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GenreSong contest
Presented byRi Chun-Hee
Country of originWedse Wedse
Original language(s)Wedse Wedsen
Wedse Mashgal
Flírskmasto Flírsk
No. of episodes2 editions
Location(s)Wedse Capital
Production company(s)WTV
Original channelWTV1
Original release4 May 2020 (2020-05-04)
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Duu (Wedsen: Дуу, Mashgal: Iнсащɪź) is a song competition organised by Wedsen public broadcaster Wedse Television(WTV). It has selected the country's representative for the Fantasia Contest twice out of 5 participations.


Duu (translated into Everish as ‘Song’) was originally created to be a regional competition between the 10 counties of Wedse. However, the plans for this later got postponed due to the admission of Wedse into the Fantasia Contest.

Plans for Duu later were revived by WTV as they looked for alternatives for finding the next Wedsen singer for the Fantasia Contest. Duu was therefore brought back onto WTV’s future programmes which the public were to be involved in to achieve maximum revenue. The contest first aired on the 4th of May 2020. 6 artists from Wedse competed , and the voting process was 100% televoting.

Selection of contestants[edit]

Artists that participated in the contest[edit]

Edition Artist Song Total Place
1 Jeedesh Idirisova "Narinay (Наринаы)" 5 3
Futuroma "Davtamj (Давтамй)" 3 6
Bi-2 "Peklo (Пекло)" 6 2
Dharia "August Diaries" 5 3
Kamshat Zholdybayeva "Caramel" 8 1
Au/Ra "Dance in the dark" 5 3
2 Loboda "Noviy Rim (Новиы Рим)" 6 3
Skarlxrd "Faded." 7 2
Zivert "Credo" 6 3
Alice Longyu Gao "Rich Bitch Juice" 8 1


Since there are no restrictions regarding the language of the entries, the songs can be performed in any language. As of the second edition, Everish has been the most used language in Duu, followed by Flírsk.

Occurrences Language
4 Everish
3 Flírsk
1 Wedsen


Episode Song Artist Songwriter(s) Language Final Points Semi Points
1 "Caramel" Kamshat Zholdybayeva Havdalhan Dinmuhammed, Ernar Nurgaliev, Azamat Dulatov, Anya Satmaganbet, Bekzat Omirzak Pashi
Did not qualify
11 105
2 "Rich Bitch Juice" Alice Longyu Gao Nate Puff Everish
Did not qualify
16 39

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