7 7
2 RABBII "All Men Must Die" 7 7
3 Roses Gabor "I Could Be Yours" 11 3
4 Sylvan Esso "Ferris Wheel" 5 10
5 Laurel "Scream Drive Faster" 11 3
6 MAKEYOUKNOWLOVE "Don't Need Heaven" 15 1
7 Jesse Markin "Jericho" 8 6
8 Elley Duhé "NATURE" 14 2
9 Cub Sport "Hearts in Halves" 4 11
10 Delfy "Ocean on Fire" 3 12
11 Sally "QUAND JE VEUX JE PEUX" 7 7
12 Tata Young "ZOOM" 9 5

Super Final[edit]

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Points Percentage
1 Roses Gabor "I Could Be Yours" 14 37.84% 1
2 Laurel "Scream Drive Faster" 7 18.92% 3
3 MAKEYOUKNOWLOVE "Don't Need Heaven" 7 18.92% 3
4 Elley Duhé "NATURE" 9 24.32% 2