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{{flagicon|Gasandae}} Leeseo
{{flagicon|Gasandae}} Leeseo
====The White Havens====
Em Beihold with song "Numb Little Bug" was selected to represent The White Havens.
===Non-qualifiers results===
===Non-qualifiers results===

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Fantasia Contest 28



Qasentria revealed the artist first. It is Nekota Netako, Qasentrian singer, songwriter, and keyboardist. She was a vocalist and keyboardist of the Qasentrian group JYOCHO.

On 27th of April, Nekota released her second album, "Strange Boquet". One of seven songs will be performed in either Everish or Jaranese.

List of possible songs:

1. Amanogawa (Everish: The Milky Way)

2. Strange boquet

3. Minimize

4. Nyūdōgumo (Everish: Cumulonimbus)

5. Tsuki ni naru (Everish: To the moon)

6. Incarnation

7. Anata ga shuyaku (Everish: You're the Protaganist)


YUQI with song "Bonnie & Clyde" was selected to represent Katsyria. YUQI is Amelian singer. As KatsyriaRuyjin Republic Hatchie finished 2nd in 27th edition, YUQI automatically qualified for the 28th edition.


GlaiolaXimbala Omar Apollo was selected to represent Glaiola. He was born on the 20th May 1997 in Glaiola City to a Ximbalan mother and a Glaiolan father. He attempted to represent Glaiola twice, reaching the superfinal in both apeearances, with songs "So Good" and "Go Away".

Despite the artist was selected internally, national final "A Song For Omar Apollo" (Glaiola Gala 5) is held. The songs are: "Invincible" (feat. ZylofonijaUnited States of Eldance Daniel Caesar) and "Tamagotchi".


Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar with song "Never Catch Me" were selected to represent Sincuerello.


Niteworks with song "Gura mise tha fo Èislein" were selected to represent Pohunskia. They previously represented Pohunskia in 14th edition, but came last with 73 points.


Yeukiwan made a debut in 28th edition, along with Dorma, Tsikinia and Ydiwealth.

On their first appearance, YeukiwanHwaesonnaNamimori Mamadol (M.M.D) with song "WooAh HIP" were selected to represent Yeukiwan.

Mamadol (M.M.D) is a 6 member comeback project group under CJENM of moms who were stars but had to leave the entertainment industry due to childbirth and childcare.


YeukiwanHwaesonna Sunye (ex-Wonder Girls)

Yeukiwan Kahi (ex-After School)

NamimoriYeukiwan Jungah (ex-Jewerly)

Hwaesonna Yang Eunji (ex-Baby V.O.X Re.V)

HwaesonnaNamimori Byul (soloist)

Yeukiwan Hyun Jyuni (actress)

Ruyjin Republic

Baby Queen with song "Colours of Love" was selected to represent Ruyjin Republic.


After four non-qualifications in a row, Kuwiang organized a national selection. The contestants are: Alisa Xayalith, Athen Cho Swe, Dolla, Hiwwhee, Jerrÿ Jay, Kwang Jiraphan, Sprite Bababi and TaitosmitH.

In the first round, all eight competing acts performed, and 2-3 entries that received the most points from the international juries progressed to the second round.

In the second round (superfinal), the competing act that received the most votes from public televoting won the contest and would represent Kuwiang at the Fantasia Contest.


NamimoriJareaGasandae IVE with song "Love Dive" were selected to represent Namimori.


Jarea Yujin

Gasandae Gaeul

Namimori Rei

NamimoriJarea Wonyoung

Namimori Liz

Gasandae Leeseo

The White Havens

Em Beihold with song "Numb Little Bug" was selected to represent The White Havens.

Non-qualifiers results