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The United Communes of Loutreniye

Hérigghenno Bakerat Liloutreniyé (Loutriniyan)
Lutreñe Komun Bateratuak (Euskaran)
Flag of Loutreniye
"Çipecok ci Yaviretvo ket Çipenya"(Loutriniyan)
(Everish:"The collective is stronger than the individual")
"Diyo Piyàcamorrina"(Loutriniyan)
(Everish:"Through the purple country")
and largest city
Official languagesLoutriniyan
Recognised national languagesEverish
Recognised regional languagesEuskaran
98% Irreligious/atheism
1% Folk Religion
1% Other
GovernmentFederal Syndicalist State
• Syndicalist Revolution
21,132 km2 (8,159 sq mi) (100)
• 2021 estimate
2,176,590 (88)
• Density
103/km2 (266.8/sq mi) (20)
very high
CurrencyLoutriniyan Retço (LTR)
Time zone+10
Date formatDD-MM-YYYY
Driving sideleft
Calling code+68
Internet TLD.lt

Loutreniye (Loutriniyan: Loutreniyé) officially The United Communes of Loutreniye (Loutriniyan: Hérigghenno Bakerat Liloutreniyé) is a sovereign state in the north of Serica. It covers an area of 21,132 square kilometres and is inhabited by approximately 2,176,590 people. Its capital and largest city is Mùcelidiyé.


Loutreniye is a federal syndicalist republic. This means that the nation controlled by elected bodies from trade unions and thus there is no official president or prime minister. The Loutriniyan legislature is the Karrehérigghecok (Building of all the communes). A notable feature of Loutreniye's political system is the absence of political parties, with all members of the Karrehérigghecok sitting as independents. Partisan politics was outlawed in Loutreniye in 1956 and despite pressure from foreign nations, the largely isolationist country has maintained this system up to the current day, with it proving especially popular among the country's rural population.

Social Policies and Laws[edit]


  • You become a legal adult at age 18.
  • There is no legal driving age as roads are rare in the country, and most people use public transportation.
  • The age of consent is 16.
  • Formal marriages are uncommon and as such there is no official minimum age to do so
  • Capital punishment is not used.
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are legal.
  • Pornography is legal with age restriction.
  • Gambling is illegal.


  • Votes are held amongst trade union members of which you have to be 16 years old to join.
  • People of all Genders, Religions, and Education level have the right to vote. The wealthiest 5% of the population are forbidden from joining a trade union and therfore are unable to vote.
  • Individuals are not required to be citizens to vote.
  • Those with criminal records are permitted to vote.
  • One must be 16 years old to run for public office.

Gun laws[edit]

  • In Loutreniye, weapons are illegal and firearms are forbidden from entering the country.

Drug laws[edit]

  • Alcohol (<15% by volume) is legal and restricted for those 16 years and older.
  • Alcohol (>15% by volume) is legal for medicinal use only.
  • Nicotine and Tobacco products are legal for medicinal use only.
  • Cannabis is legal and restricted for those 16 years and older.

Abortion laws[edit]

  • In Loutreniye, abortion is legal and there is no social stigma towards it.
  • Costs are covered by the state.
  • Abortion is legal up at any point from conception.
  • Abortion is legal in the case of fetal defects.
  • Abortion is legal in the case of rape and where the mother's life may be threatened.
  • Abortion is regulated by the state. Only public hospitals are allowed to perform it and are obliged by law to give extra counselling/therapy to women in order to deal with the abortion. There are no private clinics operating in the country.

LGBT rights[edit]

  • Same sex activity is legal in Loutreniye, and there is no social stigma towards the LGBT community. Instead, there is a general stigma towards heterosexuality due to perceived overpopulation and negative attitudes towards breeding children.
  • The age of consent for same sex intercourse is the same as heterosexual intercourse.
  • The LGBT community has the freedom of expression.
  • The LGBT community is protected by law from discrimination.
  • The LGBT community have the right to enter into partnerships and can adopt children with the same rights as heterosexual couples. Same-sex marriages are not recognized as formal marriages in general are rare in the country.
  • Changing one's gender is legal. There are no set limits on the number of recognised genders.


  • There are no armed forces in Loutreniye.

Freedom of Speech[edit]

  • Freedom of speech is granted to all citizens constitutionally.
  • It is legal to criticize the government.
  • Online speech falls under Freedom of Speech.
  • Laws concerning hate speech do exist.
  • Laws concerning the incitement of violence do exist but are not well enforced.
  • The press is considered as free.
  • There is minimal censorship online by the government.

Administrative Divisions[edit]

The major administrative divisions are the 4 major island groupings of Loutreniye (ùhanno): ùhazorro, ùhasùrro, ùhavarro & the largest island ùhabùruya. These all maintain their own separate identities and cultures, with notably ùhazorro in particular being mostly populated by the Euskaran minority population and constituting the évuskalla rojiyollapannoàja giving them a degree of autonomy on the island itself.

Loutreniye is also divided into 228 communes (hérigghenno) that each constitute approximately 10,000 people, and which are revised regularly to reflect changes in demographics.