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Fantasia Contest 28

Vital Statistics

Who’ll be performing:

Solo Female (23): Alchten, Demacia, Dýria, Evergreen, Flírskmasto, Fordia, Katsyria, Lanovina, Lidonia, Llort, Moly-Boronia, Namimori, Niolskiaj, Qasentria, Ruyjin Republic, Taslana, The White Havens, Torlova, Tsikinia, US Eldance, Vradiazi, Wedse, Zylofonija

Solo Male (3): Ka'a and Kehbe, Khamatin, Lakadamia

Duos (14): Aquia, Ermy, Glaiola, Fyor, Jarea, Juliana, Kazkya, Kingdovania, Scandavia, Sincuerello, Sovarasma, Sylvan, Tsytria, Ulikana

Groups and Collaborations (including initial Namimorish entry) (12): AchrĂła, Danskanksova, Dorma, Kuwiang, Namimori, Ninelie, Pohunskia, Shkeera, Suuher, Vikyirie, Ximbala, Yeukiwan

Trans and non-binary (2): Frootania, Ydiwealth

How they were chosen:

National finals (10): Alchten, FlĂ­rskmasto, Kazkya, Khamatin, Kuwiang, Ninelie, Scandavia, Sovarasma, Ulikana, Zylofonija

Internal selections (41): Achróa, Aquia, Danskanksova, Demacia, Dorma, Dýria, Ermy, Evergreen, Fordia, Frootania, Fyor, Jarea, Juliana, Ka'a and Kehbe, Katsyria, Kingdovania, Lakadamia, Lanovina, Lidonia, Llort, Moly-Boronia, Namimori, Qasentria, Pohunskia, Ruyjin Republic, Shkeera, Sincuerello, Suuher, Sylvan, Taslana, Tsytria, The White Havens, Torlova, Tsikinia, US Eldance, Vikyirie, Vradiazi, Ximbala, Ydiwealth, Yeukiwan, Wedse

Partial National Final (2): Glaiola, Niolskiaj

How many have had previous involvement with Eurovision?

Seven contestants already participated in Fantasia Contest:


Florence + the Machine represented Danskanksova in 1st and 11th editions, coming 12th and 2nd respectively.


Adna represented Demacia in the 8th edition and finished 3rd in the grand final.


Jaguar Jonze represented Llort in 20th edition, but failed to qualify and placed 12th.


NIKI represented Llort in 23rd edition, but failed to qualify and placed 12th.


Mothica represented Lidonia in 22nd edition and finished 14th in the grand final.


Niteworks represented Pohunskia in 14th edition, but failed to qualify and finished last.


Charlotte AdigĂŠry represented Wyvernbourne in 17th edition and finished 13th in the grand final.

Who wasn’t born in the country they’ll be representing? (including initial Namimorish entry)


Adna was born to AchrĂłan parents.


Three members of Oh My Girl!: YooA, Yubin and Arin are from Jarea.


Nolwenn Leroy is half-Lakdamian singer.


Jaguar Jonze was born in Namimori to an Amelian mother and Llortish father.


Omar Apollo's mother is Ximbalan. Daniel Caesar is Zylo-Eldancan singer.


NIKI was born and raised in Llort.


Initially, of members of IVE, Yujin is from Jarea, Wonyoung is half-Jarean, Gaeul and Leeseo are from Gasandae.

Gin Lee is based in Qasentria and had Kuwianish-Malyiese roots.


NAVA has Torlovan origin.


AĂŻsha Devi was born to Llortish immigants.


Charlotte AdigĂŠry is a Wyvish singer. Bolis Pupul was born to a Wyvish father and an Amelian mother.


Among Mamadol (M.M.D) members, Sunye is half-Hwae, Jungah is half-Namimorish, Yang Eunji is from Hwaesonna, Byul is Hwae-Namimorish actress.


Petite Meller was born to a Levallese father and a Lakdamian mother.



Qasentria revealed the artist first. It is Nekota Netako, Qasentrian singer, songwriter, and keyboardist. She was a vocalist and keyboardist of the Qasentrian group JYOCHO.

On 27th of April, Nekota released her second album, "Strange Boquet". One of seven songs will be performed in either Everish or Jaranese.

