Kuwianish Stars

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Kuwianish Stars
GenreSong contest
Country of originKBS Central Studio, Muang Yang,  Kuwiang
Original language(s)Presented in Kuwegian and Ayuthayan, songs in various languages
No. of episodes3 editions
Location(s) Kuwiang
Production company(s)Kuwiang Broadcasting Service (KBS)
Original channelKBS
Original release28 April 2022 (2022-04-28)
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Kuwianish Stars is a song competition organized by Kuwianish public broadcaster Kuwiang Broadcasting Service (KBS). It determines the country's representative for the Fantasia Contest. The first edition took place on 28 April 2022 to select the Kuwianish entry for the Fantasia Contest 28.


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Edition Fantasia Artist Song Songwriter(s) Language(s) Final Points Semi Points
#01 #28 Hiwwhee "Get Me Cum" Wanchaleom Chamneanphon Ayuthayan, Everish
Failed to qualify
12 52
#02 #29 Cathedrals "Just a Game" Brodie Jenkins, Johnny Hwin Everish 23 79 6 72
#03 #34 Valen Hsu "Freyja" Chen Junwei, David Ke, Kelly Pan, Nate Chang, Timo Oiva Amelian 20 82 4 94
#04 #35 Aina Abdul "Aina Abdul" Aina Abdul, Wong Sylvia Eastern Pengerian TBD


Occurrences Language
18 Everish
6 Ayuthayan
3 Bamarese
Eastern Pengerian
2 Namimorish
1 Amelian
Western Pengerian


Total Province Venue Edition
3 Muang Yang KBS Central Studio #01, #02, #03
1 Muang Yang Arena #04