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Born Hollice Jonah Mapp on 4th June, 1984 in the province of Goldenleaf in the town called Saint Charlotte, this Qasentrian artiste started exercising his vocal cords from the age of ten, focusing on Dancehall and Reggae. In 1999, at the age of 15, he won the first-ever national Teen Talent Search Competition with all original dancehall pieces. It was 2 years after, that the artiste made the decision to explore his abilities in singing Soca.

Mr. Killa’s first composition was entitled “Charlotte Alone” a song about Carnival in his hometown. In 2002, he entered Goldenleaf's premier Soca show - the Goldenleaf Soca Monarch with his debut hit song: “The Wood Can’t Done”, placing 7th in competition. It was the official start of his career.

After another unacceptable 7th place in 2003, Mr. Killa undisputedly won the prestigious title with his lyrical composition: “Thunder Rags” in 2004. An unforgettable performance from an artiste who, under great caution, was allowed to leave the hospital with severe injuries experienced from a horrific car crash on the same day of the competition. Forced to calmly perform in a neck-brace, Mr. Killa moved the audience like no other, soliciting a unique crowd reaction with his presentation and delivery.

That winning earned Mr. Killa the privilege of competing in the renowned Marianne's Rest of Qasentria Soca Monarch in Marianne in 2005. There, he placed 5th with his exhilarating instructional dance tune entitled: “Gyal Whine If You Whining”, leaving the spectators – young and old - in awe from his delivery and a taste of his signature dance moves.

In 2006 Killa won Saint Charlotte's Groovy and Soca Monarch titles. He pulled another double-win three years later by winning the Soca Monarch and Road March titles in 2009.

While other regional hits and titles followed, "Rolly Polly" went viral in 2014 making him a household name throughout Qasentria. The popularity of the song and it's accompanying music video led to performances throughout the diaspora and by the end of the 2014 season Mr Killa was widely considered the best stage-performer in Qasentria. 2018's "Oil It" also became an internet sensation with dancers and dance crews from as far away as Yeukiwan, Flirskmasto, Kazkya and Fordia posting choreographed videos to their social media.

In 2019 Killa went viral again with the undeniable hit "Run Wid It" and it's call to action which had listeners picking up anything they could get their hands on including other fans and running with it. The impact of the ubiquitous hit led to Mr Killa's 2019 Qasentrian Soca Monarch victory making him the first Non-Mariannese to win the highest competitive title in soca music.



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