List of possible songs:

1. Amanogawa (Everish: The Milky Way)

2. Strange boquet

3. Minimize

4. Nyūdōgumo (Everish: Cumulonimbus)

5. Tsuki ni naru (Everish: To the moon)

6. Incarnation

7. Anata ga shuyaku (Everish: You're the Protaganist)

"Minimize" was selected as Qasentrian entry for 28th edition.


YUQI with song "Bonnie & Clyde" was selected to represent Katsyria. YUQI is Amelian singer. As KatsyriaRuyjin Republic Hatchie finished 2nd in 27th edition, YUQI automatically qualified for the 28th edition.


GlaiolaXimbala Omar Apollo was selected to represent Glaiola. He was born on the 20th May 1997 in Glaiola City to a Ximbalan mother and a Glaiolan father. He attempted to represent Glaiola twice, reaching the superfinal in both apeearances, with songs "So Good" and "Go Away".

Despite the artist was selected internally, national final "A Song For Omar Apollo" (Glaiola Gala 5) is held. The songs are: "Invincible" (feat. ZylofonijaUnited States of Eldance Daniel Caesar) and "Tamagotchi". The former won with 13 votes over the latter, which scored only 2 votes.


Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar with song "Never Catch Me" were selected to represent Sincuerello.


Niteworks with song "Gura mise tha fo Èislein" were selected to represent Pohunskia. They previously represented Pohunskia in 14th edition, but came last with 73 points.


Yeukiwan made a debut in 28th edition, along with Dorma, Tsikinia and Ydiwealth.

On their first appearance, YeukiwanHwaesonnaNamimori Mamadol (M.M.D) with song "WooAh HIP" were selected to represent Yeukiwan.

Mamadol (M.M.D) is a 6 member comeback project group under CJENM of moms who were stars but had to leave the entertainment industry due to childbirth and childcare.


YeukiwanHwaesonna Sunye (ex-Wonder Girls)

Yeukiwan Kahi (ex-After School)

NamimoriYeukiwan Jungah (ex-Jewerly)

Hwaesonna Yang Eunji (ex-Baby V.O.X Re.V)

HwaesonnaNamimori Byul (soloist)

Yeukiwan Hyun Jyuni (actress)

Ruyjin Republic

Baby Queen with song "Colours of Love" was selected to represent Ruyjin Republic.


After four non-qualifications in a row, Kuwiang organized a national selection. The contestants are: Alisa Xayalith, Athen Cho Swe, Dolla, Hiwwhee, JerrĂż Jay, Kwang Jiraphan, Sprite Bababi and TaitosmitH.

In the first round, all eight competing acts performed, and 2-3 entries that received the most points from the international juries progressed to the second round.

In the second round (superfinal), the competing act that received the most votes from public televoting won the contest and would represent Kuwiang at the Fantasia Contest.

HIWWHEE with song "Get Me Cum" had won the national selection.


Initially, NamimoriJareaGasandae IVE with song "Love Dive" were selected to represent Namimori.


Jarea Yujin

Gasandae Gaeul

Namimori Rei

NamimoriJarea Wonyoung

Namimori Liz

Gasandae Leeseo

However, on the 21st of May, it was replaced by NamimoriKuwiangQasentria Qasentria-based Namimorish singer and songwriter Gin Lee with Kuwianish-Malyiese roots with song "IDK". "IDK" became the first Namimorish entry to be perform in Xiaozhan.

The White Havens

Em Beihold with song "Numb Little Bug" was selected to represent The White Havens.


ZylofonijaLevalleLakadamia Petite Meller a.k.a Syvan Meller with song "Baby Love" was selected to represent Zylofonija. She had won Zylofestival 28, beating out Elaine 2 points. Tinashe, who represented Zylofonija in 21st edition, came 4th, Alfie Templeman, who represented Zylofonija in 8th edition of Junior Fantasia Contest, came last.


Juicy Bae feat. Yesan with song "Malas Lenguas" was selected to represent Aquia.


DOECHII with song "Crazy" was selected to represent Fordia.


