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So far, there have been two winners of the Themed Fantasia Contest, a competition organised by members of the Fantasia Broadcasting Association. The contest has been held once approximately every six months since July 2022. The contest's winner has been determined through a voting system in which each country casts votes through jury. The country with the most points is declared the winner. Throughout the two contests held, Saint Vittoria and Alchten have won the contest once.


Edn. Country Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city
#01  Saint Vittoria Nelly Furtado "Say It Right" 334 5  Glacea Fordia Niokori
#02  Alchten Go Ichinose "Cynthia's Theme" 239 15  Llort Saint Vittoria Magala

By country[edit]

Wins Country Editions
1  Alchten #2
 Saint Vittoria #1

By language[edit]

Wins Language Editions
1 Everish #01
Instrumental #02

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