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Logo of Ywdifest
GenreSong contest
Country of origin Ydiwealth
Original language(s)Presented in Everish with subtitles in Ywdi, Latinican and Eväman
No. of episodes3 edition
Location(s)Various,  Ydiwealth
Production company(s)Ywdi Television (YWTV)
Original channelYWTV1
Original release10 July 2022 (2022-07-10)
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Ywdifest is a song competition organized by Ywdi public broadcaster Ywdi Television (YWTV). It determines the country's representative for the Fantasia Contest. It was created for the Fantasia Contest 29.


Interested artists plus those internally contacted by the broadcaster have the possibility to submit their songs. After some days, the artists will perform in front of a panel of five jurors composed of Humberto Davila (singer), Jaïr Llesera (record label manager), Roan Laŭro (choreographer), Tuula Waris (singer) and Maia Keskula (lyricist); the best ten songs will be selected for the show. Each artist has the right to submit more than one song, but YWTV will only select one. Songs can be in any language or even instrumentals, but songs in one of the recognised languages in Ydiwealth (Ywdi, Latinican, Eväman, Ondurian and Kerwanese) or Everish are seen with a better perspective.

The logo of Ywdifest represents, in a simplified way by using three coloured spheres, the three regions that compose the Republic of Ydiwealth through a form of unity, the number one principle of the union.      Red for the northern region of Alamitto (Latinican speaking region);      Blue for the southern region of Jääteemu (Evämaan speaking region) and      Yellow for the central region of Ivo Urbó capital city (Ywdi & Everish speaking region).


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