Khamatin organized a national selection. The contestants are: Bibio, Cristian Leave, Elizabete Gaile, Hania Rani, Ichiko Aoba, James Blake, Thom Yorke, Yadam, Brooke Bentham, Fink, Fionn Regan, Grouper and WHYTE (the former eight contestants participated in the semifinal, the latter 5 contestants automatically qualified for the final).

The national selection was won by YADAM with song "Nada Es Seguro".


DormaJarea Oh My Girl with song "Replay" were selected to represent Dorma on their debut.


Dorma Hyojung

Dorma Mimi

Jarea YooA (previously represented Jarea in 23rd edition)

Dorma Seunghee

Jarea Yubin

Jarea Arin

Jarea JinE

Dorma Jiho


National selection consisting of: Tessa Violet, Sabela, Chase Icon, Jessica Winter, Tokischa and Marshmello, Erin Rae, The Knocks and Dragonette and Silvana Estrada (previously represented Kazkya in 18th edition).

Tokischa and Marshmello with song "Estilazo" won the selection. Tokischa attempted to represent Ulikana in 27th edition with Yomel El Meloso with song "Singamo", but failed to qualify for the superfinal by 1 point.


NilĂźfer Yanya with song "Crush" won the national selection and was selected to represent Alchten. The song was re-used from Ulikana DesidĂŠ Oinoche 1, where it came as runner-up with 88 points.


DýriaLakadamia Nolwenn Leroy with song "BrÊsil, Finistère" was selected to represent Dýria.


The fourth edition of Ulikana DesidĂŠ Oinoche was held. The winners of the contest are UlikanaWyvernbourne Charlotte AdigĂŠry and WyvernbourneAmelia Bolis Pupul with the song "Blenda". Charlotte AdigĂŠry previously represented Wyvernbourne in 17th edition and came 13th in the grand final.

Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Ulikana Flo "Cardboard Box" 2.346153846 3
2 UlikanaQasentria Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion "Lick" 3.384615385 4
3 UlikanaWyvernbourneAmelia Charlotte AdigĂŠry and Bolis Pupul "Blenda" 2.115384615 1
4 Ulikana Yola "Stand for Myself" 2.153846154 2


Koven with song "Everything" was selected to represent Sylvan.


Katie Geraghty - vocalist

Max Rowat - producer


ChĂŠri with song "Mira Me" was selected to represent Lakadamia.


Natasha St-Pier with song "Sancta Maria" was selected to represent Moly-Boronia.


Vikyirie returned to the 28th edition after 4-editions break.

Regard and Years & Years with song "Hallucination" was selected to represent Vikyirie.


LanovinaLlort NIKI with song "Every Summertime" was selected to represent Lanovina. NIKI previously represented Llort in the 23rd edition, but failed to qualify, finishing 12th.


Kate Miller-Heidke feat. LlortNamimoriAmelia Jaguar Jonze with song "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore" were selected to represent Ermy. Jaguar Jonze previously represented Llort in the 20th edition, but failed to qualify, finishing 12th.


Addison Rae with song "I Got It Bad" was selected to represent Niolskiaj.


Nava with song "Senti" was selected to represent Ninelie.


Meesha Shafi with song "Rajkumari" was selected to represent Llort.


DUCKWRTH ft. Shaun Ross with song "Power Power" were selected to represent Juliana.


Frootania returned to the 28th edition after 7-editions break.

Kerosin95 with song "Trans Agenda Dynastie" was selected to represent Frootania. Kerosin95 became the first Frootanian entrant to be transgender and "Trans Agenda Dynastie" became the first entry to be performed in Scandavian.


Jaqui Lin with song "Chicles" was selected to represent Vradiazi.


Gorgeous with song "Divine" was selected to represent Fyor.


Q'IWA with song "INTI" was selected to represent Ydiwealth on their debut.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever with song "Cars in Space" were selected to represent AchrĂła.

Non-qualifiers results

Artists from different countries

Fantasia Contest 24


AlchtenSincuerello Dua Saleh is a Alchteni-Sincuerellese singer. Alchten received 12 points in Rest of Fantasia, 8 jury and 4 televote points from Sincuerello.


CorzazjanHwaesonna Rei Ami is a Corzazi-Hwae singer. Hwaesonna was unable to award points to Corzazjan.


