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The Grand Duchy of Eda

Edà (Edaian)
Flag of Eda
"Taika tarp tautų"(Drevonan)
(Everish:"Peace among the nations")
File:Location Map Eda.png
and largest city
Official languagesEverish • Drevonan
Recognised national languagesEdaian
56% Atheism
43% Christianity
1% Hinduism
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary democracy
• Grand Dukes
Edd Gurr & Darkko Sinkk
• Head of Government
Frankk de la Tubbell
• Independence from Trivania
CurrencyEdaian Wulf (¥) (EDW)
Time zone-1
Date formatYYYY-MM-DD
Driving sideright
Calling code+433
Internet TLD.ed

Eda (Edaian: Edà) officially 'Grand Duchy of Eda is a sovereign state in central Wulfor. Its capital and largest city is Darkk.


Eda is a unitary "full democracy", with a parliamentary democracy headed by two constitutional monarchs. Executive power is exercised by two Grand Dukes and the cabinet, which consists of several other ministers. The two Grand Dukes are Edd Gurr and his husband Darkko Sinkk. The current head of government is Frankk de la Tubbell. The Edaian legislature is the Parliament.

Social Policies and Laws[edit]


  • You become a legal adult at age 18.
  • You can obtain a driver's license at age 18.
  • The age of consent is 16.
  • The legal age of marriage is 16.
  • Capital punishment is not used.
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide are legal.
  • Pornography is legal with age restriction.
  • Gambling is illegal.


  • There is no voting in Eda.

Gun laws[edit]

  • In Eda, weapons are illegal.

Drug laws[edit]

  • Alcohol (<15% by volume) is legal and restricted for those 18 years and older.
  • Alcohol (>15% by volume) is legal and restricted for those 18 years and older.
  • Nicotine and Tobacco products are illegal.
  • Cannabis is legal for medicinal use only and restricted for those 21 years and older.

Abortion laws[edit]

  • In Eda, abortion is legal and there is no social stigma towards it.

LGBT rights[edit]

  • Same sex activity is legal in Eda, and there is no social stigma towards the LGBT community.
  • The age of consent for same sex intercourse is the same as heterosexual intercourse.
  • The LGBT community has the freedom of expression.
  • The LGBT community is protected by law from discrimination.
  • The LGBT community has the right to marry and can adopt children with the same rights as heterosexual couples.
  • Changing one's gender is legal. Three genders are recognized by law.


  • There are no armed forces in Eda.

Freedom of Speech[edit]

  • Freedom of speech is granted to all citizens constitutionally.
  • It is legal to criticize the government.
  • Online speech falls under Freedom of Speech.
  • Laws concerning hate speech do exist but are not well enforced.
  • Laws concerning the incitement of violence do exist.
  • The press is considered as almost completely free.
  • There is minimal censorship online by the government.