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The state of Fyor contains 3 main languages, they vary in recognition between each territory, these languages are Fyoric (spoken in Fyor), Kiras (spoken in Kiraso) and Jigoton (spoken in Explorers Island). Fyor currently recognises Fyoric and Kiras while Kiraso recognises Kiras, Fyoric and Jigoton. Explorers Island does not have the authority to recognise languages on its own, so currently only Fyoric is recognised. Fyoric and Kiras are mutually intelligible while Jigoton is completely different and not similar at all to the other 2 languages


Fyoric and Kiras use similar vocabulary, sometimes accents or the last letter of a word may vary but overall words are generally understood easily by speakers of the other language. Fyoric sentences are usually shorter than Kiras sentences, Fyoric sentences are concise and straight to the point as things like prepositions and pronouns are only 1 word, while in Kiras they can be up to 3 and sometimes even 4. In addition, some words or phrases in Fyoric are split into multiple in Kiras. For example "un bo día" in Kiras is just "bodia" in Fyoric. The phrase "Li iris al la butiko" in Kiras is just "Li iris butiko" in Fyoric as seen in the table below. Both of these words and phrases carry the same meaning in both languages

Comparison table[edit]

Everish Fyoric Kiras Jigoton
Hello, how are you? Saluton, como estaj? Olá, como vi estáj? Ajak, ho gan dit?
It is a nice day today. Hoxe bodia tago hodiaŭ Hoxe un bo día hodiaŭ Dit is leker dag vandag
Stop being annoying! Ĉesu de molestar! Ĉesu de ĝeni molestar! Hou op om iriternd te wes!
He went to the shop, then played football in the park. Li iris butiko, despois xogou fútbol parkej. Li iris al la butiko, e despois xogou ao fútbol no parque. Hy is winkel toe en het toe soker in die park gespel.

Language proficiency by country[edit]

Country Aquian Everish Fyoric Jigoton Kiras Latinican
Explorers Island 0% 11% 96% 100% 23% 0%
Fyor 83% 71% 99.9% 1% 93% 49%
Kiraso 92% 95% 97% 5% 91% 76%