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Eurovision Song Contest 2019
Dare to Dream
Semi-final 114 May 2019
Semi-final 216 May 2019
Final18 May 2019
VenueExpo Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
Presenter(s)Erez Tal
Bar Refaeli
Assi Azar
Lucy Ayoub
Directed byAmir Ukrainitz
Sivan Magazanik
Executive supervisorJon Ola Sand
Executive producerZivit Davidovich[1]
Host broadcasterIsraeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC)
Opening act
Interval act
Number of entries41
Debuting countriesNone
Returning countriesNone
Withdrawing countriesTemplate:Esc
Voting systemEach country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting.
Nul pointsNone
Winning songTemplate:Esc
{{Infobox song contest
| name       = 
| year       =
| logo       = 
| quarter    = 
| semi       =
| semi1      =
| semi2      =
| semi3      =
| semi4      =
| second     = 
| final      = 
| presenters = 
| director   = 
| exsupervisor = 
| writer     =
| winner     = 
| vote       = 
| host       = 
| venue      = 
| entries    = 
| debut      = 
| return     = 
| withdraw   = 
| null       =
| interval   = 
| opening    = 
<!-- Map Legend Colours -->
| Green    = 
| Green SA = 
| Purple   = 
| Red      = 
| Red NQ   = 
| Yellow   = 
| Blue     =
Parameter Contents
name The full name (e.g. Eurovision Song Contest / Junior Eurovision Song Contest / Eurovision Dance Contest / ABU Song Festivals)
year Year the contest took place (e.g. "2009")
theme The contest theme (e.g. "True Fantasy")
quarter Date of the quarter-final
semi Date of the semi-final (before the introduction of 2 semis) (e.g. 1 January 2000) (Do not use "semi" with "semi1 and "semi2")
semi1 Date of the first semi-final (e.g. 1 January 2000) (Do not use "semi" with "semi1", "semi2", "semi3" and "semi4")
semi2 Date of the second semi-final (e.g. 2 January 2000) (Do not use "semi" with "semi1", "semi2", "semi3" and "semi4")
semi3 Date of the third semi-final (e.g. 3 January 2000) (Do not use "semi" with "semi1", "semi2", "semi3" and "semi4")
semi4 Date of the fourth semi-final (e.g. 4 January 2000) (Do not use "semi" with "semi1", "semi2", "semi3" and "semi4")
second Date of the second chance contest
final Date of the contest final (e.g. 1 January 2000)
presenters Presenter(s) who present the contest, multiples add <br />
conductor Conductor who conducts the contest
supervisor Supervisor who supervises the contest
producer Producer who produces the contest
director Director who directs the contest
host The host broadcaster, use: full broadcaster title and its abbreviation British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Do not use flagicons, per WP:ICONDECORATION.
winner Winning song of the Euro Song and Junior contests, use:{{flag|COUNTRY}}<br />"[[Song Name]]"
windance Winning dance of the Eurovision Young Dancers
winmusician Winning musician of the Eurovision Young Musicians
winchoir Winning choir of Eurovision Choir
vote Voting system used
entries Number of countries taking part
debut Countries making their first time appearance
return Returning countries
withdraw Withdrawing countries
null Countries who received no points
Interval Interval act
opening Opening act
reprise Reprise act (ABU Song Festivals)
Green Map legend green (Participating countries)
Green SA Map legend green (Confirmed countries that have selected their song and/or performer)
Purple Map legend purple (Confirmed countries)
Red Map legend red (Did not qualify from the semi final)
Red NQ Map legend red (Did not qualify to the final) (ABU Song Festivals etc)
Yellow Map legend yellow (Countries that participated in the past but will not in year)
Blue Map legend blue (Countries that hadn't participated in the past but broadcast the show delayed) (For Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest)

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  1. Zwart, Josianne; Groot, Evert (2 July 2018). "KAN appoints two core team members for Eurovision 2019". Eurovision.tv. Retrieved 18 August 2018.