2020 Takimorujin Media Paper Crisis

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The 2020 Takimorujin Media Paper Crisis (Takimorujinian: 2020 Kensis od Meditsu Pyupin) is a serious of involvement regarding to the spreading of 2019-nCoV in Amelia and cause of the country calling the result of the several countries is now cutting the relation to Takimorujin. The Azukan Assembly decide to investigate the hoax by Police Force of Takimorujin and Anti-Cybercrime Division of Takimorujin and therefore the involvement is caused by News 24 Takimorujin.

Due the prior of the crisis, Takimorujin Prime Minister Okonomoe Yaggh gives an respond to Dyria and Sirenforest and Yaggh said that the involvement occurs our country and they leads to destroy our country and international relationship from making of propaganda. Takimorujin Prime Minister, Yaggh has order to shut down the News 24 Takimorujin and also he resigned on January 31, 2020. The plebiscite for the new constitution was ordered by king Abishita III.


The spread of the hoax news about 2019-Novel Corona Virus in Amelia and some of the system has been hacked by unknown person in Takimorujin. On January 29, 2020, the sabotage of the Takimorujin International Relationship to mention the other country like Vradiazi and llort. A News were came from Dyria "Taoiseach Kýosdóttir has questioned the validity of many cases of the Novel Coronavirus claimed by Takimorujin, especially in Amelia, and has asked for clarification surrounding the claims, stating that: The claims made by Takimorujin have not been backed up by any government on the list of countries that they mentioned. This makes it extremely hard to believe the full extent of the virus. No government spokesperson from any countries on the list have confirmed or denied that their country has the virus, so this makes it extremely vague and frankly, unbelievable.. especially in the country of Amelia, where there is simply no news sources to back up these claims. Therefore, believing that this virus exists is very difficult". And Sirenforest has report and it says "Another thing President DeSantis discussed at the State of the Union was the recent Coronavirus discovery that apparently killed one Amelian citizen. He stated that he is unsure of the existence of it, and that if it really exists, Sirenforest is one of the top pro-vaccination countries in Fantasia so the health department is working on a vaccine just in case of an outbreak in the country". Among the issue, Dyria and Takimorujin Journals Association (TJA) has involved to sabotage. Another report came from Sylvian "After many statements about the virus that Takimorujin has made, the journalist and mainly the inhabitants of Sylvan side with Dýria and Sirenforst side. Even proffesional doctors in Sylvan have said that they have not heard or seen any signs of this virus. Obviously if any reliable sources confirm this virus, Sylvan will try to protec it's citizens as much as it can but as for now it is confirmed there is nothing to fear in terms of this virus". And then the Frootania cuts the relationship to Takimorujin regarding to the sabotage. And finally the Takimorujin Prime Minister, Okonomoe Yaggh orders to shutdown the News 24 Takimorujin for the causes of sabotage and he resigned.

"We are shutting down the Broadcasting Network and I will command to create an wise broadcasting network for next 3 days, because that news contains a freaking hoax and threatening other countries in Fantasia World. For all countries in Fantasia, I would like to apologize for some members of TBC (Takimorujin Broadcasting Center) to make an propaganda from my country. This is the Final Statement of the News. That Media is caused of making an hoax regarding to the Virus Spreading in any Countries. and I would like to Resign as the Prime Minister of Takimorujin. Sorry for the dear King Abishita III for the leave for Azukan. This crisis should be end". -Okonomoe Yaggh

International Reactions[edit]