ErmyLakadamia Louise Verneuil is a Ermian-Lakadamian singer.


GlaceaPashlanahuy Promis3 is a Glacean group. They represented Pashlanahuy in the 19th edition. Pashlanahuy didn't participate since twenty-fourth edition.


JulianaHwaesonna Balming Tiger feat. Omega Sapien & wnjn are from Julianoise-Hwae singers. Hwaesonna was unable to award points to Juliana.


KatsyriaFlĂ­rskmasto Palina is a Flirk-based Katsyrian singer. Katsyria received 6 points in Rest of Fantasia from FlĂ­rskmasto.


KuwiangAmeliaScandavia Will Jay is a Kuwianish-Amelian singer of Scandavian descent. Amelia didn't participate since thirteenth edition, while Scandavia was unable to award any points to Kuwiang.


Moly-BoroniaQasentriaJarea Sonnet Son is a Boronian-Qasentrian-Jarean singer. She was born to Qasentrian-Jarean parents. Jarea was unable to award any points to Moly-Boronia, but Qasentria awarded 7 points in Rest of Fantasia to Moly-Boronia.


NamimoriYster April Red are Namimorish-Ystrian group. Yster didn't participate since nineteenth edition.


NeocastriaWyvernbourne Tkay Maidza is a Neocastrian-Wyverish singer. She represented Wyvernbourne in 18th edition. Wyvernbourne didn't participate since twenty-second edition.


SincuerelloRuyjin Republic U.S. Girls is a Sincuerellese-Ruyjinese singer. Ruyjin Republic awarded 12 points in the jury voting, but no televote points to Sincuerello.


UlikanaLakadamia SÔNGE is a Ulikan singer, who was born to Lakadamian parents. Ulikana received 12 points in Rest of Fantasia from Lakadamia.

US Eldance

Among Eldancan entrants, United States of EldanceXimbalaKazkya SofĂ­a Reyes is a Eldancan singer of Kazkyan and Ximbalan origin. US Eldance received 12 from Ximbala, but no points from Kazkya in Rest of Fantasia.

Fantasia Contest 27


AlchtenDanskanksova Jazmin Bean is a Alchteni-Dansk singer.


AlkyriaEvämaaAlchten pins.ku is a Alkyrian singer. She was born to Alkyrian mother and Evämaan father.


GlaiolaAquiaUnited States of Eldance Jarina De Marco is Glaiolan-born, Aquian-rased and Eldancan-based singer, Wyvernbourne Dylan Brady is a Wyverish singer.


KazkyaCorzazjanTorlova Donna Missal is a Kazkyan-Corzazi-Torlovan singer.


LlortMoly-BoroniaTorlova Priya Ragu is Llotish-Boronian-Torlovan singer.


Moly-BoroniaScandaviaThe White Havens Isak Danielson is Boronian-Scandavian-Havenese singer.


SincuerelloJulianaAchrĂła Perfume Genius is a Sincuerellese-Julianoise-AchrĂłan singer.


XimbalaKazkya Taichu is a Ximbalan-Kazkyan singer.

National finals


Lakadamian Music Festival 01

Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Anggun "A nos enfants" 72 4
2 Nek "Se telefonando" 48 6
3 Tich "Breathe In Breathe Out" 78 2
4 ZAZ "Si" 82 1
5 LĂŠa Castel "Larguer les amarres" 78 3
6 Within Temptation "Covered By Roses" 62 5

Lakadamian Music Festival 02

Semifinal 1
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Ayna feat. KeBlack "Cete vie m'emporte"
2 Benji & Fede "Tutta d'un Fiato" 6
3 Tal and Irma "Streets of Philadelphia"
4 Paula Rojo "Miedo a querer"
5 In This Moment "Blood" 8
6 Shy'm "La malice"
7 Nathalia and 1789 "Je veux le monde"
8 Eir Aoi "Lapis lazuri" 7

Lakadamian Music Festival 03

Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Louane "Nos Secrets" 16 2
2 X Ambassadors "Renegades" 6 4
3 Natalia "Solo tĂş" 10 3
4 Emma "ArriverĂ  L'Amore" 2 5
5 Eir Aoi "Ignite" 20 1