Zylomelodija 21

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Zylomelodija 21 was the 6th edition of the Zylo music competition Zylofestival and was held between 1 May 2020 and 1 June 2020. Presenters were Nicki Minaj and Tatianna. The winner of the contest is Tinashe with the song "Save Room for Us". She represented Zylofonija in the Fantasia Contest 21 in Neocastria.

Competing entries[edit]

Artist Language Song Songwriter(s)
Bobby Newberry Everish "Spicy" Bobby Newberry
Cecilia Gault Everish "In Front of My Eyes" Carl Louis Jarto, Cecilia Gault, Daniel Michael Victor, Rasmus Gregersen
Dana Williams Everish "Holiday" Alexander Grant, Cobaine Ivory, Dana Mary Williams, Alex Da Kid
Electric Youth Everish "The Life" Austin Garrick, Michael Fong
ili Everish "Changes" Emily Middlemas, Gil Lewis
Mr.K! Everish "No Shame" with Demmy Sober Demmy Sober, Marc Peña Rius
Rachel Chinouriri Everish "What Have I Ever Done" Rachel Chinouriri
Ruben Everish "Power" Lars Kristian Rosness, Ruben Markussen
That Kid Everish "Rocket" with Holliday Howe Olivia Howe, Spencer Joseph
Tinashe Everish "Save Room for Us" Connor McDonough, Max Levin, Riley McDonough, Tinashe, MAKJ
Vials Everish "Pillow Talk" Vials Kuysters, Matias Nardi, E Rostamabadi
Yelle Lakadamian "Moteur Action" Jean-François Perrier, Julie Budet, Jérôme Echenoz, Mathieu Jomphe-Lepine


Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Cecilia Gault "In Front of My Eyes" 6 9
2 Electric Youth "The Life" 20 1
3 Ruben "Power" 4 11
4 Yelle "Moteur Action" 11 3
5 Tinashe "Save Room for Us" 14 2
6 Mr.K! "No Shame" with Demmy Sober 11 3
7 Dana Williams "Holiday" 6 9
8 That Kid "Rocket" with Holliday Howe 9 6
9 ili "Changes" 9 6
10 Bobby Newberry "Spicy" 10 5
11 Vials "Pillow Talk" 9 6
12 Rachel Chinouriri "What Have I Ever Done" 4 11

Super Final[edit]

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
Points Percentage
1 Electric Youth "The Life" 18 27.27% 2
2 Yelle "Moteur Action" 14 21.21% 3
3 Tinashe "Save Room for Us" 21 31.82% 1
4 Mr.K! "No Shame" with Demmy Sober 13 19.70% 4